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  1. 1. DemandAd-Network Generation Customer Aquisition Behavioral Localized Targeting Multichannel Reach ReachA Media Group?The path to become one.Date 4 August 2009
  2. 2. First Stone✤ To become a Media Group✤ You have to own media✤ You have to have channels that reach customers directly✤ You have to be able to reach a mass✤ You have to be able to measure success and prove it✤ You have to be able to market it
  3. 3. TS , EN T I S T L R G r C E N T o e OM YI C F r T a S U DU B OFirst Stone -se CU re PR e T h O a E/ OUAsset t N y IC Y e V M h R O T E RThey are however;Currently; S FExisting6 mil ADSL users ALong term - loyal even?10 mil Mobile usersReachable18 mil Landline usersDefinableSome websites
  4. 4. First Stone - People
  5. 5. Last Stone - The Goal✤ To turn the current clients into reachable, scalable customers✤ To own, operate and market channels to reach these customers✤ To provide a line of distinguishing advertising models✤ To create value and a profitable business model✤ To get Turkey more connected with ADSL✤ To become a major media house✤ To have access to customer insight✤ To keep and increase the loyalty of existing clients
  6. 6. The Path✤ We have to start with what we have now ✤ The websites owned by TT are negligible in advertising terms ✤ IPTV is just at the very beginning - but very promising ✤ The landline connections have no advertising value - no proven method ✤ The mobile connections are already being marketed - with some success ✤ Are we sure that we want to market the outside space of the buildings?
  7. 7. The Path - All is not so bad✤ We have data - we can collect more data
  8. 8. The Path - Getting Somewhere✤ Localised Ad-Network - to reach people at specified locations✤ IPTV - Customised communication✤ Mobile - Extension of Localised Ad-Network✤ Content Creation and Ownership ✤ For Web ✤ For IPTV ✤ For Mobile✤ CONVERGENCE
  9. 9. After Convergence✤ Behavioral Measurements✤ Behavioral Targeting✤ Crosslinking✤ Multichannel communication and marketing✤ Demand Generation✤ Commerce and Loyalty Programs
  10. 10. Localised Ad-Network 15 kilometers - as the crow flies✤ We know only ONE thing - IP Number About 5 million people
  11. 11. Localised Ad Network✤ SOLVE THIS - and we have a product to sell
  12. 12. The rest of this presentation ASSUMESthat this problem is solved.
  13. 13. Localised Ad-Network TT Local Choose Advertiser Web Owner Create Account Create Account A Marketplace for Localised Targeted Advertising on the web Login Login
  14. 14. Not a Rocket Science really✤ Geo-Targeting has been available since late 90’s✤ It utilises the root IP given to each country✤ The whole business model of Google is based on that✤ All industry standart adserving technologies provide this tool✤ Google and MSN would die (or kill?) to have access to local IP’s✤ The catch is, to keep and use that data for TT - even for a few years
  15. 15. So as an Advertiser I’ll be able to✤ Reach an audience with nearly exact geographical coordinates✤ Use a language for that geographical coordinate✤ Provide goods or a service for that coordinate✤ Have a much more targeted (hence relevant) audience✤ Have a complete new way of communicating with that audience✤ Control and distribute my budget with greatest efficiency✤ Limit my budget to reach my potentials only
  16. 16. The Missing Part✤ Where do we display these ads?✤ On TT Sites alone? Very very limiting!✤ An open platform for all websites to create incremental income✤ Revenue sharing model✤ Just insert the script - a’la google or medyanet’s adnet or Link’z✤ Then we will have the required mass to reach audiences✤ And we will do it with precision
  17. 17. Getting Somewhere?Let’s Discuss!
  18. 18. Our Second Cornerstone - IPTV✤ In essence, only a means of distribution✤ It’s main competitor is Digiturk, followed by Cable TV and other satellite platforms✤ It has not become a major player in Europe yet - satellite still very strong✤ Has a lot of advantages and technical superiority✤ Doesn’t have a sales catch for the end user - yet
  19. 19. IPTV✤ Content is the king - get football✤ Own content - become a TV network✤ Have the widest available distribution✤ Then become a media
  20. 20. IPTV✤ Makes TV Advertising very close to online advertising - in technical terms✤ Will provide; ✤ Interactivity ✤ Targeting ✤ Across channels advertising ✤ Avoidance of advertising totally - record and watch
  21. 21. IPTV✤ Will need the close collaboration of TV Channels - both in technical as well as commercial terms✤ Will create A LOT OF enemies if you go after content
  22. 22. The rest of this presentation ASSUMESthat these problems are addressedand there is an IPTV network of no less than 500.000 households.
