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JISC Collections & BCE

  1. 1. JISC Collections Who are my users? Or? These are my users! Mark Williams JISC Collections 20 October 2010 | Click: View=>Header&Footer | Slide 1
  2. 2. Background JISC Collections  Currently managing over 130 agreements including - – UK National Academic Archive • Over 20 archives licensed in perpetuity and available freely to all UK HE, FE and Research Councils – NESLi2 • 40 agreements for e-journals • JISC Collections Over 90 agreements for online databases, reference materials, multimedia resources and e-book collections • Working at all academic levels and with all subject areas • Managing over 7,000 subscriptions • Additional authorised user initiative JISC Collections
  3. 3. IdM & the egg JISC Collections  Licence governs who (role) can access a resource  IdM governs what role an individual is  Access management gives us (or will give us) the tools to express that.  This is IdP centric (institutions) but SP will play a role as they consume our (OUR) definitions JISC Collections
  4. 4. jisc-content.ac.uk Free…but….. JISC Collections JISC Collections
  5. 5. Two institutions, using the same terminology, defining it differently, with JISC Collections very different results… “Need a licence that will include FE students on course validated by us.[…] It would be better if we could have better licences that have perhaps bands of extra charges for any additional users and then we could decide to pay or not.” “We validate foundation degrees in FE colleges. We do not buy any specific resources for them but they are our students with network login, email, VLE access and full borrowing rights plus of course full access to all our e-resources. I do not consider licensing an issue for them” JISC Collections
  6. 6. BCE a complicated theatre JISC Collections  Oakleigh Report in Extending Access Management into BCE – Scoping study Nov 2009 – Looked at rationale / case for extending AIM into BCE – Recommendations for next activity  Determined: – No standardisation in how BCE groups get access to resources, ad hoc case by case basis – Demand increasing – Barriers: Institutions need to be SPs, cultural, organisational, licensing constraints, lack of clarity about what BCE groups should access JISC Collections
  7. 7. Recommendations JISC Collections  Relevant Recommendations: – Explore potential & options of using Federation for access for external users – Take more holistic approach & responsibility for IAM – & share good practice – Help facilitate institutions’ development of IAM solutions for external user groups JISC Collections
  8. 8. JISC Collections Access management can help with the implementation of extended access But Institutions will first need to deal with: communication and licensing issues surrounding the electronic resources they manage And IdM So……. JISC Collections
  9. 9. JISC Collections JISC Collections 20 October 2010 | JISC Collections RCUK-SSC Briefing | Slide 9
  10. 10. JISC Collections JISC Collections 20 October 2010 | JISC Collections RCUK-SSC Briefing | Slide 10
  11. 11. JISC Collections activity JISC Collections  Develop problem based diagnostic tool . – Aims to help librarians determine how to provide access for users which fall outside the definition of authorised user within the model licence. – In some cases these users will be deemed students of a university and therefore entitled to access – in other situations it may be necessary to sign an additional Authorised User Licence.  Forthcoming BCEproject.  Map the two together = An answer (but not necessarily a solution - the licence still needs to do that) JISC Collections
  12. 12. JISC Collections Contact: m.williams@jisc.ac.uk JISC Collections 20 October 2010 | Click: View=>Header&Footer | Slide 12