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  • Underdog Cartoon Character with quotes
  • Line 11) Transition to AE demos.Use dramatic text effects and announce each software one-by-one (orange background / highlights)Show screencast of me using the software, working on the demo in questionShow a “before and after” version of related demo (original plays forward, edited plays backward)Show the “orange signature version” and transition to the next software demoPr – Television Broadcast ColorColor CorrectionGreen Screen - Transparent Video / PiPMulti-Camera CoordinationSequence KeyingCamtasia – PP RecordingEditingTitle ClipsCall-OutsTransitionsAe – Effects (sky replace, old film, 3D composites, motion text, greenscreen – virtual environments, depth of field, flipbook motion, 3D and reflections)Corrections (blemish removal, deinterlacing, footage stabalization)Ps – Black and white imageColor CorrectionEditing for transparencyPP – Slideshow2) Lines 2 and 3
  • Insert smiley face or animation
  • Insert video on the oDesk Readiness Test
  • Screenshot of [see wikipedia / urban dictionary]
  • Screenshot of [see wikipedia / urban dictionary]
  • At start …[insert WoW Intro video]
  • [insert WoW Profession Leveling video]
  • Video of Elance Feedback– possibly a Camtasia zoom in and screen blackout
  • Video of Elance Feedback– possibly a Camtasia zoom in and screen blackout
  • Insert motion animatediconpics /or vids
  • Need a good image… expressing confusion or expectation or etc
  • Insert pic of television at angle and overlay video onto its screen. Produce separate, short vids of the sample presentation and reinsert as video
  • My Intro and Resume - Cameron T Brown

    1. 1. My Multimedia Resume Cameron Torrell Brown
    2. 2. Tired of thumbing throughtedious resumes?
    3. 3. Have no fear!
    4. 4. Instead of reading about my experience,On a flat and uninteresting word doc…
    5. 5. Why not I give you a visual experience?Why not I tell you about my multimedia skillsBy using various multimedia tools I work with?
    6. 6. Premier Pro CS5.5Camtasia Studio v7After Effects CS5.5Photoshop CS5.1 ExtendedPowerPoint 2010
    7. 7. After all, that is the service Iwill provide to you, right?
    8. 8. I mean, why should you trust yourpromotional and media projects to someoneWho isn’t confident enough in theirown skills to use their own services?
    9. 9. Duuuuhhh!!!
    10. 10. Ok, glad we agree!
    11. 11. Now, hold on to yoursocks cause here it goes!
    12. 12. Also, check out somesamples at these links:• Blemish Removal• Old Film Effect• 3D with Text & Reflections• Sky Replacement
    13. 13. • Color Correction• Green Screen Keying• Photoshop Demo• PowerPoint Demo
    14. 14. I took 18 classes and completed 54credits in computer and web designclasses – studied various software, Such as PowerPoint and DreamWeaver when attending Bossier Parish Community College.
    15. 15. After a suggestion from a friendI launched my freelance careerby signing up at
    16. 16. I passed the oDesk ReadinessTest with the greatest of ease.
    17. 17. I began applying for and workingwriting, research, and editing jobs.I successfully found many clientswho were willing to hire me.
    18. 18. I learned the ropes and picked upmany, many new writing skills.But, even after 20 contracts, 845recorded hours + 200 unrecordedhours of work, and a 4.92 StarRating, I found that I wasOut growing my place at odesk andneeded something more.
    19. 19. I had learned a lot and acquired new skills(including web content, SEO, marketing), butThe time came to move onTo learn even more and do other things
    20. 20. I successfully completed VirtualAssistance, SEO, and Data Entrycontracts, but The pay was often still lower than what I wanted
    21. 21. Also I wanted to use my creativityThis is what I findmost enjoyable
    22. 22. So, when I had seen all that oDesk had to offer,I decided to expand my horizons I took a look at Elance and began trying them out too
    23. 23. And its a good thing tooAs it turns out, my experiencewhile working contracts therewas better in several waysBetter pay, biggerprojects, quality clients
    24. 24. If I have not mentioned it already,I like playing MMORPGs(Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games)
    25. 25. In fact, it’s an understatement to sayThat I was an avid player of WoW(World of Warcraft)
    26. 26. I soon discovered a clientthat would actually pay mefor playing that game…
    27. 27. …and give instructions
    28. 28. On how to play variousaspects of the game.
