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  • 1. Listening
  • 2. Quiz What are the 3 communication STYLES? What are the 2 communication TECHNIQUES? What are the 3 ingredients to an “I” message? Extra Credit- Change this sentence to an “I” message:  You are so mean and make me so mad because you were late to my performance.
  • 3. Journal On a scale of 1-10 how would you rank your listening skills? What are different ways YOU could improve your listening skills?
  • 4. Listening Skills Activities
  • 5. Listening Skills Active Listening: paying close attention to what someone is saying and communicating.  4 Listening Skills Clarify Reflective Listening Empathy Encouragement
  • 6. 4 Listening SkillsClarify • Ask questions. Make sure you understand what the speaker is saying. Check for understanding.Reflective Listening • “So what you’re saying is…” Rephrasing or summarizing.Empathy • Show other person you relate to their feelings. Don’t pass judgment on the speakers attitudes or actions.Encouragement • Signs you are following what the speaker is saying and listening to them. Face the speaker and make eye contact. Nod or make comments: “I see”, “Go on”.
  • 7. Steps for Being a Better Listener1. Have an open mind about others ideas.2. Use body language such as eye contact or nodding to let the other person know you are listening.3. Ask questions! Don’t pretend you know or understand everything.4. Don’t interrupt others when they are speaking.5. Keep your emotions in check. In a discussion, listen to the entire opinion before responding. Understand that it is okay to disagree with an idea, it is not a personal putdown if someone disagrees with you.6. Restate the message and/or rephrase it to be sure you understand.