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1st Benchmark 3 Questions 2007 2008 1
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1st Benchmark 3 Questions 2007 2008 1


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First Grade Social Studies Benchmark Review

First Grade Social Studies Benchmark Review

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. 1st Grade Social Studies Benchmark 3 Review 2007 - 2008
  • 2. What does the word scarce mean? Not in good supply, or hard to find
  • 3. What does the word volunteer mean? A person who helps others without getting paid for his work
  • 4. Name the man who brought Americans to live in Texas and is known as the “Father of Texas.” Stephen F. Austin
  • 5. Who invented the first telephone? Alexander Graham Bell l
  • 6. Name the great leader who helped write the rules our country still follows today. Benjamin Franklin l
  • 7. Name the 16 th President of the U.S. who was in office during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln
  • 8. Who was the 1 st President of the U.S. and is known as the “Father of Our Country?” George Washington
  • 9. Name the holiday on July 4 th which celebrates America’s freedom from England in 1776. Independence Day
  • 10. Name the holiday in January that honors a man who worked to make sure all Americans are treated fairly. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day l
  • 11. Name the holiday in May which honors service men and women who have died in wars. Memorial Day
  • 12. Name the holiday in November that remembers the men and women who serve in the armed forces. Veterans Day
  • 13. Name the holiday in February that honors and recognizes our country’s leaders, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Presidents’ Day
  • 14. Which natural resource allows us to breath? Air
  • 15. Which natural resource is used for making pencils? Trees
  • 16. Which natural resource is used for drinking? Water
  • 17. Which of the items below are school services?
    • Bus driver taking children home
    • Dentist cleaning teeth
    • Teacher reading a book to her students
    • Cafeteria worker serving lunches
  • 18. Deciding what items to buy, which toy to play with, and what to eat are examples of ___________. Making Choices
  • 19. Which of the items below are examples of laws?
    • Wear your seat belt
    • Take your hat off in school
    • Stop at a stop sign
    • Drive the speed limit
    • Complete your homework
  • 20. Place these forms of land transportation in order from slowest to fastest. Fastest Slowest
  • 21. Which type of communication is fastest? Letter or Telephone
  • 22.
    • What will happen on Tuesday?
    • What will happen on Friday?
    • If today is Thursday, what event will happen tomorrow?
    • If today is Friday, what event happened yesterday?
    • What holiday will be celebrated this week?
    Baseball Practice Birthday Party Birthday Party Memorial Day Book Report
  • 23.
    • Which food got the most votes?
    • Which food got the least votes?
    • How many votes did pizza get?
    Pizza Grapes Three
  • 24. Decide if each item below is from the past, present, or future. Past Future Present Past Present