SurveyMonkey Audience Overview


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SurveyMonkey Audience allows you to reach an on-demand group of millions of survey respondents.

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SurveyMonkey Audience Overview

  1. 1. An Overview
  2. 2. Table of Contents2Questions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |Questions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |What is SurveyMonkey Audience?����������� 3How can you use Audience?����������������� 4Who uses SurveyMonkey?�������������������� 5Who can I reach?������������������������������ 6What targeting options are available?������ 7Can I reach a specific audience?������������� 8Can I reach international respondents?����� 9How quickly will I see results?���������������10Can I trust these opinions?������������������ 11Why should I pick Audience?���������������12Can I get more help getting started?������13How can I get started?���������������������� 14Targeting attributes��������������������������15
  3. 3. What is SurveyMonkey Audience?SurveyMonkey Audience is a product that provides you access tomillions of people ready to take your surveys and provide you withthe insights you need.3Questions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |
  4. 4. How can you use Audience?From big brands to small companies, all kinds of organizations use Audience.Brand Awareness33 Understand whether potentialcustomers know your or yourcompetitors’ brand33 Assess the value that acustomer attributes to a brandDesign Feedback33 Choose logos, taglines, andproduct designs that resonatewith your target market33 Determine which designs drivethe highest intent to purchaseInvestment Research33 Do spot research on new topicsthat emerge on companiesyou cover33 Monitor the trends that matterto your investment theses withproprietary dataPrice Testing33 Find out if you are chargingtoo much or too little for yourproduct or service33 Figure out which pricingmodel is optimalAd Effectiveness33 Solicit immediate reactions toyour print or online ads33 Find out which ads inspirepotential customers to buyyour product or serviceProduct or ServiceFeedback33 Gather reactions to a newproduct or service33 Determine which featuresare most important to yourpotential customersCompetitive Research33 Determine how consumersperceive your competitors33 Learn what your competitors’customers valueNew Business Pitches33 Obtain data that your prospec-tive clients have never seen33 Research your prospectiveclients’ industriesContent Creation33 Gather reactions to currentevents and popular topics33 Create unique content on anytopic for articles, blogs, landingpages, and moreCustomer Research33 Learn how your potentialcustomers make theirpurchasing decisions33 Assess who your idealcustomers are4Questions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |
  5. 5. 5Questions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |Who uses SurveyMonkey?With over 12 million customers, SurveyMonkeyis the world’s most popular online survey tool.SurveyMonkey is trusted by millionsof companies, organizations, andindividuals alike to gather theinsights they need to make moreinformed decisions.fortune 50099%of theFor-profit42%Government9%Non-profit27%Personal1%Education27%
  6. 6. 6Questions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |Who can I reach?No matter who you’re lookingto hear from, we can help youreach millions of respondentsboth in the United States andinternationally.Choose your respondentsonline, or contact our Audiencespecialists to help you.
  7. 7. Our most populartargeting options:33 Average U.S. consumers33 Primary grocery shoppers33 Moms with young children33 Urban dwellers33 Early technology adopters33 High-end shoppers33 Fitness enthusiasts33 Business decision makers7Questions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |What targeting options are available?Whether you want to reach smartphone owners, video gameplayers, moms, or the general U.S. population, we can help youreach the right group.
  8. 8. Specific targeting examples:33 Mothers with children under the age of 3, Target shoppers33 Frequent business travelers, Household income $100k33 Human Resources professionals, title of Director, VP or above33 Business decision makersTo inquire about specific or custom targeting criteria, please contact usand we can help find your Audience.Call us at: 800-310-6838 or email us at audience@surveymonkey.com8Questions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |Can I reach a specific audience?If you’re looking to reach a more custom group, we can help.Simply tell us who you’re looking to reach, and our team can helpset up your project.
  9. 9. Our network includes:33 Competitive pricing arrangements,so that we can pass on the bestpricing to our customers33 Partners who are reliable33 Partners who have diverserecruitment sourcesCan I reach international respondents?We maintain a Global Partner Network of data providers withaccess to survey respondents from all over the world.9Questions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |
  10. 10. 10Questions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |How quickly will I see results?You will start to see resultsand demographic data assoon as your project launches,and your full set of data in lessthan five days.