    29. 29. I laid out a plan and put myCamtasia Studio v7software to useAnd successfully completedthe contract 6 days ahead ofschedule
    30. 30. And got an excellent review /feedback / rating from my client
    31. 31. Not only did I like what I was doing,But I was getting paid $500 for doing it.
    32. 32. From then on, it was the only thing Iwanted to do as a professional.Without an interesting video projectto work on, my very life isincomplete!
    33. 33. After all, its creative and interesting work.
    34. 34. I started really learningand got my hands onsome good softwareI continued my research
    35. 35. By the way, I am in love with Adobe now
    36. 36. Then, when I found out how complicatedMy newly found software wasI took on the next task: I got my hands on some good learning materials and completed several training courses.
    37. 37. As of now, I like to seek outCommunities of creative peopleAnd make myself a part of them.
    38. 38. deviantART, CGChannel, MultimediaForums, various Facebook AdobeFan Pages etc.
    39. 39. I currently work with the following softwarePremier Pro CS5.5…Camtasia Studio v7…After Effects CS5.5…Photoshop CS5.1 Extended…PowerPoint 2010…
    40. 40. Right now, I am expanding beyondboth Elance and oDesk. I still lookto them for goodopportunities, but now I also doself promotion in effort to buildrelationships and find bettercontracts.
    41. 41. And if you are looking at this resume now, Cameron T. Brown 3719 Bistineau Lake Road Heflin, LA 71039It’s because I want to work… Mobile: (318) 655-1086 Objective To obtain a part or full time entry level job that makes use of my various skills and past experience. Specifically seeking employment as a Operational Reporting Analyst for your online outsourcing business.For YOU! Education 2005-2008 Bossier Parish Community College Bossier City, LA Computer Information Systems Areas of Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, and Access), Website Concentration Design, Business Management, Business Communications, Computer Programming Leadership Enlisted in the United States Army where I served under the leadership of others within the chain of command. Took on leadership positions such as squad leader, cadence caller. Professional . Has enjoyed a freelance career on oDesk and Elance for the past 2 Experience years. Also worked various jobs whose duties have included clerking, record keeping, stocking, information retrieval, and customer service Communication Completed a business communications course where skills were Skills attained and refined. + 0 Toll and DA Operator for SWB Telephone added to communication and customer service skills. Dealing with others was required, even in unpleasant situations. Planning Management of task and activities such as networking in order to obtain approval for, planning, and researching a business topic, creating and presenting a speech paired with a power point presentation. Various collaborations and group projects such as inventing ideas for products and services along with creating marketing or advertising plans. Problem Solving Likes to create solutions and think in new ways. Real life problem solving skills from previous work experience as an operator providing callers with information from data base searches or offering suggestions for problems related to their phone service. Awards received Qualified for State Competition in Louisiana Literary Rally in the Junior rd and Senior years of high school. 3 Place in national poetry contest. Qualified for Gamma Phi Sigma Honors Society membership, 2005. Made the Dean’s List last semester in college—Spring 2007 and Fall 2007 (4.56 Grade Average for Fall 2008)
    42. 42. So…
    43. 43. Primary 1 2 Warcraft - Class GuidesStamina Intellect Spirit Strength Agility Talent Builds Glyphs Secondary Stats Build Your Character 1 2 3 Mastery Hit Critical Haste Spell Gems Enchants 3 Build Your Character Dodge Parry Armor Attack Expert Cataclysm Do you need someone to create A Video – Instructional or Promotional Animation A Presentation Or to do Media Editing, Enhance ments, or Corrections?
    44. 44. If so…See my Demos…See my Past Work Experience…See my Feedbacks…See my Ratings…See my 1990s Highschool Report CardSee whatever you need todecide I am worthy of the job…
    45. 45. And…Get in touch with meAnd let me know what you need
    46. 46. Feel free to drop me a message any time Email: • Messenger: • YM ID – bcam360 • Skype ID – cameron.torrell.brown
    47. 47. Ok… let me be straight with you nowEven though I have shown you a lot hereIt is all really, really simple…
    48. 48. What it all boils down to isI want good projectsProjects like the ones you have
    49. 49. And, after allYou need a personWho really does careAbout giving you a good productNot to mention that I want to fuel your successBecause it just plain feels good to build relationships and have repeat business
    50. 50. Ok, I hope all you have seen hereIs enough to place me within your considerations
    51. 51. I thank youFor both your time and your attentionCameron Torrell Brown A.K.A – Freelance Pro23I look forward to hearing from you soon!