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With corporate offices around the world and anetwork of over 140 Distributors operating in morethan 120 countries, we prov...
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Belzona Corporate Brochure


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Overview of the global company Belzona based in Harrogate (UK)

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Belzona Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Polymeric Repair Composites & Industrial Protective Coatings Repair, protect and improve structures or industrial equipment with our proven solutions.
  2. 2. The Problem The SolutionEquipment and structures suffer from exposure to harsh To combat the issues of abrasion, erosion, corrosion, andenvironments throughout most industries, resulting in chemical attack, Belzona solutions can:abrasion, erosion, corrosion, and chemical attack. • Repair mechanically damaged components • Prevent corrosion and water penetrationWhile all of these pose a threat, we understand that the • Protect against abrasion, erosion and chemical attackreal issues are downtime, efficiency decline, profit loss, and • Restore environmentally damaged buildings and structuressafety hazards created. Belzona polymeric repair composites and protective coatingsEngineers, plant managers and maintenance are still in service many years after installation. Due to thispersonnel alike will benefit from Belzona’s proven longevity, many product applications have receivedcost-effective solutions. Our approach in international approval and recognition from contractors andrefurbishment and protection avoids the specifiers worldwide.need for replacement; reducing repairand maintenance costs and, above all, Application areas include:downtime. • Engines and Casings • Tanks and Chemical Containment • Fans, Blowers and Compressors • Gaskets, Seals and Shims • Heat Exchangers • Mechanical Power Transmission • Ships and Offshore Structures • Roofs, Walls and Floors • Solids Handling Machinery • Valves, Pipes and Fittings • Pumps and Rotating Equipment • Vessels and Process Equipment before afterOur History Our ProductsSince 1952, Belzona has pioneered innovative polymer technology that has With over 50 products specially engineered to work within the parameters of yourrevolutionised the ways in which repair and maintenance procedures are carried out. demanding environment, we offer solutions in a variety of industries.Today, Belzona is a world leader in polymer repair composites and industrial protective 1000 Series Metallic Polymers Repair, protection and improvement of engineered components.coatings, and is continuously developing solutions to meet the ever-increasing marketdemand. 2000 Series Elastomeric Polymers Flexible repair and coatings applications. Heat activated corrosion under Cold curing metallic polymers First membrane product Magma polymers for concrete repair insulation products 3000 Series Polymeric Membranes Weather- and water-proofing of buildings, structures and insulation. Elastomeric Erosion/corrosion Zinc-rich product resistant coatings Corrosion under anticorrosive development for high temp insulation product 4000 Series Magma Polymers coatings immersion development Repair and protection of concrete and stonework. 5000 Series Environmental Barrier Polymers1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Improved safety and protection against corrosion and weathering.
  3. 3. We offer solutions for all industries: Mining Whether performing surface or sub-surface mining, the process of extracting valuable minerals or other geological materials results in corrosion, impact, chemical attack and abrasion to plant components. Belzona provides a cost-effective solution for such maintenance problems, therefore minimising downtime, labour and equipment replacement costs. Facilities Maintenance Applications Include: Abrasion protection ∙ conveyor system repair ∙ equipment lubrication enhancement Many companies own facilities that come with the inherent responsibility of and low friction coating maintenance. Belzona offers many benefits not available with conventional repairs, such as reduced downtime, brought about by minimal disruption to services, combined often with a long-term solution. Applications Include: Oil & Gas Concrete protection and repair ∙ wall corrosion protection ∙ safety surfacing systems The oil and gas industry has demanding production techniques often involving high ∙ repair and long-term protection of roofs operating temperatures and pressures. Aggressive chemicals and erosion-corrosion take their toll on process assets, resulting in increased operating costs. To combat these issues and reduce downtime Belzona delivers versatile high temperature, H2S and SRB resistant lining systems that have a proven track record in service. Food & Drink Applications Include: Maintaining a hygienic working environment is one of the greatest challenges in the Upstream and downstream internal vessel lining systems ∙ flange face forming ∙ small food and beverage industry. Additionally, corrosion of process equipment, abrasion bore nozzle protection ∙ compliant pipe repair ∙ composite repair solutions caused by dry handling products and chemical attack from spillage pose a serious threat. The Belzona solution, with NSF and WRAS approved products, is designed to not only resolve these issues, but also avoid future occurrences. Applications Include: Petrochemical Safety grip systems ∙ containment area protection ∙ expansion joints ∙ tank base repair