  11. 11. 11Questions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |Can I trust these opinions?We provide high quality responses by taking adisciplined approach to recruitment, incentives,and engagement.RecruitmentWe recruit from the diversepopulation of 30+ million peoplewho take SurveyMonkey surveysevery month. After signingup, our members complete adetailed profile survey to tell usmore about themselves.incentivesWe reward our members withcharitable donations — for everysurvey they take, we donate 50cents to a charity of their choiceSince our members do notreceive a monetary reward,they have no incentive tospeed through surveys, andthus provide thoughtful,honest opinions.engagementWe limit the number of surveysmembers can take per week toensure that no one member isover-participating.
  12. 12. 12Questions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |Why should I pick Audience?SurveyMonkey Audience is an incrediblypowerful, one-stop solution for high quality data.SurveyMonkey + Audience is a better, faster, more cost-effectivesolution to help you make decisions.Our value proposition:33 Better: shorter project cycles,integrated tools, reliable data33 Faster: our end-to-end, automatedsolution means your projects takedays, not weeks or months33 Cost-effective: our technology toolsallow us to pass on the savings tocustomers with the most competitiveprices in the market
  13. 13. 13Questions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |Can I get more help getting started?We offer a variety of affordable services to fityour needs.Jumpstart Survey Creation($999):We can help you identify your goals andcreate a great survey with sound, surveydesign principles. We’ll create yoursurvey from scratch and set you up forsuccess for future surveys.Survey Programming:No time to input your survey intoSurveyMonkey? We can help programyour survey into SurveyMonkey fromWord, PDF, or other formats.Custom Requirements:Have custom requirements thatSurveyMonkey doesn’t support?We can help with that, too.On SurveyMonkey:$15 per question, $500 project minimum.Custom requirements:Contact us for a quote.
  14. 14. 14Questions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |How can I get started withSurveyMonkey and Audience?Whether you want to do it all yourself onlineor work with our team, get started with a fewsimple steps:Buy an Audience online1. Design Your Survey:Sign up for a SurveyMonkeyaccount in minutes, and startdesigning your survey today2. Pick Your Audience:Click to send your survey, andselect “Buy a Targeted Audience”.Pick the respondents you desire3. Analyze Your Results:See results and demographic dataas soon as your project launchesLet our team help you33 Call us at: 800-310-683833 email us
  15. 15. Core Demographics���������������������������A Employment����������������������������������� B Household Lifestyle������������������������� C Finance����������������������������������������� D Media Communications�������������������� E Internet Activities������������������������������ F Health������������������������������������������� G Retail�������������������������������������������� HTargeting AttributesThis reference book isjust a starting point forunderstanding the uniquecapabilities of SurveyMonkeyAudience. Our members areprofiled across hundreds ofattributes, giving you accessto highly specific groups.1515Questions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |
  16. 16. Core DemographicsGender•• Gender-balanced•• Specific male / female ratio•• Males or females onlyAge•• Custom age rangeIncome•• Household income•• Personal incomeLocation•• U.S. Census Region•• State•• City•• ZipEducation•• Less than high school•• High school•• Some college•• Bachelor degree•• Graduate degreeRace•• White•• Black / African American•• American Indian orAlaskan Native•• Asian or Pacific Islander•• LatinoReligious affiliation•• Protestant•• Catholic•• Jewish•• Buddhist•• Muslim•• Hindu•• AtheistLanguages spoken•• English•• Spanish•• Portuguese•• French•• GermanAQuestions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |
