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tap water, environment protection

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Final seminar

  1. 1. Tapwater.orgStrategic Communication Plan 2011 Jing Ma Petros Chariskos 2011-10-28 Uppsala
  2. 2. Situation AnalysisCurrent image in the mediaDespite being a new company, seems to be famous in many media channels.O is well-defined by the media.O has attracted the interest of many environmentally concerned people.
  3. 3. Situation Analysis
  4. 4. Situation Analysis “We need to go beyond just the media to look at the broaderenvironment and how we fit into it”
  5. 5. Situation AnalysisExamine the Environment Demographic Force Economic Social Forces Forces Political Technological Forces Forces
  6. 6. Situation AnalysisO SWOT Analysis
  7. 7. Situation AnalysisUnique opportunity for the next six months:O Approach volunteers who want to develop app for Android, WM7 and Blackberry devices.O Conduct a survey about people‟s attitude on drinking tap water.Challenges to address in the next six months:O Prove that the tap water in London and general in UK is of good quality.O Expand the network of refilling stations in all over UK before the rival organization.O Gain the support of political authorities.
  8. 8. Goals and ObjectivesO Mission Statement:“Reduce the use of expensive andenvironmentally damaging bottled watersby establishing an extensive and high-density network of refilling points to maketap water easily accessible toeveryone, at any place”
  9. 9. Goals and ObjectivesMain GoalsO Create social responsibility and awareness about the catastrophic consequences of the use of plastic bottled waters.O Increase the number of refilling stations so as to give the chance to people to refill their reusable water-bottles on the go.O Increase the sales of our reusable patented caps and create revenue.
  10. 10. Goals and ObjectivesObjectivesO Broaden the range of mobile application users (Windows Mobile Operating Systems, Blackberry).O Create our own channel on YouTube uploading videos from the events we have taken part so far.O Join local service, church, and business groups. The more people we know, the more word-of-mouth and relationship marketing we generate.O Establish at least one refilling station point in any transportation infrastructure and city center in any UK city in a short period of time.
  11. 11. Goals and ObjectivesObjectivesO Prepare an information campaign about the good quality of tap water in OECD countries.O Preparing a comprehensive proposal to authorities about having an active role in the Olympic games of 2012 in London.O Working towards a refilling station every 400 meters in urban areas in London by the end of 2011.O Increase the sales of lifebottle® and its accessories by at least 2% in the next month.O Promote our products to existing supporters who haven‟t still buy a lifebottle.
  12. 12. Target AudiencesO Based on geographic and demographic information O Group 1 Young people (School and University students) O Group 2 People who want to save money O Group 3 All business units in the urban area of London that are capable to become a refilling point
  13. 13. Target Audiences O Based on psychographic information O Group 4 Tap water drinkers (Green area) O Group 5 Tap water drinkers who also drink bottled water (intersection of green and orange areas) O Group 6 People who drink only bottled water (the uncovered orange area) O Group 7 Individuals /organizations that are environmental concerned
  14. 14. Message development Five issues Issue 1. Environmental damages Issue 2. Tap water refilling service Issue 3. Cost/quality/taste of tap water Issue 4. Features of products Issue 5. Purpose of selling products.
  15. 15. Issue 1 What you want your Intended impart for Issue Audience Audience needs audience do, think or feel organization1. Group 1,2,4,5 - Environment protection - be aware of how the Goal 1Environment (Individual) - sustainable environment is damaged by Objective 2,al damages - Social responsibility the plastic bottles - refused to drink bottled water Group 3 - sustainable - be aware of how the Goal 2 (Organization) development environment is damaged by Objective 2, 7 - Good reputation the plastic bottles - Social responsibility - take the social responsibility - to become a refilling station Message The non-degradable plastic bottle is expensive and environmentally damaging. Everyone living on this planet should take the responsibility to make remarkable efforts to protect it. Now one thing you can do to contribute in environment protection is to refuse to drink bottled water and replace it by tap water.
  16. 16. Issue 2 What you want your Intended impart for Issue Audience Audience needs audience do, think or organization feel2. Group 1,2,4,5 - able to get access to tap - be aware of this service Goal 1Tap water water when they are out - using this service Objective 1, 3, 4, 6refilling service and about MessageWe are mapping points all around the UK making it convenient for you to fill up yourreusable bottle with tap water, for free. Take a look at the map on our website or byusing our iPhone app. You can also locate refilling stations by looking out for ourblue „refill here‟ sticker in participating shop windows.
  17. 17. Issue 3 What you want your Intended impart Issue Audience Audience needs audience do, think or feel for organization4. Cost /quality/ Group 5,6 - saving money - be aware that the quality of Goal 1taste of tap water - good quality of tap water is as good as bottled Objective 5 drinking water water. - Tap water is approximately 500 times cheaper than bottled water. - be aware the taste difference between tap water and bottled water is minor. - replace bottled water by tap waterMessageUK has the best quality of tap water in the world[4]. Our free tap water refilling serviceallows you to fill up your reusable bottle with tap water for free and the taste is just asgood as bottled water.
  18. 18. Issue 4 What you want your Intended impart Issue Audience Audience needs audience do, think or feel for organization4. all - having a stylish, Be aware of: Goal 3Features of‟s convenient, useful and - revolutionary and patented cap Objective 8, 9products user reusable bottle to refill design(Lifebottle and its tap water - The twin wall with vacuum insulationaccessories ) means your drink will stay cool (or hot) for up to 20 hours - Made of high quality stainless steel, grade 304BPA free - 100% recyclable purchase lifebottle and/or its accessories Do: - Purchase the lifebottle and/or its accessories. Message The lifebottle is a high quality, convenient, stylish and reusable bottle with revolutionary and patented cap design. It‟s useful accessories can be used to improve the taste of tap water or to keep the water cooler for longer.
  19. 19. Issue 5 Intended What you want your Issue Audience Audience needs impart for audience do, think or feel organization6. all‟s - Support the activities be aware of: Goal 3Purpose of user of - All profits from the sales of Objective 3, 8, 9selling products - Take the social bottles will be used to: raise responsibility awareness of the damaging effects of bottled waters on our environment; expand our network of refilling stations;and provide mains fed water machines for educational establishments. To do: - Purchase the lifebottle and/or its accessories. Message All profits from the sales of our bottles will be used to raise awareness of the damaging effects of bottled waters on our environment; expand our network of refilling stations; and provide mains fed water machines for educational establishments
  20. 20. Communication ChannelsO Electronic communication O Internet O No commercial advertisements O limited resources O primary communication vehicle O Cheap, fast, easily to reach our audiencesO Face-to-face O Best way to engage people O bring people together and pass the strong emotion to the audiences. O speech to school kids and university studentsO Videos O powerful communication vehicle O repeatedly used and fast spreadO Printed material O Newspaper, magazine O What we do is commendable and may cause interest of the journalists O Operation performed in a “Green” wayO Street festivals O a very direct and effective way of communication.
  21. 21. Thank you! Any question?
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