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Alpine Power Systems



General presenstation outline

General presenstation outline



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    Alpine Power Systems Alpine Power Systems Presentation Transcript

    • Proprietary & Confidential
    • Proprietary & Confidential Alpine Locations
    • Alpine Stability and Financial Health Proprietary & Confidential
      • Established in 1963
      • Common Ownership For Over 45 Years
      • Proven History of Corporate Profitability
      • Owners Reinvest Profits Back Into the Business
      • Sustainable Rate of Growth Over 45 Year History
      • Solid Financial Health
      • Strong Banking Relationship with JP MorganChase
      • Large Credit Facility Available to Finance Future Growth
      • Diverse Customer Base Including Fortune 500 Companies
      • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
      • D&B Number (00-432-7875)
      • More customers are requiring strong Financial
      • Statements and Credit Line availability
      • Ability to invest in the best equipment and
      • people
      • $1 Million of vehicle and equipment purchases
      • this year
      • Ability to invest in safety (purchasing safety
      • equipment, training, etc.)
      • Ability to invest in growing our company – GSA,
      • Generators, Contractor’s License, CMR, Purchasing
      • Businesses, OSHA Training, etc.
      How Does Alpine’s Financial Strength Support This Partnership? Proprietary & Confidential
    • Proprietary & Confidential Alpine Corporate ISO 9001:2000
    • Alpine’s mission is to provide the highest value back-up power systems, renewable energy solutions and motive power products and services in the industry. We do this by supplying the best long-term solutions for our clients’ power needs. Proprietary & Confidential Alpine Mission Statement
      • Single Point Accountability - One Supplier
      • Strength of 125+ technicians, over 100 vehicles, &
      • 25 Locations throughout North America
      • One Supplier for:
        • Engineering for Installation Layouts
        • Ability to manage national installations and
        • maintenance program
        • Scheduling, Coordination and tracking of projects
        • Arrange for all permits and certificates
        • After Sale, Service and Support
        • Single invoice (ease of billing)
      Alpine Advantages Proprietary & Confidential
    • Proprietary & Confidential
      • Design Strategies for Long Term Benefits
      • Implement Nationwide Corporate Philosophy and Standards
      • Partnership Approach
      • Alpine as Consultants
      • Alpine as General Contractors
      • Engineering Services
      • Warehousing throughout America
      • Green Solutions
      • Buying Power
      Alpine Adds Value by:
    • Companies that depend on Alpine Proprietary & Confidential
    • Alpine Technician Training Proprietary & Confidential
      • OSHA Ten-Hour Trained
      • NEC Compliance, Documentation, Permits, & Technical Requirements
      • AC/DC Theory
      • Detailed Training to Acquire each Tech Level
      • Vehicle Safety and DOT Information
      • Capacity Testing Seminars
      • Reporting Requirements
      • Tailored Safety Programs
      • Red Cross Certification
      • NFPA 70E Arc Flash Training
      • Battery Maintenance & Testing
    • Quality Assurance Proprietary & Confidential
      • Quality Assurance Manager at each location
      • Monthly Quality Meetings
      • Regular Internal Audits
      • Crew Leaders are Level 4 or Level 3
      • Corporate ISO 9001:2000 Certified
      • Certified Technicians
      • Standard OSHA and Red Cross Training
    • Specific & Detailed Job Procedures Proprietary & Confidential
      • Alpine On-Site Procedures
      • Site Survey
      • Quality Control Processes
      • DMOP
      • Detailed Tooling Requirements
      • Procedures set to IEEE Standards
      • Safety Policy and Programs
    • Proprietary & Confidential
    • Installations Proprietary & Confidential
      • New Installations
      • Battery & Power Upgrades
      • Iron Work
      • Maintenance Windows
      • Safety Compliance
    • Installations Proprietary & Confidential
      • PDU / BDFB
    • Live Reconfigurations Proprietary & Confidential
      • Battery Upgrades
      • Rectifier Additions or Swaps
      Proprietary & Confidential
      • The reliability of the network is supplied by the battery
      • Cost of battery failure is usually immeasurable
      • Downtime is not an option
      Maintenance Network Reliability is the Key Proprietary & Confidential
    • System Reliability is achieved only through proper maintenance procedures
      • Quarterly
      • Semi Annual
      • Monthly
      • 24 Hour Emergency service
      • IEEE 450 (Flooded)
      • IEEE 1188 (VRLA)
      • IEEE 1106 (NiCad)
      • Manufacturers Warranty Guidelines
      Maintenance Proprietary & Confidential
      • The Only True Way to Determine Actual Battery performance & Capacity
      • Re-create Actual Load conditions
      • Only accurate method of predicting life expectancy
      • Only Data universally accepted as evidence for a warranty claim
      Proprietary & Confidential Capacity and Acceptance Testing
      • Preventative Maintenance, Repairs, Load testing
      • Service & Parts (all makes; models)
      • Diesel Fuel Cleaning & Treatment
      • Diesel Refueling Service
      • Emergency Response
      • Sales
      Generators Proprietary & Confidential
    • UPS; Environmental Conditioning & Surge Suppression Mission Critical Power Applications Proprietary & Confidential Proprietary & Confidential
    • Battery Systems Proprietary & Confidential Proprietary & Confidential
    • Solar Street Lights
      • Common Applications
      • parking lots
      • tennis court
      • billboards
      • streets
      • highways
      • paths and trails
      • parks and recreations
      • remote operations
    • Solar Street Lights
