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Creative Job Search Strategies in  a Challenging Job Market
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Creative Job Search Strategies in a Challenging Job Market


Published on

A Workshop for The Boston College Career Summit …

A Workshop for The Boston College Career Summit
Hosted by Career Treking LLC
June 24, 2009

Susan Kennedy
Mary Gibbs

Published in: Education, Career, Business
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  • Figuring out what you want to do with your life-Easy right? Not really! Relax, you’re in good company, over half of college grads don’t have a clue! I love to write, I’m a poli sci, econ, bio major and don’t know what to do with it. Sometimes your major translates into a career (engineering), but mostly not. It can be confusing & overwhelming. We find if you follow a four step process it’s doable, even exciting Start by taking a look in the mirror to figure out Who am I and what do I want? Take a look at how your major, skills, interests, and preferences (work env, work x life balance, location) fit together. Then gather outside information Gather input from people who know you best-Your friends, their parents, get ready to groan, your family and family friends, your high school & college faculty well to seek their suggestions about what you might be good at, good careers, first jobs, companies, industries
  • Transcript

    • 1. Creative Job Search Strategies in a Challenging Job Market © 2009 Career Treking LLC A Workshop for The Boston College Career Summit Hosted by Career Treking LLC June 24, 2009 Susan Kennedy Mary Gibbs (781) 237-2252
    • 2. Agenda
      • Job Search Recommendations
      • Setting Career Direction
      • Realistic Job Goals
      • Strategic Job Search Strategies
      • Job Search Action Plan
      © 2009 Career Treking LLC
    • 3. Our Job Search Philosophy
      • Get the right job the first time
      • Job satisfaction: 64% turnover first three years
        • Close the “recession” compensation gap: 9% pay differential for those who graduate in a recession
    • 4. The Recession Compensation Gap
      • National Bureau of Economic Research:
        • 9% pay differential
        • Can last for up to a decade
        • The recession grads often take the first job; often outside their chosen field; can loose career time
        • Columbia University study: 70% of Canadians 1976-1995; 2 recessions
        • Learn and develop the skills you will need.
    • 5. Career Treking Recommendation
      • Identify your dream job
      • List the skills and experiences required for the job
      • Create a plan to acquire those skills; when job market rebounds, candidate is ready
    • 6. How to Thrive in A Tight Market Key Job Search Elements
      • Focus
        • Identify dream job, wide net of related jobs, locations
        • Target robust, strong companies/industries
      • Prepare
        • Stand out in job search materials & interviews
        • Demonstrate contribution to company priorities
      • Engage
        • Network into companies
        • Get involved & show capabilities
      © 2009 Career Treking LLC
    • 7. Setting Career Direction © 2009 Career Treking LLC Your Profile Skills Degree Achievements Interests Preferences Potential Careers Job Goals Goal A Goal B Goal C Translate Profile to Careers Careers, Industries Jobs Stimulus Package Jobs Learn From Others Network Informational Interviews Test Reality Job Shadowing Internships Volunteering Part-time Work
    • 8. Converting Profile into Careers
      • University of Tennessee Career Converter
      • Occupational Outlook Handbook
        • Job, company, industry information
      • Career Treking Stimulus Package Jobs
      © 2009 Career Treking LLC
    • 9. Set Wide-Net of Job Goals
      • Identify your career aspiration
      • Set a range of inter-related, prioritized job goals
      • Goal A your desired job, links to your career goal
      • Goal B a related job in desired industry or entry level position with industry consumer, vendor
      • Goal C showcases your core skills & performance desirable for Goal A
      • Fill background gaps, energize resume
      • Identify a flexible, wide range of locations
      © 2009 Career Treking LLC
    • 10. © 2009 Career Treking LLC Jane’s Career Goal Business Development in Renewable Energies Short-Term Goal A Target Employers Time Frame Sales in Renewable Energy Company (REC)
      • enXco
      • Second Wind
      • Berkshire Wind Power
      X months Short-Term Goal B Target Employers Time Frame -Customer service in REC -Receptionist/administrative role in a green architect firm • Four Seasons Wind Power • JEI Energy Solutions • Sustainable • Solar Design Associates X months Short-Term Goal C Target Employers Time Frame Retail sales Insurance sales
      • Home Depot
      • Aetna
      • Cigna
      X months Resume Background/Energy Gap Filling the Gap Knowledge of renewable energy RE Certificate program Involvement in renewable field Volunteer activities in RE
    • 11. Robust Industry Opportunities Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech
      • Political science
      • Economics/business
      • Sociology, psychology
      • Communications
      • Healthcare policy
      • Financial analyst,
      • consulting
      • Counseling, HR, marketing
      • Corporate communications
    • 12. Robust Industry Opportunities Financial Services
      • Customer-facing positions
        • Insurance companies
        • Credit unions
        • Regional banks
      • All majors relevant
      • Benefits: Training, track record, skills
    • 13. Robust Industry Opportunities Utilities/Alternative Energy
      • By 2030, one in four jobs projected to be in renewable energy
      • Biggest trends: Solar, wind, marine
      • Environmental and liberal arts majors appropriate
    • 14. Stimulus Package Opportunities
      • Education
      • Energy
      • Healthcare
      • Infrastructure
      © 2009 Career Treking LLC
      • Small companies
      • Government
      • Suppliers and vendors • •
    • 15. Find the Employers
      • Fewer Jobs Posted in
      • a Down Market
      • Reach Out
      © 2009 Career Treking LLC
    • 16. Success Rates by Job Source
    • 17. Strategic Job Search Strategies
      • Networking
      • Linked In/Twitter
      • Career Services
      • Faculty and Alumni Association
      • Job Boards
      • Internet Searches
      • Newspapers
      • Temporary Agencies
      • Internships
    • 18. Networking Activities © 2009 Career Treking LLC
      • Face-to-Face Planned
      • Reach out
      • Nurture relationships
      • Online
      • Pick 1or 2 sites
      • Engage fully
      • Spontaneous
      • Initiate
      • Be prepared, follow-through
      • Events/Meetings
      • Join an industry association
      • Look for unique events
    • 19. Comfort Zone © 2009 Career Treking LLC Friends & FOF Friend's Parents Family & FOF Community Alumni Professors Bosses & Coaches Associations
    • 20. Online Networking: LinkedIn
      • Develop expanded connections
      • Get networked into jobs and companies
      • Join and engage in groups
      • Pose and answer questions regularly
      © 2009 Career Treking LLC
    • 21. Online Networking: Twitter
      • Twitter regularly
        • Describe what you’re looking for
        • Offer useful information
      • Follow others selectively
      • twitter keyword search
      © 2009 Career Treking LLC
    • 22. Targeted Job Search Plan © 2009 Career Treking LLC Goal B: Customer Service Rep Employer: Swift Rivers Company Activities Actions Done Networking Informational Interviewing
      • LinkedIn and Twitter
      • Alumni association
      • Comfort zone & expanded networks
      • Renewable Energy Association
      • Google alert for Swift
      Job Shadowing Internship Swift Rivers Human Resources Volunteering Part-Time/Temp Work Hydroelectric initiative Temp agency
    • 23. Beefing Up Job Search Skills © 2009 Career Treking LLC Search Activity My Skills 1(low)-10 (high) Resources to Build Skills Due Date Set career direction, job goals, industry targets Networking and informational interviews Resumes and cover letters Interviewing Assertive, company-specific job search Organization, follow-through
    • 24. Takeways
      • Thriving in a challenging job market entails:
        • Set a wide range of career goals
        • Have a plan to develop the skills needed
        • Create a job search action plan
        • Make networking a habit