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Increase your CIQ! Facts about today's home gardener.

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  • n one of the many letters he wrote to his son in the 1740s, Lord Chesterfield offered the following advice: “There is time enough for everything in the course of the day, if you do but one thing at once, but there is not time enough in the year, if you will do two things at a time.”
    Don't believe the multitasking hype, scientists say. New research shows that we humans aren't as good as we think we are at doing several things at once. But it also highlights a human skill that gave us an evolutionary edge.
    As technology allows people to do more tasks at the same time, the myth that we can multitask has never been stronger. But researchers say it's still a myth — and they have the data to prove it.
    Humans, they say, don't do lots of things simultaneously. Instead, we switch our attention from task to task extremely quickly.
  • 34% said “I don’t know HOW to garden”
    This busy kids simply don’t have time (57% of the non-gardeners claimed ‘time’ as the barrier vs. 50% Gen X and 35% Boomers)
    When asked what we could change to get them interested, 40% said ‘nothing’!
    The remaining want more time or lower cost plants. They consider it a ‘risky investment’ – and it is stressful! ‘I would feel like a failure if it didn’t turn out’
    Their parents DID garden – but the difference is that they didn’t garden WITH their parents. (The boomers did – every Saturday – pulling weeds side by side with mom. Today’s generation is off to the soccer game – and then mom pulls weeds alone to GET AWAY from her kids!)
  • 95% recall for the brands on the left. No recall for the leaves on the right.
  • Ball University Consumer

    1. 1. Increase your CIQ (Customer Intelligence Quota) BALL UNIVERSITY 2014 @ LSU HAMMOND Bill Calkins, IGC Business Manager
    2. 2. The cold hard facts: Flower gardening is down 30% Percent of households participating in the activity; NGA data 2011
    3. 3. It’s not all about lack of interest…
    4. 4. The new folks…. How many people turn 35 each year? Current Age 43 - 66 Current Age 32 - 42 Current Age 14 - 33 The total pool…. # of people aged 35-55?
    5. 5. Average Age of Marriage Buying a home soon? Not likely…. I’m laden with debt I’m underemployed My parents take care of me Great prices…no loans A bit more doom and gloom….
    6. 6. Here comes our future customer Of people aged 35 – 55 (our core gardening demo): •In 2005, 25% are Gen X (the rest are boomers) •In 2010, 47% are Gen X (the rest are boomers) •In 2015, 75% are Gen X and Gen Y (split 50/50) Gen Y’s share of the Workforce: 2009 2014 25% 47%
    7. 7. What do we know about these ‘kids’? • The generation of great multi-taskers. (it’s a myth) • Information is everywhere. (they’re just super fast) • Highly confident, upbeat and positive (despite the outlook) • Yearn for the ‘meaning’ of it all (yet surprisingly uncommitted) • Are ‘groupers’ (txt enabled)
    8. 8. It’s an experience. • They live for the experience • With friends. The Gen Y target is far more likely to garden in their community then garden in their backyard.
    9. 9. Gardening is absent from the list for the Gen Y group (at least so far…) Generat ionY Generat ionX Babyboomers (born1978-1995) (born1965-1977) (born1946-1964) 1 Whirlpool bath 1 State-of-the-art kitchen 1 State-of-the-art kitchen 2 Swimming pool 2 Large walk-in closets 2 Large walk-in closets 3 Game/billiard room 2 Fireplace 3 Whirlpool bath 3 Large walk-in closets 4 Whirlpool bath 4 Fireplace 5 Fireplace 5 Swimming pool 5 Swimming pool 6 State-of-the-art kitchen 6 Patios, porches and decks 6 Workshop/hobby studio 7 Sauna/steam room 7 Game/billiard room 7 Patios, porches and decks 7 Gym/fitness room 8 Garden 7 Garden 9 High-tech entertainment center 9 Gym/fitness room 9 Game/billiard room 10 Patios, porches and decks 10 Workshop/hobby studio 9 High-tech entertainment center Top dream-home amenities vary in importance by generation: Rank Rank Rank
    10. 10. Some things Gen Y told us about gardening… I don’t know how I don’t have time I’m afraid I will fail – and that’s a waste of money Sure…it improves my home value, but only if I am successful
    11. 11.’s just not part of their language
    12. 12. We must add value to our products and to gardening in general. The primary motivation shifts with age….and experience Generation X Generation Y Baby Boomers Improves Value Increases Curb Appeal Relaxing Stress Reducing Add beauty and richness To my life
    13. 13. This is even more pronounced when we talk to the ‘non gardening’ group…. 13 Gardeners and non-gardeners seem to generally agree on the EXTRINISIC (aesthetic and functional) value of gardening around the home. Non-Gardener Gardener
    14. 14. 14 Gardening attitudes (Gardeners vs. Non) But non-gardeners fail to see the INTRINSIC value of the activity. Non-Gardener Gardener
    15. 15. 15 Gardening attitudes (Gardeners vs. Non) Therefore, they over-value the investment in time and money. Non-Gardener Gardener
    16. 16. But it isn’t any good if you don’t tell them what it ‘does’!!
