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01 National BCM Program

  1. 1. National BCM Focal Point<br />Resilience is the winning formula for your Organisation<br />Implemented 1st December 2008<br />Singapore Business Federation<br />
  2. 2. Agenda :<br />1. BCM for Industries<br /> - Singapore, A trusted Global Asia Hub<br /> - Building Resilience Capability<br />2. Overview of National BCM Programme<br /> - Background<br /> - Online Resource Library<br />BCM for Enterprises<br /> - Why is BCM important?<br /> - Supports<br />Implemented 1st December 2008<br />
  3. 3. BCM for Industries<br />Singapore rank 1st globally in…<br />Open economy brings in<br />business opportunities <br />but also business risks.<br />
  4. 4. BCM for Industries<br />World Class Biomedical <br />Science Hub<br />World Best Airport<br />World Busiest Seaport<br />World Class Tourism Hub<br />
  5. 5. Potential Risks in Industries<br /><ul><li> Workplace Risk
  6. 6. Injuries & Death
  7. 7. Huge monetary losses & stoppages of work
  8. 8. Service Integrity
  9. 9. Loss of equipment
  10. 10. Shortage of skilled workers
  11. 11. Loss of access to infrastructure/office
  12. 12. Loss of support from service partners
  13. 13. Power failure
  14. 14. Haze
  15. 15. Continue evolving of Flu Pandemic: SARS, H1N1, NDM-1</li></ul>Workplace Safety<br />Service Delivery Risk<br />3rd Party Liability<br />
  16. 16. Process Disruption in Industries<br />
  17. 17. Marine Industries<br />Singapore Marine is one of the key important player.<br />#1 globally in Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) conversion<br />70% world market share<br />70% of jack-ups<br />60% of semi-subs<br />20% of ship repairs<br />20% of OSVs & AHTs<br />Largest Asia Pac mfg location for O&G equipment<br />
  18. 18. Fire resulting damage to asset<br />Manpower shortage<br />Workplace Accident<br />
  19. 19. Overview – <br />The National BCM programme<br />Business Continuity Management is about :<br />It’s a systematic and integrated approach that allow the organisation the ability to proactively prepare, respond and recover from all form of disruptions that may affects indefinitely to your business operations.<br />Implemented 1st December 2008<br />Singapore Business Federation<br />
  20. 20. Overview – <br />The National BCM programme<br />7th November 2008<br />Deputy Prime Minister Jayakumar<br />“.. the Government views corporate resilience as a national priority..<br />Singapore’s fortunes and continued progress is tied to a safe and secure environment…..<br />……to enhance corporate resilience in Singapore, selected Government orpublic agencies will consider tenderers' level of BCM-readiness as part of the procurement process.This will encourage companies supplying essential services to Government to adopt BCM measures. It will also provide the government with an added level of confidence that essential services would not be disrupted. In the longer term, we will look at moving towards preferring suppliers of essential services which are BCM-ready during our procurements.<br />SPRING Launches <br />BCM Standard <br />SS540 on 31 Oct 2008.<br />National BCM Focal Point<br />Implemented 1st December 2008<br />Source-Spring Singapore: www.spring.gov.sg<br />Singapore Business Federation<br />
  21. 21. Overview –<br />The National BCM programme<br />Firm Level: Differentiate<br />Industry Level: Trusted <br /> National Level: Security<br />A BCM-ready private sector will help enhance Singapore's reputation as a Trusted Hub for reliable and quality service.<br />Overall corporate preparedness for crises will collectively enhance nation’s resilience to crises<br />A BCM ready organisation is able to be recognised as a reliable and sustainable business partner-<br /><ul><li> Enhance business reputation and consumer confidence
  22. 22. Protect assets and the business infrastructure
  23. 23. Maintain operations and minimise financial impact during crises</li></ul>Implemented 1st December 2008<br />Singapore Business Federation<br />
  24. 24. BCM Online Resource Library<br /><ul><li>Bring about greater awareness of BCM and its importance in ensuring resilience in enterprises.
  25. 25. Enhancing accessibility of critical resources to encourage companies to adopt a more pro-active position towards SS540:2008 certification.