      • Smart Grid or Remote Battery powered
      • Design uses a solar panel(s) sized to off- set lighting power consumption all or in part.
      • May qualify for carbon credits
      • Long Life — up to 100,000 hours or 11.4 years of non-stop usage because the bulb doesn’t use electrodes.
      • Plus the bulbs and light quality doesn’t degrade as they age or heat up efficient with energy savings a variety of solutions to meet the lighting and solar profile for your project.
    • High Efficiency Lighting MX5 The 4 lamp T5HO consumes 50% of the energy of 400-watt metal halide and delivers comparable light levels at floor level when replaced one-for-one (465 input watts vs. 234 input watts)
      • T5HO lamps maintain 95% of their original output
      • Color Rendering Index HID=65; MX5=82
      • 120V, 240V, 277V, or 480V(T5 only) ballast available
      • Occupancy sensor also available to further reduced energy
    • Lighting Comparison (OLD) 400 Watt Metal Halide Rendering (NEW) MIROR MX5 Rendering
    • Monitoring
        • Battery Monitoring installed and used to evaluate battery status and Monitor Rundown tests
      Proprietary & Confidential
    • Grounding and Audits Proprietary & Confidential
    • IR Thermal Imaging Proprietary & Confidential
    • COWS & COLTS
      • Cells on Wheels & Cells on Light Trucks
      Proprietary & Confidential
    • Shelters Proprietary & Confidential
      • Damage Assessment
      • Power & Grounding Isolation
      • Load Shedding
      • Fueling
        • Vehicles
        • Generators
        • Boats
      • Temporary Site Installation
        • Cell
        • Microwave
        • Switch
      Disaster Recovery Proprietary & Confidential 2005 Hurricane Katrina
    • Proprietary & Confidential Disaster Recovery 2005 Katrina
    • Proprietary & Confidential Disaster Recovery 2005 Katrina
    • Proprietary & Confidential Disaster Recovery 2005 Rita
    • Proprietary & Confidential Disaster Recovery 2005 Katrina
    • Proprietary & Confidential Disaster Recovery 2008 IKE
    • Proprietary & Confidential Disaster Recovery 2008 IKE
    • Proprietary & Confidential Disaster Recovery 2008 Gustav
    • When you let Alpine manage your Network we can provide you with our proven online Data Reporting System.
      • Alpine Live Provides
      • Live Web Based, Data Reporting
      • Know battery run times during an outage
      • Accessible from anywhere in the world
      • Customized Query feature (Lookup)
      • Alpine will work with you to design a custom report that will fit you needs.
      Security Accuracy Technical Support Proprietary & Confidential
    • Outstanding Value-Added Services Alpine Power offers a multitude of Value-Added Services. Turn-key Projects New build Support Warehouse Support Trend Analysis AutoCad EPA Documentation Emergency Response Proprietary & Confidential
    • Engineering Services Proprietary & Confidential
      • Surveys
      • Auto Cad
      • Inventories / Asset management
      • Web Reporting
      • Site Builds
      • Training/Workshops
    • Warehousing Solutions Proprietary & Confidential
    • We guarantee that once we establish a DMOP of your requirements we will provide the highest value and quality service, every single time! We Subscribe to the same stringent standards, regardless of the number of sites. We will deliver exactly what you request. Technical Services Division Proprietary & Confidential
      • Infrared Thermography
      • RF Integration
      • Alarming
      • Grounding
      • Upgrades
      • Site Evaluation
      • Inventory Control
      • Reconfiguration
      • Antenna Sweeping
      • CAD Welding
    • Alpine Power Systems stays connected with our customers by performing custom tailored Battery/DC Safety & Training Workshops Training Workshops Proprietary & Confidential
          • EPA Recycling
      • Installation, Containment and Recycling of your battery systems demands environmental expertise. To assure you of total compliance with State and Federal EPA Guidelines, we operate company-owned vehicles and use factory-owned recyclers for proper handling and recycling of your batteries. We provide proper documentation and recycling procedures for your battery systems. Alpine Power Systems offers exclusive "Cradle to Grave" Battery Management
      Proprietary & Confidential
    • Why use Alpine for Recycling?
      • Your company has a reputation of being a responsible corporate citizen.
      • Alpine has 45 years of recycling experience
        • Experience with Fortune 500 Recycling Programs in the Automotive Industry, Telecommunications, UPS, Industrial and Distribution
      • ISO 9001 Corporate Certified
      • Alpine Proven Comprehensive Recycling Programs
        • Partners with several strong EPA certified recyclers
        • Detailed Financial and Environment Due Diligence and Audits
      • On-going compliance audits
      • Alpine has a Strong Commitment to the Environment
      • Alpine has a Strong Financial History
      • Alpine has 25 locations Nationwide
      • Single Point Accountability
      Proprietary & Confidential
    • Alpine’s all inclusive comprehensive recycling program specifically designed for your Company Proprietary & Confidential
      • Adheres to OSHA, EPA, State and Local regulations
      • Alleviates tremendous liability including but not limited to superfunds, law suits, serious fines and corporate reputation
      • Establishes good environmental policy “green”
      • Establishes consistency throughout the United States
      • Establishes proper controls and documentation
    • Battery Room and Personal Safety Items Proprietary & Confidential
    • Alpine Single Point of Contact Account Manager National Operations Administration Key Accounts, National Operations Project Mgr. Field Super Local Office Techs. Local Office Techs. Proprietary & Confidential
    • A Winning Partnership Proprietary & Confidential Alpine Power Systems
    • Customer Satisfaction Proprietary & Confidential