Basics of dating
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Basics of dating






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Basics of dating Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Basics of Dating
  • 2. Quiz We discussed 8 different types of attractions. Name 4. All 8 gets you extra credit. When do we realize we are attracted to members of the opposite sex? (Not a specific age) In the story we read in class, why was it so frightening for Kevin to call Jessica? What were the 3 goals of refusal? Extra Credit: Share your first crush experience.
  • 3. Who Would I Date Activity
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  • 14. Attraction/Qualities Wanted in a Date Appearance Posture Grooming Clothing Selection
  • 15. Apperance Look your best Remember, people like their dates to look nice, not only for their own visual pleasure, but also because they prefer to be seen with attractive people. This can change depending on your “style” What would you wear on a date?
  • 16. Posture Posture can communicate self-confidence. If you slump your shoulders, bow your head, and keep your eyes on the floor, you give the impression of wanting to go unnoticed. If you lift your chin, square your shoulders, and walk with pride, others will see you are full of life! In your desks, show me how you would sit on a date.
  • 17. Grooming Clean hair that is cut and shaped will enhance apperance Good grooming habits help you show you care about yourself. What are some grooming habits you would do before your date?
  • 18. Clothing Selection “Clothing makes the person” because people often judge you accoriding to the clothes you wear. Different clothes create different images. Proper care of clothing is also important. Dress appropriately for the activity of the date. Do you know the outfit you would wear if you were asked on a date today?
  • 19. Remember…“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”Remember that different people find different physicalqualities attractive, giving us all lots of opportunity to be attractive, and attracted to others.
  • 20. Why do we Date?
  • 21. 3 Purposes of DatingMate SelectionSocialization SkillsRecreation
  • 22. Positive Dating Characteristics Being concerned with your dates comfort. Being able to carry on a conversation Being able to ask questions Stay attentive to your date Show respect for the other person Be yourself. Be genuine.
  • 23. Negative Characteristics of Dating Speaking freely of past relationships Being oblivious to the partner’s need. Being unfamiliar with rules of etiquette. Pointing out faults. Dominating the topic. Pretending to know everything.