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Hct General Overview

  1. 1. WHO WE ARE HealthCare Transformation (HCT Consulting) is a management consulting company that brings a deep understanding and proven approaches in helping hospitals enhance their quality and financial performance. In these challenging times, where the goal for every healthcare organization is to deliver flawless care in a cost-effective way, you need a consulting partner with the experience and methods to help you quickly find and implement solutions. Our staff of consulting specialists (including PhDs, MDs, RNs, and hospital CEOs, COOs, CNOs, CFOs and department directors) is composed of senior healthcare executives with an average of more than 20 years of professional experience in clinical care and hospital operations management. Each one is an expert in his or her respective field, bringing an immense knowledge of current best practices in both medical care and hospital operations. Our collective resources are significant, and we remain current with all the latest trends, advances, and regulatory requirements.
  2. 2. WHAT WE DO HCT collaborates with key players on your staff in transforming your hospital’s operational efficiency, clinical quality, and service practices using our unique Hospital Transformation Intervention™ solution. We use a powerful tool called Hospital Transformation Intervention™ that allows us to assess virtually all aspects of patient care and several key areas of hospital operations, in an intensive and highly interactive partnership with your staff. e process encompasses an extensive four-phase program of assessment, redesign, implementation, and performance management, supported by an ongoing program of communications and training. Here’s why our approach works: • Changing the culture: HCT’s unique Hospital Transformation Intervention™ is successful because it focuses on changing the entire culture within your hospital. Recognizing the interdependence of different functions within hospitals, our goal is to instill a continuous improvement mindset throughout the organization. • Involving all key players: We employ a “total immersion” approach that involves all key players in a program of orientation, problem definition and design, rapid solution implementation, and performance management. • Providing the tools for sustainability: The process equips the hospital’s leadership and staff with tools and tactics to effectively promote a new corporate culture within the hospital. HCT educates the leadership and staff to then carry on the problem-analysis and change-implementation functions on their own, without the need for significant outside help or resources.
  3. 3. 1) ASSESSM 2) PROCESS 3) IMPLEME The transformational process proceeds through four distinct, synergistic phases, including assessment, process redesign, implementation, and performance management. 4) PERFORM USING A PROVEN PROCESS • Assessment: Using a proprietary assessment tool that covers 150+ metrics for productivity, efficiency, quality, and service, we create a performance baseline based on national and state best practices and standards. We conduct interviews of key leaders, staff, and physicians and observe the dynamics within, and among, departments. • Redesign: With the results of the assessment in hand, HCT helps create working teams in the major focus areas. ese teams – working with their peer coaches from HCT – identify areas of performance they want to improve. e working team creates an imple- mentation plan that includes planning sessions with staff from other disciplines, coordina- tion with physicians, and significant training. • Implementation: Using Lean™ principles, flow charts, and other tools, the teams begin a rapid-cycle implementation of initiatives identified during the redesign phase. Nearly all the initiatives contain a continuous process improvement component that will enable the organization to adapt effectively to regulatory and market changes. • Performance management: is phase concentrates on maintaining and building on the positive changes occurring. HCT provides tools to all teams that help them monitor performance on a daily or weekly basis and to problem solve. During this time, the teams and their coaches map out plans for the next 6 to 12 months and set up a process for continued communication, training, and support.
  4. 4. MENT S REDESIGN ENTATION MANCE MANAGEMEN AREAS WE HELP IMPROVE We’ve applied the Hospital Transformation Intervention™ model to improve performance in these vital areas: Operational Efficiency Clinical Quality • Length of stay • Core measures performance • Utilization management • Rate of hospital-acquired infections • Patient flow (in ED, OR, and nursing units) • Case management and utilization • Room turnover rates management practices • Staffing productivity and labor management • JCAHO compliance and preparation • Procedures scheduling • Patient access Service Excellence • Denial rates • Patient satisfaction • Billing and collections • Physician satisfaction • Bad debt • Employee satisfaction
  5. 5. OUR RESULTS We’ve used our Hospital Transformation Intervention™ model at hospitals across the United States to significantly improve service, quality, and operational or financial performance at each institution. We have helped more than 100 hospital clients achieve both “hard” and “soft” savings based on implementation of solutions identified through the consulting process. Because we know you need to quantify the value of every expenditure, we create, as part of the consulting process, ways for your hospital to measure your return on investment with us. Based on these measurements, we can proudly say, HCT clients average a hard ROI ratio of more than 6:1.
  6. 6. SOME WORDS FROM OUR CLIENTS About our consulting engagement process and results: “HCT brought us first-class consultants who worked with us to make quick and lasting changes.” “We have had many different consulting groups work with us over the years, and HCT was the first to achieve real results.” “We had major operational challenges that we thought could only be fixed with a large downsizing. But HCT helped us restructure and reorganize – and after 6 months we did not have to reduce staff, and our margins have improved dramatically.” About training we provided to staff: Problem Solving "Learned how to address prioritizing through problem solving" "Class helped to develop teamwork among my co-workers" Meeting Facilitation "Learned the importance of proper planning of an agenda" "Learned the skills necessary to keep meetings on track" Lean Operations "Learned ways to communicate to get things done" "Great exposure to Lean principles and how they apply to healthcare"
  7. 7. HealthCare Transformation, LLC 70 West Madison Street Three First National Plaza Suite 1400 Chicago, IL 60602 T- 312 214-7216 F- 312 214-3110 www.hctconsulting.net