Lessons Learned to Prepare to Deliver Online Courses

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The University of Central Florida has offered online courses since the spring of 1996. As of 2010, Online@UCF offers four undergraduate degree completion programs, twelve graduate degree programs and …

The University of Central Florida has offered online courses since the spring of 1996. As of 2010, Online@UCF offers four undergraduate degree completion programs, twelve graduate degree programs and sixteen graduate certificates, plus 450+ online courses every semester from all academic areas. Over 800 full-time UCF faculty members have successfully completed the campus-wide faculty development course, IDL6543, to learn to develop and deliver effective online instruction.

This session will provide details of our faculty development process that we have designed and implemented over the past 14 years. We will also present the lessons we have learned and our future plans to revise our training. These revisions are based on feedback we collected from our faculty participants. The nature of the topic is one that will generate discussions, and we will allow time for questions and answers from our audience.

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  • Slide 1 – online@ucfUse this slide to greet the new faculty and introduce the ID Team membersDepartment that supports online (or distributed learning) teaching and learning online at UCFHow many have taught an online course?Fully online?521 – W, 304 – M 21,046 Headcount (42%)UCF currently offers4 undergraduate programs12 graduate degree programsgraduate certificates
  • SCH – Semester Credit Hours
  • SCH – Semester Credit HoursGreen – f2fRed – VideoWeb - Blue
  • Student Credit Hour Growth
  • Slide 2 – Distributed LearningWhat we do...Online learning – We establish and support policies and guidelines for distributed learning across the universityFaculty Development – Provide professional development courses to help faculty teach onlineCourse Production: work with faculty, regardless of skill level, to help them produce their own material or will create original media on their behalf. course programming, graphics, interactive exercises, games/simulations, animations, and video with on-location and full studio capabilities.Course Design - Consult with faculty to help you design online coursesTechnical support – Varying support to faculty and students to ensure a successful course experienceTeams – Briefly describe each team and note that there is limited access to some of these teams:TechrangersInstructional DesignDigital MediaNew MediaLevel2RITE - formulating and implementing research on effective teaching practices in higher education
  • Slide 3 – Faculty DevelopmentHow many of you have completed Essentials? ADL? IDL?Here are three courses available to those of you planning on teaching online at UCF:EssentialsOnline course for faculty who only want to use online as a supplement to their courseADL5000Online course that is designed for faculty who will be teaching a course that another faculty member has createdThere is limited support when you teach one of these classesIDL6543Blended course for faculty who wish to develop their own online course8 week course taught during all 3 semestersThere is a wide range of support available to faculty who complete this courseHow do I get started?Briefly explain the steps for enrolling in all three of these classesExplain how faculty request a course section after taking these classesNote: You may want to direct participants to the links for these courses on the handout.
  • Slide 4 – Webcourses@UCF ToolsBriefly discuss these tools that are available to faculty in our online courses:Course CommunicationCourse mail – FERPA compliantDiscussionsChatCalendarCourse ManagementAssignment toolsAssessmentsGrade bookNote: You may want to direct participants to the Webcourses@UCF links on the handout.
  • Explain that we created the redesign plan based on the feedback received from the committee.Tier 1 – Key Stakeholders - Vice Provost, Assistant VP of CDLTier 2 – Internal Resources – Director of CDL, Associate Directors of CDL, Faculty
  • Derived from suggestions from faculty members
  • Information that was gathered from our review committee suggested that the faculty that participated in the IDL6543 training wanted:More interaction with their peersGained a better insight into teaching online by hearing the challenges that their peers faced.Made them feel better and more comfortable about exploring the world of teaching onlineThey did not like being lectured too.
  • Web VetsAddress topicsLarge class sizeAssessmentGroup projectsAvailable as mentors in the various colleges


  • 1. Online@UCF
    Lessons Learned to Prepare to Deliver Online Courses
    Presented by
    Baiyun Chen, Ph.D.
    Eileen Narozny
  • 2. UCF Background
    Established June 10, 1963
    Original name: Florida Technological University
    First academic building: Library
    Dedication & first classes: October 7, 1968
    First commencement: June 1970, 423 graduates
    First doctoral degree granted: 1977/78
    Current student enrollment: 53,644
  • 3. Statistics
  • 4. Statistics
  • 5. Statistics
  • 6. What we do…
    • Online Learning
    • 7. Faculty Development
    • 8. Course Production
    • 9. Course Design
    • 10. Technical support
    Our Teams
    For more information go to: http://dl.ucf.edu/
    Distributed Learning
  • 16. Faculty Development
    Webcourses@UCF Essentials
    • For “enhanced” face-to-face courses
    • Teaching another faculty’s created online course
    • Designing and developing your own online course
    So how do I get started?
  • 17. IDL6543
    First IDL offered in summer 1994
    843 completed IDL
    8 week Mixed-mode course
    A combination of seminars, labs, consultations, and web-based instruction
  • 18. IDL6543
  • 19. Lessons Learned
    2010 Spring IDL Review
    Committee consists of faculty and IDs
    Surveyed IDL graduates
    Visited Daytona State & Embry Riddle
  • 20. Lessons Learned - Likes
    Enjoyed small groups and collaborating with peers
    ID contact
    Technical support group
    Useful practices
    Webcourses tools
    Web veterans
  • 21. Lessons Learned - Dislikes
    ID not helpful due to limited time and teaching experience
    Theory contents and assignments are not applicable
    IDL is not just-in-time
    IDL is required
  • 22. Lessons Learned - Suggestions
    Less pedagogy or theory
    More hands-on
    Webcourses tools
    More strategy-based practice
    Building more contents
    IDL redesign
    Refresher courses
    Advanced courses
    More specific to disciplines
  • 23. Where do we go from here?
  • 24. IDL6543 Redesign
    Formed a redesign committee – 5 instructional designers
    Identified the stakeholders – tier 1, tier2, etc.
    Created a redesign plan and presented it to the tier 1 stakeholders
    Created a T-slice to present the stakeholders based on the project plan we developed
  • 25. IDL6543 Revision
    Delivery methods
    Blended learning – Mixed mode “M”
    More online than face-to-face
    Course Design
    Four components
    Online instruction
    Face-to-Face seminars
    Online labs
  • 26. IDL6543 Revision
    Textbook topics – currently being reviewed
    Assessing Learners Online
    The ID Casebook: Case Studies in Instructional Design
    Online Learning : Concepts, Strategies, and Application
    Conquering the Content: A Step-by-Step Guide to Online Course Design
  • 27. IDL6543 Revision
    Case Studies
    Provide case studies that correspond with real life experiences in online teaching
    Small group discussions
    Peer-to-Peer interaction
  • 28. IDL6543 Revision
    Faculty Fellow
    Will authenticate the teaching strategies presented in IDL6543
    Web Veterans
    Have Web Vets present at every face-to-face seminar
    Available for online discussion
    Become mentors within individual colleges
  • 29. Questions?