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Being responsible and good judgment
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Being responsible and good judgment



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  • Not saying the person doing this is a bad person, but often these are started because of poor judgments.


  • 1. + Being Responsible and Using Good Judgment
  • 2. + What is being responsible?  Responsible: being liable, called on to answer for behavior  Responsibility: What one is responsible for  Responsible Behavior: Taking responsibility for one’s actions, for belongings, and personal space, and all areas of one’s life. **When you are given options, you choose the option that follows your value system, regardless of surronding pressures.
  • 3. + Write down a way you have been responsible. (5 min)
  • 4. + Being Responsible can lead to Good Judgment  Judgment: The process of forming an opinion or reaching a conclusion based on the available material.  Good Judgment: Using the critical thinking process to form an opinion or reach a conclusion  Poor Judgment: Not using the critical thinking process to form an opinion or reach a conclusion
  • 5. + Good Judgment  Good judgment is a product of experience, but it’s more than that.  It’s important that we learn from the experiences of others. An individual cannot possibly learn everything for himself/herself but must rely on the learnings of those around him/her and/or individuals from history.
  • 6. + Good Judgment vs. Decision Making  If you are driving down the road and come to a railroad crossing that has lights flashing, the critical thinking process directs your judgment about what would be bust to do under the circumstances, then your judgment directs your decision as to whether to stop and wait, or try to beat the train.
  • 7. + Lacking these skills can cause a crisis.  What are some decisions some people make with poor judgment?  Procrastination  Substance Abuse  Tobacco Use  Inability to be wrong  Anorexia/Bulimia