  17. 17. EmploymentBusiness size by employees•• 1-100•• 101-1000•• 1001-5000•• 5000+Key Business Metrics•• Annual sales•• Marketing spendDecision makers•• IT manager•• HR VPJob title•• Owner, Executive, C-Level•• Upper Management•• Middle Management•• Intermediate•• Entry LevelSmall-to-mediumbusiness owners•• Type of business•• Number of customersIndustry of employment•• Advertising Marketing•• Agriculture•• Airlines Aerospace (includingDefense)•• Automotive•• Business Support Logistics•• Construction, Machineryand Homes•• Education•• Entertainment Leisure•• Finance Financial Services•• Food Beverages•• Government•• Healthcare Pharmaceuticals•• Insurance•• Manufacturing•• Nonprofit•• Retail Consumer Durables•• Real Estate•• Telecommunications,Technology, Internet,Electronics•• Utilities, Energy, ExtractionJob function•• Accounting Auditing•• Administrative•• Advertising Marketing•• Analyst•• Art, Creative, Design•• Business Development•• Consulting•• Customer Service•• Distribution•• Doctor•• Educator (e.g. teacher,lecturer, professor)•• Engineering•• Finance•• General Business•• Health Care Provider (otherthan doctor or nurse)•• Human Resources•• Information Technology•• Legal•• Management•• Manufacturing•• NurseJob function (Cont)•• Production•• Product Management•• Project Management•• Public Relations•• Purchasing•• Quality Assurance•• Research•• Sales•• Science•• Strategy Planning•• Supply Chain•• Training•• WritingBQuestions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |
  18. 18. Household LifestyleParental status•• Expectant mothers•• Number of children•• Age of childrenLiving arrangement:•• Homeowners•• RentersCars owned•• Number of cars•• Types of carsTravel activity•• Frequent business travelers•• Frequent leisure travelersGroceries•• Primary grocery shoppersGrocery purchases•• Sodas•• Energy drinks•• Frozen foods•• Cereals•• Organic productsPets•• Dog•• CatCQuestions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |
  19. 19. FinanceLevel of householdinvestable assets•• Less than $100,000•• $100,000 to $250,000•• $250,000 to $499,999•• $500,000 to $649,999•• $750,000 to 1,000,000•• More than $1,000,000 Type of investments owned•• Mutual funds•• Options•• Futures•• Currency (FOREX)•• Precious Metals•• Real EstatePayment service providers•• PayPal•• Google Wallet•• Square•• Dwolla•• Amazon PaymentsInsurance provider•• Health insurance•• Life insurance•• Car insurance•• Homeowners insurancePrimary credit card company•• American Express•• Visa•• MastercardBanking services•• Bank of America•• JPMorgan Chase•• CitibankDQuestions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |
  20. 20. Media CommunicationsMedia usage (music)•• Pandora•• SpotifyMedia usage (video)•• Netflix•• Hulu•• Amazon Instant VideoMobile phone carrier•• Verizon Wireless•• ATT•• Sprint•• T-MobileHome Internet Service Provider•• Comcast•• Time Warner Cable•• Optimum•• Charter•• Verizon•• CenturyLink•• ATT•• SuddenLink•• EarthLink•• Windstream•• Cox Communications•• Frontier Communications•• Cable One•• NetZero•• Basic ISP•••• PeoplePC•• MSN•• Juno•• AOLEQuestions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |
  21. 21. Internet Activities•• Visited a chat room•• Used e-mail•• Used instant messenger (IM)•• Participated in online dating•• Made a purchase for personal use•• Made a purchase for business use•• Made personal or business travelplans (lodging, air travel, carrental, etc.)•• Played games online•• Downloaded a video game•• Used an online gambling site•• Obtained financial information•• Tracked Investments, Tradedstocks, bonds, or mutual funds•• Paid bills online•• Obtained the latest news orcurrent events•• Obtained sports newsor information•• Obtained information for a newor used car purchase•• Obtained information about realestate (for purchase or rental)•• Obtained medical information•• Obtained childcare orparenting information•• Looked for employment(used classified listings)•• Looked for recipes•• Visited a TV network or TVshow’s website•• Looked at TV listings online•• Looked up movie listingsor show times•• Downloaded a movie•• Listened to radio on the Internet•• Visited a radio station,radio program or radiopersonality’s website•• Downloaded music•• Downloaded podcasts orpodcasting•• Downloaded a TV program•• Watched a TV program online•• Visited online blogs•• Wrote an online blog•• Posted a comment or reviewon a blog, online forum,message or bulletin board•• Made a phone call•• Watched online video•• Uploaded or added videoto a website•• Shared photos through anInternet website•• Sent an electronic greeting card•• Social Networking(e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn,Myspace, etc.)FQuestions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |
  22. 22. HealthAilments•• Osteoarthritis•• Rheumatoid arthritis•• Type 1 or 2 Diabetes•• Breast cancer•• Leukemia•• Colorectal cancer•• Psoriasis•• Allergies•• Hypertension•• Depression•• Anxiety disorders•• InsomniaExercise habits•• Frequency of exercise•• Gym goers•• Exercise class•• Yoga•• PilatesGQuestions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |
  23. 23. RetailOnline shoppers•• Amazon•• Zappos•• Daily deal buyersDepartment stores shoppers•• Macy’s•• NordstromDiscount stores shoppers•• Dollar Tree•• Dollar GeneralWarehouse stores•• Costco•• Sam’s ClubSupermarkets•• Safeway•• Giant•• Whole Foods MarketSpeciality stores•• Petsmart•• LululemonLuxury goods•• Coach•• Tory BurchHQuestions or want to learn more? Visit us at or call 800-310-6838 |