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Mar 14  Social Media For Non Profits

Mar 14 Social Media For Non Profits






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  • 2 websites
  • Who uses FB, Twitter, YouTube, other?
  • Your page is the full expression of your message. You need to draw people to it through a pared down but still effective message.
  • Look at ours to see if we promote int’l NGOs. Alison: They set one up too?
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  • Put in full url as link
  • How GG allows you to do this—fundraisers, profiles, share on FB/Twitter, comments on proj. updates, pics on page, subscribe to updates
  • Easy to share on soc. Media sites
  • $310k in ‘09
  • update
  • Well known social media consultant, author, and speaker

Mar 14  Social Media For Non Profits Mar 14 Social Media For Non Profits Presentation Transcript

  • How do not-for-profit organizations use social media to achieve their goals? Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hoi Quan Doi Rat Dep March 14 th , 2010 Bill Brower Field Program Officer bbrower@globalgiving.org Skype: wsbrower Twitter: GloBillGiving Vietnam mobile: 01292764403 All slides will be available at: www.slideshare.net/bbrower
  • What is GlobalGiving?
  • For individuals: An online marketplace that allows people to give and communicate directly with quality, innovative projects all over the world, and hear about the impact their donation has made.
  • For corporations: A source of quality, vetted charitable projects to which they and their employees can give
  • For project partners (you!): A tool to manage and grow your online network of support and increase awareness of your activities
  • YOUR ORGANIZATION Credit/debit cards, checks, PayPal, bank wire transfers, stock transfers, private equity shares (tax-deductible) $ & donor info ( monthly ) Project Updates (quarterly) E-mail Donors
  • GlobalGiving Today 25+ employees · 1500+ projects · 1000+ nonprofits · 85 countries 52,000+ donors · US$25 MM in donations headquarters countries with projects
  • Corporate partners
  • Sponsor organizations
    • GlobalGiving provides:
    • Web presence
    • Credibility
    • Online tools for connecting to donors
    • Trainings (online and in-person)
    • Project Leader newsletter
    • Campaigns
    • Automated recurring donations
    • Connections to corporate giving
    • Source for other foundations looking for good projects
    • Media exposure
    • Fiscal sponsorship (for-profits)
    • Tax deductibility (U.S., U.K.) for orgs based anywhere
  • A certification of projects on GlobalGiving which address climate change , either directly or indirectly, in a sustainable manner
  • What is “Social Media”?
  • Why is Social Media Important to Your Organization?
    • 76% of givers are motivated by friends and family
  • How do messages spread? Word of mouth Email Newspaper Website Radio Phone texting Television Twitter ‘blog’
  • A good message will spread. Source: David Wilcox, The Social Reporter
  • The Internet is about interacting… & dialogue!
  • Corporate = control = democracy + + Source: “What’s next in media: by Neil Perkin
  • Engage People BUILD RELATIONSHIPS Source: “The Social Pulpit: Barack Obama’s Social Media toolkit” by Edelman
  • What is “Social Media”?
    • All these tools are designed to create community and to allow you to communicate directly with your donors.
    • Why is this important?
  • A ‘blog’ is one of 200,000,000 conversations happening this minute!
  • Posting and watching video. < 3 minutes!
  • Facebook Tips
    • Greatest value: building a brand & online community
    • Vanity URL at www.facebook.com /username
    • Change settings to allow more participation
    • Use your logo as your Page picture
    • Put &quot;http://&quot; before all Web sites in &quot;Updates“
    • Ask questions to spark conversation on your Page
    • Add a (GG) Give Now button with the Static FBML App
    • Add Twitter, YouTube tabs ( Involver's App Gallery )
    • Add Share Buttons to your website and blog
    • Ask supporters to become a fan in your newsletter
    From: “Facebook Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations” (diosacommunications.com)
  • Facebook Causes
    • Tools so that any Facebook user can leverage their network to effect positive change
    • “Equal opportunity activism&quot; --empowering individuals
    • Any Facebook user can create a cause
    • Raise money directly through the cause for any U.S. registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit or Canadian registered charity.
