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Peers and friendships
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Peers and friendships

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  • 1. Peer, Friends, and Dating
  • 2. Journal
  • 3.  Casual Friendships  Share interests but not deep emotional bonds Close Friendships  Strong emotional ties. Feel comfortable sharing thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Platonic Friendships  A friendship with a member of the opposite gender in which there is affection but the two people are not considered a couple. One-sided Friendships  A friendship in which one person does most of the giving and the other person does most of the receiving.
  • 4. Building Strong Friendships Good Friends:  Reinforce your values  Motivate you  Show empathy  Treat you with fairness  Share your interests  Accept you for who you are  Support you  Loyalty
  • 5. Top 10 Things You Oughta Know About Friends10. Everyone appreciates a phone call or a card.9. Don’t be intimidated by cheerleaders and jocks.8. It’s okay to keep secrets between friends because everyone needs hisor her own privacy, but deception is definitely not allowed.7. Have the courage to tell some friends that their paradigm whichsays “to be evil is cool” is wrong.6. Always remember your values and principles.5. Provide support and encouragement to your friends.4. Everyone is unique so there is no point not being yourself, and noone should change that.3. Friendships are not gotten in one or two days.2. Sometimes arguing with friends is normal and necessary.1. Association brings on assimilation. If you think your friends arestupid and crude, get new friends unless you want to be stupid andcrude. (Story about Dad)
  • 6. Positive Characteristics of Friendships Listening Understand feelings and moods Solve problems togeteher Sincere compliments Dependable Respectful Trustworthy
  • 7. Negative Characteristics of Friendships Unsupportive Oppressive Unreliable Overly Demanding Take and give nothing back Gossip about everyone, including you Critizie in a joking manner