  26. 26. Provide support to enterprises in their adoption of BCM practices.</li></li></ul><li>BCM Diagnostic Tool<br /><ul><li>The BCM Diagnostic Tool was meticulously crafted as a “self-help” diagnostic tool to increase individuals’ and enterprises’ awareness of the business significance of BCM and to encourage enterprises interested in embarking on the BCM Programme to take a more pro-active position in assessing their enterprise’s current level of BCM readiness positioned towards SS540:2008 certification. </li></li></ul><li>BCM for Enterprises<br />Is BCM new ?<br /><ul><li> Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  27. 27. Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  28. 28. Liquidity Damages (LD)
  29. 29. Legal Contracts
  30. 30. Letter of Guarantee</li></ul>Implemented 1st December 2008<br />Singapore Business Federation<br />
  31. 31. BCM for Enterprises<br />Benefits :<br /><ul><li> Sustainable productivity
  32. 32. Business differentiation
  33. 33. Safeguarding reputation & branding
  34. 34. Valuable & Reliable business partner
  35. 35. Maximising efficiency & minimising disruptions
  36. 36. Protect business revenue
  37. 37. Attract more business opportunitiies </li></ul>Implemented 1st December 2008<br />Singapore Business Federation<br />
  38. 38. BCM for Enterprises<br />BCM ROI:<br />Normal<br />Disruption to recover is 4 weeks<br />Duration<br /><ul><li> Assuming the company annual turnover = S$100million
  39. 39. Company revenue loss during disruption = S$7.69 million</li></ul>Implemented 1st December 2008<br />Singapore Business Federation<br />
  40. 40. BCM for Enterprises<br />BCM ROI:<br />Normal<br />Disruption to recover reduced <br />to 2 weeks after BCM treatment<br />Duration<br /><ul><li> Company revenue loss during disruption = S$3.845million
  41. 41. Business ROI improved by = S$3.845 million plus opportunity cost</li></ul>Implemented 1st December 2008<br />Singapore Business Federation<br />
  42. 42. BCM for Enterprises<br />Typical BCM Road Map for Enterprises <br />Risk Analysis & Impact analysis<br />Setup BCM<br />Develop BCM strategy & Plan<br />Simulate & exercise<br />Certification & maintenance<br />
  43. 43. BCM for Enterprises<br />Capital($) <br />$7,500 to $10,000<br />After defraying the cost by (up to 70% as of 2010) by SBF + SPRING<br />Typical Timeline of 4 months to 8 months<br />Time Line<br />3rd Party BCM Consultant<br />A good BCM consultant to guide the process<br />Project Team(Dedicated)<br />Project Leaders & support from Managers from all departments<br />Management Support<br />Resource Involvement<br />
  44. 44. BCM + BizSAFE level 3<br />BCM SS 540 Certification<br />bizSAFELvl 3<br />BCM Certified & bizSAFE Lvl3<br />Supports BCM’s Risk Analysis & review <br />Helps in formulating the RM Plan. Companies implement the RM programme and are assessed by approved independent auditor<br />BCM Certification<br />Provide assurance that the preparedness, response and continuity management is in place and that companies are able to continue delivering their key products and services even during a disaster, and survive thereafter.<br />Outcome<br />
  45. 45. BCM Funding Supports<br />SMEs or larger companies can apply for support to defray part the cost of obtaining SS 540 certification of up to 70% (for 2011). <br />Coverage includes <br /><ul><li> Salary/training of staff involved in the BCM </li></ul> certification project<br /><ul><li> Cost of engaging 3rd party consultancy to support </li></ul> SS540 or equivalent certification<br /><ul><li> BCM certification cost
  46. 46. IT hardware/ software needed to implement BCM</li></ul>Implemented 1st December 2008<br />
  47. 47. Criteria for Enterprises<br />SMEs or larger companies can apply for support to defray part the cost of obtaining SS 540 certification of up to 70% (for 2011)<br />Category 1- SMEs*<br />Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can get up to 50% subsidy to be certified in the Singapore Standard (SS540) in Business Continuity Management.<br />*( at least 30% shareholding is local, Group turnover not more than $100million or Group staff less than 200)<br />Category 2- Consortium**<br />Larger businesses forming consortiums with SMEs critical to their businesses can get up to 70% subsidy to be certified.<br />**(Forming consortium with at least 2 local SME business partners/suppliers. For bigger consortium, the general guideline will be to have half the group comprises of SMEs.)       <br />Implemented 1st December 2008<br />
  48. 48. “ The SARS Pandemic in 2003 had set us thinking deeply on <br />how we could continue to be in business if something suddenly hit us. <br />We need a structure and procedures that enable us to recover our business systematically <br />while we are still addressing the disaster. <br />It is not easy to embark on Business Continuity Management journey. <br />But, it is not insurmountable. <br />With our perseverance, professional help from the consultants and funding from SPRING Singapore, <br />we were certified to SS540 in Q4 2009.’ <br />Teckwah Industrial Corp Ltd <br />“Being certified to SS540 will not bring immediate growth to our business. <br />But we are better prepared in time of disaster. <br />And eventually, this will enhance the confidence our customers have in us and <br />entrust us to provide more solutions for them”, <br />Mr. Thomas Chua, Chairman & Managing Director, Teckwah Industrial Corp Ltd. <br />Since its inception in 1968, Teckwah has evolved from a producer of plain paper boxes to <br />a group of companies providing a wide range of turnkey services and products unique to the industry. <br />Today, with manufacturing plants in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea and Australia, <br />Teckwah is in a position to offer its clients cost-effective solutions to suit their individual requirements. <br />Implemented 1st December 2008<br />
  49. 49. Just R Transport Enterprise <br />“The BCM SS540 standard provides guidelines for us SMEs to keep our businesses going ahead full-steam. Achieving BCM certification helps companies like us set up procedures for making proper and sound decisions. The methodologies instilled also apply in other aspects of our business operations and planning. I strongly encourage all SMEs to come forward, adopt the BCM SS540 and experience the benefits that being certified can provide.”<br />Managing Director, Mr. Gunasegeran<br />Implemented 1st December 2008<br />
  50. 50. Information about the National BCM & <br />the Flu Pandemic Business Continuity Guide <br />can be found at www.bcm.org.sg<br />please contact SBF at: <br />Email: BCM@sbf.org.sg<br />TEL: 6827 6828<br />For more info on SS 540:2008<br />Please go to <br />http://www.singaporestandardseshop.sg<br />Implemented 1st December 2008<br />