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Love vs. infatuation
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Love vs. infatuation

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  • 2. Love Infatuation Giving  Taking Slow building  Immediate, quick Lasts a long time  Burns out quickly Shows concern for other  Selfish, looking after own interests person  May be dishonest Honest  Based on physical Base don many issues attraction Deep and caring  Surface Relationship Secure  Insecure Trusting  Jealousy  Mistrust
  • 3. SITUATION #1 I’m looking for someone to look out for me. Someone who understands me and is wiling to listen. I want someone to share my self with, someone who has a lot in common with me, someone who supports me in everything I try to do. I will also support them in all they work to accomplish.LOVE or INFATUATION
  • 4. SITUATION #2 The guy/girl I go out with MUST have a decent car! I like to have fun, I LOVE presents, and I like for guys/girls to bring me presents a lot, even if it’s something little.LOVE or INFATUATION
  • 5. SITUATION #3 When I fist started going out with Mark, I really liked him a lot. But after three or four months, I knew him so well that it began to feel like he was a part of me. I knew that If he wasn’t in my life, part of me would be gone.LOVE or INFATUATION
  • 6. SITUATION #4 I love her hair, her body, and the way she walks. I don’t know if we have anything in common or not, I’ve never really talked to her. But she is smokin hot! I know I love her.LOVE or INFATUATION
  • 7. SITUATION #5 I’m a better person when I’m with Charlotte. I can be myself, share, and tell my future plans without being embarresed. She gets me and understands me.LOVE or INFATUATION
  • 8. SITUATION #6 I love Matt and I know he’s not perfect, but when we get married I can help him change.LOVE or INFATUATION
  • 9. SITUATION #7 Channing Tatum is so handsome, I’m going to find someone who looks JUST like him!LOVE or INFATUATION
  • 10. SITUATION #8 I love Chelsea, but my parents don’t. They just don’t know her. If they knew her better they’d like her. So now they are trying to ruin our relationship.LOVE or INFATUATION
  • 11. SITUATION #9 Our relationships started out just being friends and then grew into a romantic relationship. We’re still good friends, too.LOVE or INFATUATION
  • 12. BUILDING BLOCKS OF LOVE1. Being attracted to him/her2. Begin excited to see and be with him/her3. Feeling at ease with each other4. Being friends first5. Sharing happy experiences6. Respecting their values7. Understand and respect their feelings8. Recognize and appreciate things they do for you9. Take pride in their accomplishments10.Be concerned for their happiness
  • 13. BUILDING BLOCKS OF LOVE11.Be concerned for their safety12.Show admiration for their talents/personality13.Desire to make them happy14.Hoping for a future together15.LOVE
  • 14. 3 COMPONENTS OF RELATIONSHIPSIntimacy Commitment Passion
  • 15. 3 COMPONENTS OF RELATIONSHIPSIntamacy- being close to someone & sharing personal things (Feelings, ideas, hopes, desires, etc)Passion- strong emotional feelings that move you to express things verbally & physicallyCommitment- pledging yourself to another person; promising to be true & faithful.