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Location based services for nonprofit organizations
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Location based services for nonprofit organizations


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Location-based services for nonprofit organizations using Foursquare, Whrrl and SCVNGR

Location-based services for nonprofit organizations using Foursquare, Whrrl and SCVNGR

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Location-based Services Location-based Services For Non Profit Organizations @NolandHoshino, CEO and Co-founder [B]cause media | social media communications
  • 2. What is Location-based Service?
    • A location-based service (LBS) is an information and entertainment service, accessible with mobile devices through the mobile network and utilizing the ability to make use of the geographical position of the mobile device
    Reference: “location-based services”
  • 3. Why use Location-based Services?
    • 78%
    Interviews were conducted online by Cross-tab Marketing Services between Dec. 13th and Dec. 22nd, 2010 among 1,500 respondents across US, UK, Germany, Canada, and Japan for Microsoft report People who are familiar with LBS and used it USA Consumers have the broadest adoption of LBS brands 2x 35% in the US use LBS at least several times per week 4 out of 10 Use LBS at least once per week Demographic
      • Younger respondents (18-34) are more likely to be familiar with and use LBS.
      • Men have higher familiarity.
    94% Consider LBS very to somewhat valuable
  • 4. @ChadNorman Internet marketing manager @Blackbaud
  • 5. Most Popular Location-based Application Foursquare 51% Facebook Places 4% Gowalla 3% Whrrl 2% SCVNGR 2% via and The Location Based Marketing Association
  • 6. Location-based Services for Nonprofits
    • Foursquare = Cause Awareness and Fundraising
    • Whrrl = Build Community of Interests
    • SCVNGR = Education and Engagement
  • 7. FOURSQUARE Cause Awareness & Fundraising
  • 8. Foursquare – How it works Download app onto phone Check-in to places Share your experience with friends Earn points and unlock badges Become the Mayor. Unlock freebies Foursquare is about destination and driving people to take action
  • 9.
  • 10. case study Estrella Rosenberg @charityestrella Founder of BIG LOVE little hearts
  • 11. best practice
  • 12. best practice
  • 13. best practice
  • 14. best practice
  • 15. Check-in for Charity @JoeWaters blog best practice
  • 16. best practice
  • 17. best practice
  • 18. Foursquare Tips
    • Call-to-action message
    • Link to website
    • Recruit volunteers and evangelists to add “tip” to high-traffic locations
    • Use #hashtag
    • ROI ( or
    • [Fundraising] Sponsors
    • Social media campaign page
    • Foursquare tutorials
  • 19. WHRRL Building Community
  • 20. Whrrl – How it works Download app onto phone Check-in to places Join Societies Make Recommendations Earn Points Whrrl is about finding social good in real time with like-minded people. Community is not a badge!
  • 21. Pelago 90 Union St., Seattle Oh yeah! Prove it! Validates Location
  • 22. Create Your Whrrl Story
  • 23. case study
  • 24. best practice
  • 25. best practice
  • 26. best practice
  • 27. Whrrl Tips
    • Build your community
    • Create Whrrl Societies
    • Call-to-action recommendations
    • Create/share Whrrl Stories
    • Tag supporters
    • Invite supporters to contribute
    • Whrrl tutorials
  • 28. SCVNGR Education and Engagement
  • 29. SCVNGR – How it works Download app onto phone Check-in to places Share your experience with friends Earn points and unlock badges Create Challenges and treks Go places. Do challenges. Earn points! sorry
  • 30. SCVNGR Challenges Education & Engagement
  • 31. case study Goal: #1 Learn about the Urban Ecology Center #2 Get people outside #3 Share their experience
  • 32. YouTube: SCVNGR Trek at Urban Ecology Center Challenge #1 Take a photo of a nature animal Challenge #2 Find the Camouflage Room and scan QR code Challenge #3 Take photo from Observation Station. See solar panels Challenge #4 Answer the following question: How many systems capture water? Challenge #5 Find the Slide Splash! and locate boat. Type in name of the boat Challenge #6 Take a hike and send a cool photo Earn Badge!
  • 33.  
  • 34. best practice
  • 35. SCVNGR Tips
    • Create creative challenges
    • Educational treks
    • Design badges and rewards
    • ROI (
    • Social media campaign page (optional)
    • SCVNGR tutorials
  • 36. Summary
    • Learn the Platforms
    • Determine Your Goals
    • Establish Your Presence
    • Customize
    • Implement Compelling Stories
    • Engage With Your Supporters
    • Track and Measure (ROI)
  • 37. awesome