Social Media Monitoring. Horton Hears a Whos


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Social Media Monitoring. Horton Hears a Whos

  1. 1. Do You Hear the Whos? Social Listening StrategiesBy Noland Hoshino | Bcause Media Social Communications
  2. 2. Define ObjectivesWhy should you listen?1 Short-term Objectives2 Long-term Objectives
  3. 3. Who Should You Listen To The Whos The Yous The Yahoos
  4. 4. The Whos• Community• Influencers• Supporters• Demographics• Location
  5. 5. The Yous• Key personnel in your organization• Social media accounts• Water cooler
  6. 6. The Yahoos• Competitors• Nay-sayers• Threats• Yappity-Yap
  7. 7. What to Listen For • Brand Monitoring • Competitive Intelligence • Industry Monitoring • Thought Leadership • Lead Generation and Sales Source:
  8. 8. What to Listen For• Customer Service• SEO (keywords)• Crisis Communication• Product Development• Advertising and Marketing Effectiveness Source:
  9. 9. Prioritize
  10. 10. Tic Tock
  11. 11. Use (Free) Tools• Social Mention• Twazzup• Addictomatic• LinkedIn Signals• Monitter•• Netvibes and iGoogle dashboards• Amplicate (sentiment rating)• Content Idea Generator
  12. 12. Build Your Team
  13. 13. Here. There. Everywhere.
  14. 14. Listen. Take a Deep Breath. React.
  15. 15. Develop a Plan
  16. 16. CRESA 911 – Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency
  17. 17. American Red Cross Digital Operations Center | Photo:
  18. 18. Be Like Horton
  19. 19. “A person’s a person, no matter how small” Source: Dr. Seuss book Horton Hears a Who!
  20. 20. Noland I Am (not Sam) Noland HoshinoSocial Good Marketing Strategist at [B]cause MediaCreator and co-author of SMO Books series at @NolandHoshino
  21. 21. Exercise(keywords, search terms, industry trends) (tools and tactics)(person, place or thing, influencers, (name | contact | expertise)competitors)
  22. 22. What to Listen For• +/- Company name • Key issues• Names of products or • Sentiment services • URLs• Misspellings• Industry terms/keywords• #hashtags• Competition product
  23. 23. Who to Listen to• Names of key • Community chatter employees • Public perception• Conferences and • Response to events advertising messages• Twitter handles • New customers• Industry experts • Crisis conversations• Competition key • Potential threats personnel • Specific person
  24. 24. Tools and Tactics• Hootsuite. Integrates top social channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin allowing you to manage, measure and monitor all social activities from one dashboard.• TweetDeck. You can track conversation, customize layouts; join a conversation of your choice and stay updated with its insights.• Social Mention. It allows you to track and measure what people are saying about you, your company, a new product, or any topic across the web’s social media landscape in real-time.• Addictomatic. Instant listening dashboard that searches the best live sites on the web• Monitter. Monitors the Twitter world with keywords and relevant tweets live stream• Monitor This. Searches 25 different search engines.• Twazzup. Filters the news on Twitter and identifies the influencers on given topics.• Netvibes. All-in-one dashboard intelligence platform for real-time social media monitoring** Ask your colleagues what social listening tools are they using** If you’re still unsure, Google it. There is an app for it!
  25. 25. Response Team
  26. 26. NCVS 2012 (tools and tactics)#NCVS, #NCVSYouth #TurningPoint, • Hootsuite#NCVSHON, Volunteering, Volunteer • Meet face-to-face at conferenceConference (name | contact | expertise)@NCVS @amyrsward @ntenhrossNPowers Melinda Chang @bobfilbin People in the room@volmatchRobert @NolandHoshino