    • Donation activity reported via a public &quot;scorecard“
      • Rewards people who grow their causes
  • Spotlight on: Twitter
    • twitter.com
    • Micro-blogging platform
    • You send updates or “tweets” up to 140 characters
    • Your tweets are received by your followers – people who opt-in to receive your updates
    • You receive Tweets from people you are following
    • Unlike Facebook, following is not always reciprocal
    • Twitter is now the 2 nd most popular social network
    • You can Tweet from your phone
  • Twitter and GlobalGiving
  • Twitter is growing Growing internationally
  • GlobalGiving Twitter Goals
    • Develop community/network
    • Empower people to be ambassadors
    • Engage in conversation
    • Create content
    • Provide news
    • Promote GlobalGiving opportunities (donation, campaigns, Opens, partners, etc.)
  • How to use Twitter
    • Create searches
      • Monitor the topics or people you’re interested in
      • Helps you join/find conversations
      • Helps you find the people in your space
      • Helps you gain legitimacy
  • How to use Twitter
    • Hashtag (#)
      • Dramatically increases your reach
      • Expands beyond your network
      • Includes you in the conversation
      • Search ahead if you’re unsure
      • Examples :
        • Keywords: #charity #nonprofit #philanthropy
        • Locations: #kenya #dc #africa #india
        • Events: #ramadan #taiwanfloods #hyatt4good
        • Topics: #climate #olympics #coldplay
  • TweetDeck
  • GlobalGiving TweetCloud
  • Creating your Twitter community
    • Start Following
      • Your friends (people find by name)
      • People with common interests (people find by topic)
    • Be followed
      • People will follow you if you do these things:
        • Be authentic
        • Tweet what you know
        • Fill out a profile
        • Don’t market or be “spammy”
  • Twitter Speak
    • How to communicate on twitter
    • Keep it to 140 characters (or 120 to be “Retweet-friendly”)
    • For long url’s make them shorter using bit.ly
      • A url like this: http://www.who.int/topics/womens_health/en/
      • Now looks like this: http://bit.ly/4msJC
    • Twitter speak and common symbols
    • @ means you’re talking to or about someone
    • # means you’re labeling something
    • RT means you’re Re-Tweeting something
    • via means you’re repeating a message that you read first from someone else
    • Direct message (DM) is a private message between 2 users
  • Twitter Tips
    • Greatest value: building online community & being “in the conversation”
    • RT & thank people by @name
    • Try to keep follow:following ratio to about 1:1
    • 1-5 well spaced Tweets per day
    • Track links on bit.ly
    • Poll followers ( Twtpoll.com ) to increase participation
    • Tweet interesting stats, inspiring quotes
    • Repeat popular Tweets
    From: “Twitter Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations” (diosacommunications.com)
    • Use to promote special opportunities
    Social Media
    • Twitter Strategy
    • Initially: added many food and bike tweeters to get visible & put out interesting, relevant content
    • Then started using @someone to get on more radar
    • Start discussions with prominent bloggers
  • Invited all personal Facebook friends to this group
    • “ The longer we've been on Twitter and FB, the more interaction we've been having – it really is about relationship building. You'll be accepted into the community after you offer consistent, relevant content. Once you've done that you can start to self-promote.”
