Ofice 2010 paleta proizvoda i njihova uloga


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  • The Microsoft Assessment Planning Toolkit is updated to provide better assessments for Office 2010. This slide is offered to provide a snapshot of MAP provides – the tools drill down module provides additional details on the tool.In the case of an Office deployment this a very good high level tool to begin the assessment and planning. This is the suggested starting point as you being the planning for the Office 2010 deployment. Secure and Agentless Inventory: MAP provides secure, agentless, and network-wide inventory that scales from small business to large enterprises. It collects and organizes system resources and device information from a single networked computer. Its unique agent-less inventory technologies allow remote assessment of clients, servers, applications, devices and roles – all without deploying any software agents to the machines on your customer’s network. Assessment tools often require users to first deploy software agents on all computers to be inventoried, but this tool does not. MAP uses technologies already available in your IT environment to perform inventory and assessments. These technologies include Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), the Remote Registry Service, Active Directory Domain Services, and the Computer Browser service. Supported platforms (for reference only): * Windows 7 * Windows Vista * Windows XP® Professional * Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 * Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2003 R2 * Windows 2000 Professional or Windows 2000 Server * VMware ESX * VMware ESXi * VMware Server Initial Readiness: Reviews hardware and inventories current software within the scope of the scan – it does not inventory this data, but it interprets the current data set with recommendations for the next step. Output: Output provides a starting point for both hardware adjustments and an understanding of current Office products, i.e. have all machines really been upgraded to 2007, etc. The output provides a detailed inventory with concrete next steps. Comprehensive Data Analysis: MAP performs a detailed analysis of hardware and device compatibility for migration to Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Application Virtualization, and Windows Vista. The hardware assessment looks at the installed hardware and determines if migration is recommended. If migration is not recommended, the reports will explain why. The device assessment looks at the devices installed on a computer and reports availability of drivers for those devices. Device assessment is provided for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Vista migration scenarios. For customers interested in server consolidation and virtualization through technologies such as Hyper-V and Virtual Server 2005 R2, this tool helps to gather performance metrics and generate server consolidation recommendations that identify the candidates for server virtualization and how the physical servers might be placed in a virtualized environment. In-Depth Readiness Reporting: MAP generates reports containing both summary and detailed assessment results for each migration scenario. The results are provided in Microsoft Excel workbooks and Microsoft Word documents. Reports are generated for the following scenarios. Reports are generated for the following scenarios: * Identification of currently installed Windows client operating systems, their hardware, and recommendations for migration to Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The tool also reports if desktops have anti-virus and anti-malware programs installed and if the Windows Firewall is turned on. * Identification of currently installed Windows Server operating systems, their hardware, and recommendations for migration to Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008. * Identification of currently installed Microsoft Office software and recommendations for migration to Microsoft Office 2007. * Detailed assessment and reporting of server utilization gathered using the Performance Metrics Wizard. * Recommendations for server consolidation and virtual machine placement using Hyper-V or Virtual Server 2005 R2. * Assessment of client machines, servers, and the technology environment for the implementation of Microsoft Application Virtualization (formerly SoftGrid). * Identification of machines where Microsoft SQL Server components are installed. * Identification of virtual machines, their hosts, and details about each. * Power Savings Assessment: Create a proposal to identify server and client machines running in your environment and understand the power management capabilities available. In the case of the current MAP tool (MAP 4.0) only the Excel report is generated. 1. What’s Available Today: The current MAP 4.0 can be used in the Office 2010 planning, as you have the option to manipulate the system requirements. The scan will continue to indicate 2007 migrations but technically this can be used as your 2010 assessment. Use the Office 2007 assessment at this time to begin your Office 2010 deployment planning. When using this assessment you can adjust the requirements to meet the Office 2010 requirements during the analysis. The report will only show upgrade to 2007 but in this case will provide an initial readiness for 2010. It is important to note this is NOT APPLICATION COMPATIBILITY – you must use the OEAT/CI tools for these purposes. 2. Benefits: * Offer Fast, Scalable and Agent-less Inventory * Auto-Generate Actionable Assessments and Proposals * Shorten IT Planning Time * Plan for Multiple Microsoft Products from One Tool – not just office Top Questions: 1. Is this tool secure? MAP requires the user to enter local admin credentials for the client machines and servers; non-admin user cannot gain access to the machines and will get no results from the MAP tool. MAP encrypts the data traffic from the MAP machine to the assessed server and client machines. MAP does not persist or store any credentials required for WMI to remotely gather information on the server and client machines. 2. How much data traffic do we get? A typical network of desktops would typically see 300kB to 1MB per PC of data traffic generated by MAP. 3. What’s the impact on each computer? Very minimal. The MAP tool only pings about 30 machines at any given instance.
