Personal branding with social media by Barbara Bix, BB Marketing Plus


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Personal branding with social media by Barbara Bix

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Personal branding with social media by Barbara Bix, BB Marketing Plus

  1. 1. Personal Branding with Social MediaBarbara BixBarbara@BBMarketingPlus.com
  2. 2. The world we live inkeeps changing• Employers and clients are demanding different capabilities• We need to rebrand ourselves to stay relevant
  3. 3. Social media is a great tool forpersonal branding • Everyone’s using it • Many choices for becoming memorable • It’s shareable • It’s designed for interaction
  4. 4. Goals • Focus on strategy • Show you examples of how you can use social media for branding • Provide specific actions you can take to start today
  5. 5. What is personal branding?• The conscious act of defining an identity that your target audiences will find attractive and distinctive• Reinforcing that identity clearly, frequently, and consistently until your audiences come to think of you as synonymous with that identity
  6. 6. We’re all branding ourselves today
  7. 7. How many of you are using socialmedia today for personal branding?
  8. 8. What’s your brand on social media?
  9. 9. It’s the distinct identity you create
  10. 10. And publish on social media
  11. 11. And reinforce consistently
  12. 12. And frequently
  13. 13. Until others see you assynonymous with that identity
  14. 14. 5 ways branding can helpyou advance your career• Reach those you need to influence• Engage interest• Demonstrate your value• Differentiate yourself• Stay top of mind
  15. 15. The media you’re most likely to use • LinkedIn • Facebook • Blogs • Communities • Reviews • Q and A
  16. 16. LinkedIn:The Business Branding Hub • Online rolodex • Credentials – Experience – Education • References
  17. 17. Facebook: Where your friends are • Casts a wide net, 50% of your contacts aren’t using LinkedIn • Think twice before friending your professional contacts • Be careful what you publishSource isTweet to link from Keppie careers
  18. 18. Blogs• Publications – Full text – Video (e.g. YouTube) – Microblogs (e.g. Twitter)
  19. 19. What are OnlineCommunities they? watercoolers Examples -LinkedIn -Sermo -Wikibon
  20. 20. Online ReviewsWhat are User referencesthey?Examples: • People (e.g. LI) • Company references (such as •Business (e.g. Yelp)
  21. 21. Q and AWhat Question and answerare forumsthey?Types • General (Yahoo) • Professional (LinkedIn) • Special Interest (Quora, Focus)
  22. 22. How should YOU be using social media? • It depends • For many of you, LinkedIn will be sufficient • Some of you will want to add other media • Use the media that works for you
  23. 23. 5 steps to social branding Listen Refine Define Monitor Communicate
  24. 24. Step 1: Listen • You need to listen to be relevant • Helps you discover where the action is • Helps you acquire knowledge that can help you increase your value
  25. 25. Use LinkedIn to leverageyour network • Learn what they value • Spot opportunities to engage • Discover resources for increasing your knowledge
  26. 26. Use other social media to stay current,uncover trends • Use Twitter to keep your finger on the pulse • Subscribe to blogs the way you would trade journals • See what questions people are asking on Q and A sites
  27. 27. Step 2: Define your brand• Synthesize what you heard• Determine what you want others to remember about you• List your brand attributes
  28. 28. Step 3: Communicate
  29. 29. Start your communications withLinkedIn • It’s the first place your network will turn • Everything in it communicates your brand – Photo – Connections – Summary – Recommendations – Groups
  30. 30. Use the LinkedIn status bar to stayin touch • Post regularly • Non-intrusive • Keeps you top of mind • Reinforces your brand
  31. 31. Use other social media to reach thoseoutside your network
  32. 32. Spread the word • Create content that others will want to share • Different media reach different people • Tag your posts with your keywords • Use LinkedIn and Twitter to tell others
  33. 33. Give before you get • Social media is all about interaction • Show others how much you care
  34. 34. Step 4: Monitor conversations • Continue listening on an ongoing basis • Look for opportunities to: – Connect with new people – Strengthen existing relationships • Use tools to automate the process
  35. 35. Monitoring tools • Google Alerts • Social aggregators • Social dashboards
  36. 36. Social Dashboard
  37. 37. Step 5: Update• Hone your brand• Update your profile
  38. 38. Get started today • Start with LinkedIn • Supplement with other social media
  39. 39. Set up a profile if you don’t haveone already
  40. 40. 1. Listen:• View your network’s activity to spot opportunities• Search to identify people who can help you influence your career
  41. 41. 2. Define: Confirm your brand identity with your target audiences• Who do they think you serve?• What value do they think you’ll deliver?• How would they describe you?• Do they believe your brand promise?
  42. 42. 3. Communicate: Post regularly • Mark your calendar to update biweekly • Post today – Congratulate someone on an achievement – Tell your network about an upcoming event
  43. 43. 3. Communicate: Use actions as wellas words • Connect with others that will enhance your brand • Join relevant LinkedIn Groups • Optimize your profile so people will find you when they search
  44. 44. 4. Monitor: Set up your listening stations • Settings – Email preferences – Account settings • Check types of updates you’d like to receive • Customize activity that appears on the home page
  45. 45. 4. Monitor: Spot opportunities tocontribute• Allocate time daily to monitor others’ activity• Set up Google Alerts to spot breaking news• Take your game to the next level – Install a social dashboard – Set up a Twitter profile
  46. 46. 5. Update: Use what you learn torefine your brand • Follow thought leaders or invite them to join your network • Join a group that you heard about through a connection • Improve your profile using ideas you saw elsewhere
  47. 47. Summary• We all need to continually demonstrate our value• Branding makes us memorable• Social media can help us do it efficiently and effectively• We’re all pioneers• Get started today• Help is available
  48. 48. Questions?
  49. 49. Thank you!• Barbara Bix, BB Marketing Plus• Business advisor• On social media at: – – – @bbmarketingplus –