    • Tips:
    • Link everywhere to webpage/Pepsi/Twitter/Facebook
    • People don't read : Use formatting to highlight the things you really want people to see and read
    • Marketing : “Hit the consumer from many different angles”
    • People like images and buttons: Images get clicked—an easier visual cue than lines of text
    Lessons from Bikeloc
    • Stats after first 10 days:
    • 450 e-mail subscribers
    • 400 Facebook followers
    • 100 Twitter followers
    • #10 on Pepsi RefreshProject
    • Use for program goals
    Social Media
    • Indian NGO publisher promoting
    • child literacy
    • Read about a group of kids in
    • Kolkata that went with a van full
    • of books to areas where the kids had no access to
    • books
    • Wanted to give the kids some Pratham books
    • No answer from the news agency so turned to social media
    • Tweet & Retweets
    • Within 24 hours they had names and contact info
    • Sending books
    Pratham Books Via Beth Kanter
    • Play off popular topics
    Social Media
  • iPad vs. iTampon
  • Pass-along
  • Pass-along  Donations
  • Impact
    • 40 donations, $1,676 raised
      • 62% Twitter
      • 38% Facebook
    • “ ReTweet Reach”: 349,000 on 1/28
    • “ Mentions Reach”: 357,000 on 1/28
    • Around this time, Twitter was our #1 referrer
      • 35% of all referral traffic to the site
      • 13% of all traffic to the site
    • Leads to offline opportunities
    Social Media
  • Twitter Meetup = Tweetup
    • Promote offline
    Social Media
  • Gift Card Give Away
    • GlobalGiving staff presenting at a conference:
    • “ Tweet #gggiftcard and we’ll send you a Gift Card”
     Dozens of new followers and donors
    • Raise funds
    Social Media
  • The “Critical Exposure” Approach Champion Champion Champion Champion Champion Champion Champion Critical Exposure
  • The “Critical Exposure” Approach “ The GlobalGiving Challenge has been a great way for Critical Exposure to engage and expand our circle of supporters while raising vital funds…” $15,600 from 614 donors $4,000 in prize money from GG
    • It’s OK to be a person
    Social Media
  • GlobalGiving Tweet: “Intense debate going around the office about what spice/flavoring/condiment should be in the 4th holder. Salt, pepper, garlic powder and...?” Response from Stephanie Strom (New York Times): “@GlobalGiving: Cinnamon. Very healthy.”
    • Beneficiary Feedback
    Social Media
  • >60% of the world has access to mobile phones
    • The ‘Holy Grail’: Going Viral
    Social Media
  • Viral marketing has a simple message, tells you why to share it, and how to “pass-on”
    • General Tips
    Social Media
  • Donors’ eyes go here
  • Above-the-fold view
  • The whole idea is to be in the conversation : To raise your profile. To interact with people in your sector/region. Before you’re forced into it. So your communication isn’t only asking for $. 80/20
  • Everyone has different strengths
    • Tell your supporters all the ways they can help
    • Donate
    • Spread the word
    • Host a fundraiser
    • Offer matching funds
    • Feature your project on their blog or social network
    • Provide creative ideas to get donors energized
  • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS Source: “The Social Pulpit: Barack Obama’s Social Media toolkit” by Edelman Engage people… on GlobalGiving
  • GlobalGiving tools for donors to promote projects they love
  • Gift Cards
  • Registries
  • Registries allow people to endorse/advertise combinations of projects
  • Fundraisers Allows any person to take control of fundraising for your project. Tools to integrate into Facebook and other social media.
  • Widget
  • Resources
    • Beth's Blog: How Nonprofit Organizations Can Use Social Media to Power Social Networks for Change
    • *Beth Kanter: The queen of social media for non-profits
    • http://www.socializeyourcause.org/
    • *”It’s your cause. Make it social.”
    • *blog, resources, useful Tweets
    • http://www.diosacommunications.com/
    • *webinars and blog
    • http://www.futurefundraisingnow.com/
    • *Focus on donors to raise funds effectively
    • http://www.globalgiving.org/toolkit-fundraising/
    • http://www.globalgiving.org/toolkit-socialmedia/
    • Thank you!
    • Go to
    • www.globalgiving.org/open
    • to sign up!
    • Bill Brower
    • Field Program Officer
    • bbrower@globalgiving.org
    • Skype: wsbrower
    • Twitter: GloBillGiving
    • Vietnam mobile: 01292764403
    • Chris Brogan’s  Tips for Easily Getting Started in Social Media:
    • Find where your target  market is interacting and build an account (Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress = free)
    • Build out profile – decide what you are/are not interested in sharing
    • Upload a picture/video = humanize your profile
    • LISTEN/OBSERVE:  for example, go to “ search.twitter.com ” and see what people are talking about & are interested in.  This also gives you the opportunity to see how others who are interested in the same things utilize a particular social media/networking tool.  You can start out by modeling their behavior until you get the hang of it.
    • Follow them & build your social network—it becomes organic
    • Don’t be afraid to experiment
    From: http://www.socializeyourcause.org/started-social-media/blog/