  • The Office Customization Tool (OCT) is used to create patches that customize the Office 2010 installation. The OCT patches are slipstreamed in at the install time, or can be applied post install for maintenance of existing installations: * Using the Office Customization Tool (OCT) * Using the Config.xml file as an override feature * Setting up command-line options * Enabling group policies Using the OCT to configure user settings establishes the initial default values for the settings. Users can modify most of the settings after Office is installed. You can use the OCT to provide default user settings for the following Office applications: * Microsoft Office Access 2010 * Microsoft Office Outlook 2010Printing Assistant * Microsoft Office Excel 2010 * Microsoft Office Groove 2010 * Microsoft Office InterConnect 2010 * Microsoft Office InfoPath 2010 * Microsoft Office 2010 system * Microsoft Office OneNote 2010 * Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 * Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 * Microsoft Office Project 2010 * Microsoft Office Publisher 2010 * Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2010 * Microsoft Office Visio 2010 * Microsoft Office Word 2010
  • Document is opened from an untrusted location – in this example an external email attachment. The doc is immediately opened for view but it is sandboxed so any harmful code would be contained. Note users can view the document, even copy content from the document w/out taking any additional actions.The user can get more details if they wish – displayed in the backstage – this step is optional.Once the user clicks Enable editing button the doc is made available for edit with all of the application features. If the user opens the same doc again the selection is recalled and it will automatically open w/out the protected viewer.
  • Info Control – is now more extensible in 2010New feature is the document inspector, leverages fact that doc is open xmlUnique rules can be implemented to fit specific business checking needsThis is important to keep your data controlled to check and inform users of unintentional data before a document is shared – examples include email/contact info in the document properties, hidden comments, or even hidden data columns.Enforcing these checks can ensure data is safe and sanitary before it is published widely.Compatibltiy inspector will indicate a document’s compatibility with prior versions and provide specific guidance on the impacts of the compatibility feature that could be impacted – this is a great feature as organizations work to deploy or collaborate with orgs which do not have the latest Office versions deployed.Office 2010 will be your friend with the feature that allows users to recover drafts – even after you said you didn’t want to save the document – in the versions area.We also need to note very rich rights management capabilities can be leveraged with the coupling of a Windows rights management server – Office even allows federated rights to be utilized to keep documents restricted across federated organizations.Group policy objects can be leveraged to manage these features and many more.Suggestion – doc inspector and accessbility checker in action by simply using 2010 to check this document.
  • The Retention policy is a flexible archiving tool that can be configured centrally (?) to ensure that email is retained as per a company’s compliance policies. Retention can be organised down to the item level.Note that the UI elements are native to Outlook, however notes and options require Exchange 2010
  • Office Web Application Companions (WACs), were announced this year Key component in our “Access Anywhere” message In this release, adding the ability to access content on a SP site and edit it through the browser! UE that is very similar to the Rich-Client experience Major selling-point for low functionality scenarios or a remote/mobile workforceWeb Apps available for:Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® Microsoft® Office OneNote®Microsoft® Office WordMicrosoft® Office Excel®Web apps are licensed with Office Standard or Pro Plus for on premise deploymentsWeb apps enable both quick in browser high fidelity viewing and light weight edit from the browserNote that Outlook Web Access is NOT a office web app
  • Office Mobile 2010Applications includedSharePoint Workspace Mobile: New!PowerPoint Mobile: All new version featuring EditingWord Mobile: Office 2010 compatibility, Touch gesturesExcel Mobile: Office 2010 compatibility, Touch gesturesOneNote Mobile: Office 2010 compatibilityAccess Documents Over the Air Open documents directly from SharePoint; edit them and save back to the server easilyView Document Libraries & Lists Quickly connect to a SharePoint server and access content right from phoneSync document to phone and Access Offline Sync documents to phone to access them later; edit them offline and save them back to server when reconnectedApps designed to support high fidelity round trippingQ:What are the requirements for Office Mobile 2010? Do I need SharePoint or Exchange?A: Office Mobile 2010 Requires a phone running WinMo 6.5OM 2010 supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint files 97-2010SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010 requires SP 2010 server & Universal Access Gateway server be deployed for Mobile VPN connectivityExchange is not requiredCommunicatorThe 2007 R2 version of Microsoft® Office Communicator Mobile is an enterprise application for mobile devices that helps you quickly find and communicate with your colleagues. The application is designed to make communication easier and more accessible and includes real-time presence information, single number reach support and rich instant messaging (IM) capability all with a familiar look and feel similar to the desktop version of Microsoft Office Communicator. Systems Center Config Manager (SCCM) can be leveraged to manage the apps and enforce policies