    17. 17. It’s not just about color and decorating The need for multi-function.
    18. 18. Current Solutions: The function of plants
    19. 19. Future Solutions: The function ‘double down’ Exercise Family Outdoors Environmental Together Food Border Shade Privacy Oxygen &
    20. 20. Focus on the practical • It’s all about the project – What’s the color – What’s the texture – What’s the function?
    21. 21. Who is winning with this sort of messaging? Independent Garden Center
    22. 22. Purchase locations Lowe’s Home Depot IGC Lowe’s Home Depot IGC Lowe’s Home Depot IGC
    23. 23. Think you have a winning message that is sure to break through??? All content created since the beginning of time until 2003 The amount of content created in just 48 hours
    24. 24. But the good news – YOU don’t have to do all of the work! • Yelp, Like, Foursquare….share! • Shhhh……you have to listen…. • Crispy, bite-sized nuggets • Be relevant. The number of votes for Burpee Grow Anywhere Tour stops! 1,000,000+ 1,000,000+
    25. 25. Summary: Messaging the added benefit • The practical application of plants • The goodness of gardening • The information for success • The group experience
    26. 26. Type of Gardener – By Age Q17. Which of the following best describes your gardening activities? BASE: Gardeners
    27. 27. Casual vs. Enthusiastic 27 CASUAL GARDENER AGE: Years of experience: Main Drivers: Three motivators: • • • Garden by myself Dollars Spent: ENTHUSIASTIC GARDENER AGE: Years of experience: Main Drivers: Three motivators: • • • Gardening is a family activity Dollars Spent:
    28. 28. Casual vs. Enthusiastic 28 CASUAL GARDENER AGE: ~42 Years of experience: 5-10 Main Drivers: Extrinsic Three motivators: •Add beauty • Add curb appeal • Reflection of me Garden by myself Dollars Spent: $88 ENTHUSIASTIC GARDENER AGE: ~50 Years of experience: 10-20 Main Drivers: Intrinsic Three motivators: • Relaxing; reduce stress • Connection to nature • Express my creativity Gardening is a family activity Dollars Spent: $118
    30. 30. THE NUMBERS •18-34 age group biggest increase in dollars spent over last year •Young men spend $100 more than the average on L&G - $441 annually •These young males prefer to shop at hardware stores - this is their comfort zone • NGA 2013 Survey
    31. 31. YOUNG MALE LARGEST SPEND CATEGORIES: Do you see the trend?? % increase over last year Group that spends most in this category Fruit trees up 43%` Male 18-34 21% of total sales Vegetable gardening up 9% Male 55 and over 20% of total sales (Male 18- 34 second with 14%) Growing berries up 42% Male 18-34 26% of total sales Herb gardening up 43% Male 18-34 23% of total sales
    32. 32. GARDENING IS NOT THE HOBBY THE HOBBY COMES AFTER HARVEST •Drink you yard • Fermentation Gardens - Grapes and hops are COOL! They are into making their own wine and craft beer (pop-up hops class at your garden center??) • Groothies - make green smoothies from your own harvest • Mixology - Herbs for cocktails like mojitos (mixology cart program with recipe cards??)
    33. 33. So…it’s easy…. • Reach that younger generation – By adding value to the gardening experience – By talking about function and purpose – By providing community platforms – Through their digitally-enabled touchpoints • Build success, build confidence – Brands with ‘meaning’; heritage – Consistency in your message
    34. 34. Conclusions • It’s only doom and gloom if you don’t re-invent yourself • Metamorphosis for Gen Y (or die) – Focus on function, purpose and experience – Provide information – digitally, socially • Build confidence to build dollars Bill Calkins Ball Seed 630-588-3249