2014 Ball Seed Spring Trials Highlights 100+
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2014 Ball Seed Spring Trials Highlights 100+



100+ NEW from 2014 Spring Trials

100+ NEW from 2014 Spring Trials



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    2014 Ball Seed Spring Trials Highlights 100+ 2014 Ball Seed Spring Trials Highlights 100+ Presentation Transcript

    • 2014 Spring Trials Highlights
    • Something for everyone. This year’s California Spring Trials featured many companies and hundreds of new varieties – all fueled by innovation. All designed to inspire. No matter what you are looking for, there’s most likely at least one great new plant for you. And if it’s marketing ideas you want, look no further. From industry firsts to critical upgrades in all categories from annuals and perennials to ornamentals and holiday potted plants, here’s the best from the 2014 Spring Trials.
    • Ball FloraPlant
    • Ball FloraPlant OSTEOSPERMUM BLUE EYED BEAUTY  AMAZING Bicolor  Perfect for endcaps  Early-season impulse
    • Ball FloraPlant CALIBRACHOA CONGA Strawberry Burst Blush Orange Lemon  Compact for pot-tight programs  No pinch or PGRs  Stick it and forget it!
    • Ball FloraPlant VERBENA ENDURASCAPE EIGHT COLORS!  Best landscape verbena!  Hardy to the LOW TEENS!  Stays in flower to 100 degrees! *Formerly Enduro
    • Ball FloraPlant MIXMASTERS TWELVE colorful new combos!  All sourced from one farm  Perfectly balanced recipes
    • Ball FloraPlant LOBELIA TIDEPOOL Blue Dark Blue Lavender White  Best Lobelia for baskets!  Compact in the greenhouse  Spreading in the garden
    • Ball FloraPlant COLEOSAURUS  Full sun coleus  Great landscape performer  Everyone loves the name!
    • Selecta
    • Selecta BOUNCE & BIG BOUNCE Interspecific Impatiens Key colors! (Bounce = 5 Big Bounce = 6)  SHADE. Thrives in shade and sun!  GARDEN. Bounces back after wilt!  CONFIDENCE. IDM Resistant! Bounce Height: 14-20 in. Spread: 14-20 in. Big Bounce Height: 20-30 in. Spread: 20-36 in.
    • Selecta
    • Selecta CALIBRACHOA MINIFAMOUS DOUBLE Purple Chiffon  Most colors of any double!  Double Purple is a MUST HAVE!
    • Selecta TRIXI 12 NEW COMBOS!  Trialed & Tested from greenhouse to garden  Order by Trixi Name!
    • Burpee Home Gardens
    • Burpee Home Gardens 18 New Culinary Herbs available from Florexpo! (Basil, Lemon Balm, Mint, Oregano, Rosemary, Sage, Tarragon, Thyme and more.)
    • Burpee Home Gardens BASIL Emerald Frills & Ruby Frills  Easy-to-grow Vegetative Basil  4-inch to Gallon
    • Burpee Home Gardens SMALL SPACE VEGGIES Tomato Sweetheart of the Patio Tomato ‘Super Sauce’ Pepper Tangerine Dream Cucumber Cutecumber
    • Burpee Home Gardens MARQUEE COLLECTION COLEUS Blonde Bombshell Box Office Bronze Red Carpet Superstar colors & unique leaf forms steal the spotlight!
    • PanAmerican Seed
    • PanAmerican Seed EASY WAVE VELOURS Red Velour Burgundy Velour Berry Velour Deep, distinctive, designer colors Free POP and tons of marketing support!
    • PanAmerican Seed COOL WAVE PANSIES Blueberry Swirl Sunshine ‘N Wine Mixture Improved Sunshine ‘N Wine named by Southern Living readers! Tons of marketing support for The Best Pansy Ever!
    • PanAmerican Seed CALIBRACHOA KABLOOM The FIRST Calibrachoa from seed!  Core color options  Ideal premium container input  Supplied as pelleted seed AND… CRAVE SUNSET! The first intro in a future collection…
    • PanAmerican Seed THINK OUTSIDE THE PACK! Premium mixed combos made from SEED NEW Fuseables mixes – the only combo program from a single pellet! Wave Medleys – Multi-color magic in one pot! (POP Available)
    • PanAmerican Seed SNAPDRAGON SNAPSHOT Sunset  Great pack product  Excellent landscape performance  Awesome Fall color!
    • PanAmerican Seed EUPHORBIA GLITZ First seed annual E. graminea!  Perfect no-pinch habit  Seed in the bag!