Petrochemical companies must keep plants running effectively and efficiently to and wall protection ∙ fluid handling equipment corrosion protection systems prevent failures that cause plant outages. We understand how essential reliability yields profitable production levels. Belzona high temperature specialised coatings and repair systems have given engineers viable alternatives to traditional methods, which can be expensive and time consuming. Mobile Plant & Equipment Applications Include: General equipment failure due to damage can cause major inconveniences, including Internal vessel lining systems ∙ corrosion under insulation ∙ flange face forming ∙ chemical downtime and increased labour costs. Belzona resolves these issues by rebuilding, containment area protection ∙ composite repair solutions protecting, and repairing general equipment. Our polymeric repairs are cost-effective and offer longevity, dependability and flexibility not found with conventional repairs. Applications Include: Power Generation Shaft and ram repair ∙ bearing housing repairs ∙ erosion and corrosion protection Whether your plant is nuclear, fossil, hydro-electrical, geothermal, or renewable, the ∙ rubber component repair equipment and structures at your facility commonly experience maintenance challenges, resulting in increased labour and material costs. Belzona provides a cost-effective solution, ideal for providing long-term corrosion and erosion protection to existing plant and equipment. HVAC Applications Include: Building maintenance specialists are responsible for maintaining complex and Cooling water system repair and protection ∙ pump repair, protection and efficiency expensive HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) equipment operating enhancement ∙ cooling tower repairs ∙ insulation protection under extremely demanding conditions. Belzona can repair and protect a wide variety of equipment within HVAC systems, which reduce maintenance costs as well as cut downtime. Applications Include: Pulp & Paper Bimetallic corrosion protection ∙ shaft repairs ∙ blower housing repairs ∙ blade repair In the pulp and paper industry, problems such as erosion, corrosion, and abrasion and coating ∙ fan housing repairs ∙ cooling tower leak and corrosion protection result in unscheduled shutdowns and stock contamination, which have a direct effect on the bottom line. Recognised in providing solutions to these problems, Belzona is a key part in keeping plants running efficiently. Marine Applications Include: Repair and maintenance activities aboard ships present a unique set of circumstances Pump rebuilding and protection ∙ erosion-corrosion protection lining ∙ concrete repair and coating ∙ chemical containment area protection for maintenance crews and operators. Belzona can repair and protect a wide variety of areas within Marine systems, which promote reduction in maintenance costs, downtime and repair frequency. Applications Include: Water & Wastewater Cavitation and corrosion protection systems ∙ fluid handling equipment efficiency In processing raw sewage to high quality potable water, water treatment plants are enhancement ∙ lubrication enhancement ∙ seals and rubber component repairs exposed to erosion, corrosion, chemical attack and abrasion problems which result in increased operational costs. Belzona provides a cost-efficient solution to such maintenance problems with products approved by authorities such as NSF and WRAS. Applications Include: Pump repairs and lining protection ∙ concrete repairs ∙ expansion joints ∙ fluid handling equipment efficiency enhancement ∙ chemical containment area protection
  4. 4. With corporate offices around the world and anetwork of over 140 Distributors operating in morethan 120 countries, we provide local service backedby our global support. Belzona Polymerics Ltd. We provide long-term Harrogate, UK t: +44 1423 567641 Belzona Canada Inc. f: +44 1423 505967 Ontario, Canada belzona@belzona.co.uk t: +1 (905) 737-1515 solutions to your industrial f: +1 (905) 737-1597 belzonacanada@belzona.com Belzona Inc. Miami, FL USA Belzona Hong Kong t: +1 (305) 594-4994 Hong Kong, China maintenance needs. f: +1 (305) 599-1140 t: +852 3101 7461 belzona@belzona.com f: +852 3101 7530 belzona@belzona.hk Belzona Asia Pacific Let us prove it to you. Chonburi, Thailand t: +66 38 491031 f: +66 38 491102 belzona@belzona.cn For more information, please contact your local Belzona representative.Our factory-trained Technical Consultants areavailable to assist you every step of the way:diagnose the problem, recommend the solution andprovide on-site application supervision with 24-hourtechnical support. Copyright© 2010 by Belzona International, Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical including photocopying, recording, taping, or information storage and retrieval systems - without written permission of Belzona International, Ltd. Belzona® is a registered trademark.
  5. 5. ISO 9001:2008 Q 09335 ISO 14001:2004 EMS 509612 www.belzona.comEurope & Africa The Americas Canada Asia & Oceania ChinaBelzona Polymerics Ltd. Belzona Inc. Belzona Canada Inc. Belzona Asia Pacific Belzona Hong KongHarrogate, UK Miami, FL USA Ontario, Canada Chonburi, Thailand Hong Kong, Chinat: +44 1423 567641 t: +1 (305) 594-4994 t: +1 (905) 737-1515 t: +66 38 491031 t: +852 3753 7505f: +44 1423 505967 f: +1 (305) 599-1140 f: +1 (905) 737-1597 f: +66 38 491102 f: +852 3753 7510e: belzona@belzona.co.uk e: belzona@belzona.com e: belzonacanada@belzona.com e: belzona@belzona.cn e: belzona@belzona.hk ZCORPBROCH(E) 03/10