  23. 23. Back to the Adnetwork -how it works for an advertiserhow it works for an advertiser TT Local Choose Advertiser Web Owner Create Account Create Account Login Login boytorun ••••••••• Enter Enter
  24. 24. TT Local AdvertiserPlease Choose Area ADSL Homes: 355 Reach: 1200 people IPTV Homes: 120 Reach: 423 people Combined Homes: 105 km Reach: 395 people 4 AVEA Reach: 1255 people Choose Choose
  25. 25. TT Local AdvertiserPlease Choose Time ADSL Homes: 355 Start Date: 12/07/2010 Reach: 1200 people 12/08/2010 IPTV Homes: 120 End Date: Reach: 423 people 30 days Duration: Combined Homes: 105 Reach: 395 people Yes Weekends: AVEA Reach: 1255 people 09:00 - 19:00 Desired Display Times: Choose Choose
  26. 26. TT Local AdvertiserPlease Choose Budget ADSL Homes: 355 Start Date: 12/07/2010 CPM 0,50 500 k 250 Reach: 1200 people 12/08/2010 0,70 1250 875 IPTV Homes: 120 End Date: CPC Reach: 423 people 30 days 5,50 150 825 Duration: PPS Combined Homes: 105 Reach: 395 people Yes 0,50 1256 628 Weekends: SMS AVEA Reach: 1255 people 09:00 - 19:00 2,578 Desired Display Times: TOTAL Accept Accept
  27. 27. TT Local AdvertiserPlease Upload Creative Text Here comes the text that the advertiser wishes to have displayed as text advertising. It can be typed directly, and it will be screened as well as edited as required by the network. Banner Please Upload File Choose File Choose File Film Please Upload File Choose File Choose File Accept Accept
  28. 28. TT Local AdvertiserSummary Advertiser Boytorun Campaign Test 1 Dates 01/07/2010 - 31/07/2010 All available Budget 2.578 campaign details. Creatives Uploaded Fly Fly
  29. 29. On Web boytorun’s text ad boytorun’s ad
  30. 30. On Web✤ Revenue sharing model✤ The more and more popular sites you own/operate, the more the income✤ Open script architecture; anyone with a website can display our ads and get the share of the revenue✤ For advertisers with no landing page, a section in a yellow pages has to be set
  31. 31. On IPTV boytorun’s ad boytorun’s ad boytorun’s ad QuickTime™ and a mpeg4 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  32. 32. On IPTV✤ On framed ads, full income✤ On owned channels, full income✤ On others channels, revenue sharing model
  33. 33. On Mobile boytorun’s ad
  35. 35. From our data we can evaluate✤ Did the person see the ad✤ Where did the person see it✤ How many times✤ Did the person react? (i.e. clicked, called or and other action)
  36. 36. BEHAVIOUR
  37. 37. Behaviour✤ Measure✤ Adapt✤ React✤ Record
  38. 38. Resulting in Sessions Web Mobile IPTV Customised Comms
  40. 40. Case Study I - Pizza Hut✤ Needs to sell more Pizza✤ We can offer targeting to; ✤ People who call “a” take away service at least once a week ✤ People who are within 5 km of distance to any Pizza Hut store in Turkey ✤ People who have an IPTV and are watching Football ✤ People who have either a landline or an AVEA connection
  41. 41. Case Study I - Pizza Hut✤ We can run the campaign to; ✤ Create a special offer for the upcoming match (same day) ✤ Display that info on IPTV ✤ Display it on the web ✤ Send an SMS to persons with AVEA line with this offer ✤ And maybe even place an automated call to his landline just 15 minutes before game begins informing him of the offer ✤ And repeat this circle every weekend just before the match begins
  42. 42. Case Study II - P & G✤ Wants to sell more diapers✤ We can offer targeting to; ✤ Display advertising only on areas (cities, towns) where their brand is distributed ✤ Display their message only to IPTV’s which are showing at least one hour of Baby TV (or equivalent) every day ✤ Display advertising to people who are AVEA members and offer them a special discount if they call a specific number with their AVEA line
  43. 43. Case Study Evaluation✤ In both cases our offer is immensely superior to any other advertising model✤ In both cases our target is nearly 100 %✤ In both cases the advertisers would be willing to pay 5 times the price to what they are paying to “non-targeting” channels✤ And cost per reach would be about 10 times less compared to “non- targeting” channels✤ This provides a supreme sales catch to the advertiser
  44. 44. Getting Even further?Let’s Discuss!
  45. 45. The Environment✤ As of 2008; ✤ Total ad expenditure: USD 2,5 b In the US 50 % ✤ Share of Online: % 2 - 2,5 ✤ An estimated additional local expenditure: USD 250 m (10 %)✤ Forecast for 2015; ✤ Total ad expenditure: USD 5,0 b ✤ Share of Online: % 12 - 15 Current share in the UK ✤ Local: USD 1,25 b (25 %)
  46. 46. What we aim for by 2015?✤ 30 % of total local expenditure - around USD 300 m✤ 10 % of TV expenditure - around USD 150 m
  47. 47. Thank You