    • PanAmerican Seed HEIRLOM MARRIAGES Two heirlooms crossed to create a better tomato! Genuwine - slicer Big Brandy - beefsteak Perfect Flame – saladette Higher yielding, earlier maturing, with all the great flavor!
    • PanAmerican Seed HANDPICKED VEGETABLES Unique veggies for hobby gardeners and fresh market farmers! Eggplant Patio Baby Butternut Squash Honeynut
    • Kieft Seed
    • Kieft Seed LOBELIA STARSHIP Scarlet  F1 Seed Lobelia  Amazing uniformity  Tons of flower power! Zone 6-10
    • Kieft Seed LOBELIA VULCAN Red  Pro-quality alternative to Queen Victoria!  Controlled habit  Striking bronze foliage Zone 6-10
    • Kieft Seed COREOPSIS SUN UP Flowers WEEKS earlier than others!  Faster turns, better margins  Brightest, cleanest flowers  Naturally compact Zone 4-9
    • Kieft Seed IBERIS WHITEOUT Better-looking = sell through!  No pinch  Reblooms! Zone 3-8
    • Kieft Seed PERENNIAL COMBOS First-year flowering perennials!  Stand out from the crowd  Solid Summer performance  Fresh color palettes
    • Ball Ingenuity
    • Ball Ingenuity CANNA CANNOVA Red Shades Rose Yellow Bronze Leaf Red  First SEED F1 Series  Works in 4” to Gallons  Ideal for cart programs
    • Ball Ingenuity JURASSIC REX BEGIONIA 5 Color Series!  Bold colors and patterns  For DEEP shade  Super uniform, fast to finish
    • Ball Ingenuity SUMMER ROMANCE COLLECTION Mandevilla & Dipladenia  Double Pink Mandevilla!  UNIQUE Vining Yellow!  Bush Pink, Red and White!
    • Darwin Perennials
    • Darwin Perennials DIGITALIS FOXLIGHT Plum Gold Rose Ivory Ruby Glow Bolder flower colors + 20% lower input costs = Higher retail margins + better sell-through! Zone 7-10
    • Darwin Perennials ERYSIMUM CHEERS Lemon Yellow Mighty Mauve  More flowers!  Richer colors!  Better habits! Zone 6-10
    • Darwin Perennials ALYSSUM GOLDEN SPRING  Yellow for Early Spring  Frost/freeze tolerant  Takes the heat, too! More Mature Zone 4-9
    • Darwin Perennials GAURA Little Janie Compact Bicolor Whiskers Deep Rose Contrasting colors Long filaments Zone 6-10
    • Darwin Perennials SALVIA Blue Marvel  Largest flowers of any s. nemerosa!  No PGRs needed  Cut back & reflush if not sold Zone 4-9
    • Ball Ornamentals
    • Ball Ornamentals HYDRANGEA L.A. DREAMIN’ Blue, pink and everything in between!  No aluminum sulfate or special fertilizer needed!  Rebloomer  Branded pot and tag Zone 5-10
    • Morel Cyclamen
    • Morel Cyclamen HALIOS SELECT Curly Mix Flame Fantasia Magenta Silverleaf Fantasia Purple Silverleaf  Curly is fringed  Fantasias are extra-long lasting bicolors!
    • Morel Cyclamen METIS Pure White Silverleaf  Strong, mini plants  Dark foliage with silver mottling  Great retail appeal!
    • Suntory
    • Suntory PETUNIA SURFINIA SUMO Bold Lilac Pink Plum  Vigorous and mounding  Designed for large containers, baskets and landscapes  Bold bloom color
    • Suntory DIPLADENIA SUNDENIA Coral Red White Large “Mandevilla” blooms with the controlled habit of a Dipladenia!
    • Cohen
    • Cohen TORELUS Torenia x Mimulus EIGHT colors!
    • Cohen PETUNIA HAPPY • Magic Blue w/ Green Blue/Purple & Green Edge • Dark Caramel Star Yellow, Mocha & Purple
    • GroLink
    • GroLink JASODA GARDEN MUMS SIX varieties!  Late-season varieties when grown under a natural season program  No pinch required
    • Dummen
    • Dummen - Red Fox & Bartels CANNA CANNASOL NINE color series!  Compact habit  Long bloom time
    • Dummen - Red Fox & Bartels VERBENA WICKED Cool Blue  Hot new color!  One of six “twister” types from Dummen
    • Dummen - Red Fox & Bartels GERANIUM BIG EZEE FOUR color Zonal series! Large umbels Vigorous habit Great outdoor performance
    • Dummen - Red Fox & Bartels PETUNIA SWEETUNIA Moonlight Bay  Yellow edges  Black/purple throat
    • Dummen - Red Fox & Bartels LOBULARIA YOLO THREE color series  YOLO = You Only Live Once!  Compact habit
    • Dummen - Red Fox & Bartels BEGONIA LUCKY STRIKE Larger flowers than others on the market!