  • Ofice 2010 paleta proizvoda i njihova uloga

    1. 1. Office 2010 Sharepoint 2010 Bojan Buhac
    2. 2. O meni
    3. 3. Agenda Tema 09:00 – 10:00 Office 2010 paleta proizvoda i njihova uloga – prezentacija i demo 10:00 – 10:15 Pauza 10:15 – 11:15 SharePoint Server 2010 korisničko okruženje - prezentacija i demo 11:15 – 11:30 Pauza 11:30 – 12:30 Izmene u SharePoint Server infrastrukturi - prezentacija i demo 12:30 – 13:30 Pauza za ručak 13:30 – 14:30 SharePoint Designer i InfoPath 2010 - prezentacija i demo 14:30 – 14:45 Pauza 14:45 – 15:45 Office WebApps, Broadcasting i Social Networking - prezentacija i demo
    4. 4. Office 2010 paleta proizvoda i njihova uloga
    5. 5. Launch Date • Zvanično - 12. maja 2010 • RTM – April 2010
    6. 6. Office 2010 edicije Professional Programs and Features Starter Home and Student Home and Business Standard Professional Professional Plus Academic Licensing OEM Retail Retail Volume Retail Academic Volume Not available Pricing of Single Product key Not available in Not available in retail in retail $119 $199 $349 ? card (in USD) retail markets markets markets Not available Pricing for Boxed Full Not available in Not available in retail in retail $149 $279 $499 $99 Version (in USD) retail markets markets markets Word Starter edition Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Excel Starter edition Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes PowerPoint No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes OneNote No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Outlook No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Publisher No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Access No No No No Yes Yes Yes Communicator No No No No No No Yes InfoPath No No No No No No Yes SharePoint Workspace No No No No No No Yes (Groove)
    7. 7. Office 2010 Performanse Office 2010 optimizacija hardvera – System zahtevi su isti kao i za Office osim prostora na disku (1.5 Gb) – Startovanje je unapređeno – Unapređene performanse • Excel grafikoni • Brzina rada Outlook-a • PowerPoint animacije Iskorišdenost novog hardvera – Multi-core processor utilizacija – 64-bit & 32-bit verzije klijenata – X64 omogudava velike tabele za napredne korisnike Excela Efikasnost – Change Level Synching - SharePoint Workspace – Co-authoring
    8. 8. Microsoft Assessment Planning Toolkit System readiness assessment & Office inventory
    9. 9. Office Customization Tool
    10. 10. Protected Viewer
    11. 11. Information Control • Document inspector uklanja personalne i poverljive informacije iz dokumenata – Komentare – Skrivene podatke u Excelu • Compatibility checker proverava probleme sa prethodnim verzijama • Oporavak dokumenata • Mogudnost konfiguracije kroz GPO • Information right management
    12. 12. Retention Policy • Korisnik određuje – Koja stavka de biti sačuvana – Mogudnost pravljenja izuzetaka • Integracija pretrage • Radi i u Online i Cached Profile režimu
    13. 13. Office Web Apps Office Web Apps sadrže: Word Web App Excel Web App PowerPoint Web App Office Web Apps se licenciraju sa uz Office OneNote Web App Standard 2010 i Professional Plus 2010 Pregled Uređivanje
    14. 14. Office Mobile Office Mobile 2010 View & Edit Office files Podrška: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & OneNote • Windows Mobile 6.5 SharePoint Workspace Mobile • Nokia E-Series* Enables content sync with SharePoint Libraries Podrška: Office Communicator Mobile 2007 R2 • Windows Mobile 6.x View presence & send /receive IMs • Motorola Razr V3xx • Select Nokia Phones Upravlja se sa System Center Configuration Manager *Buduća podrška
    16. 16. Sharepoint edicije • Sharepoint Server – Standard – Enterprise • Sharepoint Foundations – Search Server 2010 Express
    17. 17. Sharepoint klijenti • Sharepoint Designer • Sharepoint InfoPath • Sharepoint Workspace • Office WebApps • Sharepoint Mobile 2010 • Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio, Project)
    18. 18. Sharepoint Designer 2010 • Besplatan • Samo za Sharepoint 2010 • External Content Types • Unapređeni Workflow-s • Apsolutna Sharepoint administracija
    19. 19. InfoPath 2010 • Radi samo sa Sharepoint 2010 • Gotovo ugrađen u SharePoint • Napredne forme bez programiranja
    20. 20. Sharepoint Workspace 2010 • Offline rad sa Sharepointom • Microsoft Office Upload Center • Unapređena sinhronizacija
    21. 21. Sharepoint Workspace – ex Groove
    22. 22. Office WebApps • Trenutno samo uz SharePoint Foundations RC, ali naravno u RTM de biti i uz Server :) • Gotovo isti engine kao i na Skydrive • Word Viewer • Excel Viewer • Power Point Viewer • OneNote Viewer
    23. 23. Sharepoint Mobile 2010 • Workspace za mobilne telefone • Windows Mobile 6.5 (za sada)
    24. 24. • Word - Backstage • Excel – Pivot Slicers • Outlook - Interface • Windows Mobile – Office Mobile 2010 DEMONSTRACIJA