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Benjamin Davis' introductory presentation

Benjamin Davis' introductory presentation

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  • 1. My Introduction Presentation
    By: Benjamin Davis
  • 2. About Me
    I’m 22 years old.
    I am a full time student in the IST program and work part time at Giant.
    I’ve lived in many states including Hawaii, California, Maryland and Virginia.
    I have lived in VA for 8 years.
    I graduated from Riverbend High School in 2005.
  • 3. Interests
    I am interested in cars. I attended school for cars for 2 years and received career studies certificates as an automotive technician and diagnostician.
  • 4. Interests cont.
    I like video games. Some of my favorites are Final Fantasy, Call of Duty and Mass Effect.
    I also like sports. My favorite teams include Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Flyers and LSU Tigers.
  • 5. IT Field
    I have been taking IT classes for 1 ½ years. This is my last semester.
    I have taken basic programming classes such as Java Programming and Web Design.
    I have also taken networking classes which I prefer over programming courses.
  • 6. Plans for the Future
    I have no work experience in the IT field.
    I plan on getting my Network Security degree at the end of the summer semester.
    After I graduate, I want to get a job in the computer industry.
  • 7. Teamwork Skills
    I have experience as a manager at my job and have learned how to successfully run my department.
    I have also had to work in groups in many of my classes and have learned how to work well with other people to accomplish a common goal.
  • 8. Other Skills
    My technical skills include those that I have acquired in my classes such as designing web pages and setting up security on a basic network.
    I am also good at working with Excel and Access.
    My presentation skills are limited to in-class presentations.
  • 9. Online Presentations
    I have no previous experience with online presentations or online presentation software though I am more than willing to learn.