    • Fides
    • Fides DAHLIA DAHLINOVA HYPNOTICA Sangria Beautiful yellow & orange bicolor!
    • Danziger
    • Danziger PETUNIA Salmon Ray More true orange than salmon!
    • Danziger PETUNIA CASCADIA Autumn Mystery Mocha, yellow & purple blend!
    • Danziger BACOPA SCOPIA Double Indigo *Same as PW Snowstorm Blue Bubbles
    • Proven Winners
    • Proven Winners CUPHEA VERMILLIONAIRE  Well branched & mounding  Deep orange bloom!  Not susceptible to Edema
    • Proven Winners CLEOME Pequena Rosalita A more compact version of Senorita Rosalita!
    • Proven Winners LOBULARIA Dark Knight  Dark purple blooms  No seed set; continuous blooming
    • Syngenta
    • Syngenta DAHLIA GRANDAHLIA SEVEN color series!  Includes two bicolors  Designed for 6” and up
    • Syngenta GAZANIA BIG KISS Red Yellow  Big blooms!  Big plants!  Great container item
    • Syngenta GERANIUM PINTO PREMIUM Lavender Rose  Improved earliness  Less stretch at retail  Bench runs
    • Syngenta IMPATIENS FLORIFIC Sweet Orange  New Guinea series from seed  2014 AAS Winner!  Unique salmon-orange bicolor  Bronze-green foliage
    • Syngenta TOMATO CARMELLO  High yielding  French-type slicer  Great sugar-acid balance
    • Floranova
    • Floranova BEGONIA BOSSANOVA Mix Orange Red Rose White  Great vigor  Strong branching, long-flowering  Baskets, containers and borders!
    • Floranova TOMATO RAPUNZEL  Magnificent, long trusses  40 bright red, small fruits on each  Indeterminate
    • Floranova PETUNIA ESPRESSO FRAPPE Rose Ruby  Frilly edges attract attention  Colors stand out at retail
    • Takii
    • Takii AGASTACHE ARIZONA Mix Sandstone Sun Sunset  Compact & uniform  Drought-tolerant  Extremely floriferous
    • Takii PETUNIA African Sunset  2014 AAS Winner!  Rich orange color  Holds color all season
    • Takii SUNFLOWER SUNRICH Limoncello  Cut flower  White-yellow with dark center  10-14 days earlier than Sunbright
    • Sakata
    • Sakata SUNPATIENS SPREADING THREE new colors SUNPATIENS COMPACT TWO new colors (including Royal Magenta) And FULL MARKETING SUPPORT!
    • Sakata SUPERCAL THREE new colors (including Grape)
    • Sakata PETUNIA Pink Radiance *Was PW Cotton Candy (Available at Oro Farms & Danziger)
    • Sakata ASTER BONITA SERIES SIX colors!  Cut flower or potted plant!  Button-type flowers  Fusarium tolerant
    • Sakata CARNATION CAN Rose (Categorized as an Annual)  Fragrant!  Large flowers  Also makes a great cut flower
    • Sakata PEPPER SPICY SLICE  Extra-large jalapenos  Perfect to cut into rings!  Highly prolific
    • Sakata PANSY MAGESTIC GIANTS II Clear Purple Clear White New clear colors join Clear Yellow!
    • Sakata PRIMULA DANESSA TEN colors!  2-3 weeks earlier  Heat-tolerant!
    • Sakata SNAPDRAGON CANDY SHOWERS Mix White  First-ever trailing series  Now SEVEN colors!
    • Sakata SUNFLOWER VINCENT Choice Dark Eye Fresh Light Eye  Cut flower  Daylength neutral  Extra ring of petals!
    • Sakata VIOLA COLORMAX Berry Pie Lemon Splash Popcorn  Flower size like “small pansies”  Excellent weather & heat tolerance
    • Benary
    • Benary BEGONIA BIG Pink Green Leaf  Large flowers  Landscape impact  Early & well branched
    • Benary VIOLA ADMIRE Blackberry Mix California Mix Pink Surprise  Early flowering  Great for packs  Fall or Spring use