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Insight November News

  1. 1. INSIDE: Courting disaster Pg 2 PAM intellectually Bad mouthing beloved country Pg 4 bankrupt Running on slogans Pg 6 When political parties have Mammaguy electorate no platform, they give the It boggles the mind that people “fluff”. In St. the leadership of PAM has Kitts/Nevis, a Caribbean chosen to engage in what country, the opposition party Trinidadians refer to as the People’s Action “mamaguying” the popula- T Movement (PAM), unable to tion. As educated people you he Labour Party Government mount any meaningful alter- native response to the Government’s 15 years of positive social development and economic growth, is hop- wonder about their motives. Why would a national party that wishes to become the government, misrepresent information that is not only under Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil Douglas, is not respon- sible for the present financial crisis that has sent the economies of all the countries of the world into chaos and Sorry Chicken Little, ing the population will sim- ply vote for PAM because “It is time for change.” Fluff and more fluff in the public domain, but is available where people can read and understand for themselves. Is it that they believe that Minding people uncertainty. Yet, the Opposition party, PAM, is blaming the Government for causing the crisis. It is very much like the unfair criti- the sky is not falling! Most recently, in a mani- festation of PAM’s reliance on what can only be termed as “fluff”, it informed its sup- the majority of voters are illiterate or ignorant? That would be sad because it would mean that as a region business There are some things in a democracy that Crime committed cism and attacks being made on President Barack Obama by the bitter Republican Party in the US. President Obama did not cause the crisis and is dren’s story, keeps scaring people with his false alarm that the “sky is falling.” It is evident the Government has taken this country through the worst • This Government has created many improve- ments in the quality of life. In the present financial climate, leaders of the G8 and other developed countries want to know to whom they are talking. They will be asking them- porters that the Court’s rul- doing his best to manage it and of the free fall that other countries like selves, “Can we trust these people who we have not taken our demo- are everybody’s business. Two of these are by citizens on ing in a case related to new improve the employment situation, yet Iceland went into. Iceland had to • The Government has taken came into office without any pro- cratic system to the level crime and health. other citizens electoral boundaries meant required of developing he is getting a lot of flak for it. declare its country bankrupt. This will this country through the gramme?” They will not listen to any I know a lot of people will disagree with me It is easy to blame This is exactly what is happening in that the Government could nations. but let me explain my position. the government when never happen to our country because worst of the global upstarts, full of talk, but with nothing only conduct elections on the It appears that politicians St. Kitts/Nevis. The PAM gang is of the fiscal vigilance and expertise the financial crisis. else—no track record of achievement. crime seems to be get- using Obama’s campaign theme, with- old boundaries. feel comfortable just lying to Citizens must play important role Government demonstrated when the This Government is better placed to ting out of control, but out the depth of ideas that illuminated What is fascinating is that the population. Is this No government has the resources needed to crisis hit. • This Government is better manage the future than anybody else. we should never for- it, to attack a government, which like the judge in the case never progress? prevent every cause, detect every case, or Despite being tied up in legal red placed to manage the If you add up the years of experience get that crime is generally committed on citi- indicated or implied that the prosecute every perpetrator, of every crime. Obama, has performed brilliantly in tape, stalled and forestalled by injunc- future than anybody else. in managing the country in the pres- zens by other citizens. We, as citizens, need to election must be held using PAM: No evidence While it is important for governments to work together to create an environment navigating the dangerous waters to tion after injunction, the Government ent Government team, the total is the old boundaries. What the Fortunately, there is no ensure that its citizens are safe, much of the take their people safely to the prom- employment is increasing. where crime is discouraged and where every is coping extremely well with the reali- about 120 years or more. How many judgment said in effect was evidence that this intellectu- responsibility for their personal safety and ised land of future prosperity and sus- effort is made to ensure that crime does not ties of life during and after the great This Government has created many years of genuine experience and that the mechanism used to ally bankrupt approach used their families’ protection also devolves around tainability. pay and criminals pay dearly for their crimes. global financial crisis. Tourism is improvements in the quality of life, in expertise in governance do the PAM review the electoral bound- by PAM in its ongoing cam- the citizens of a country. The sad thing is that both in the US True we must ensure that the machinery of doing better. Unlike our neighbours, jobs and livelihoods, and in what are people have? aries was flawed and that the paign of litigation and fabri- and in our beloved country there are justice does not rust; that the facilities we are expecting more, rather than called “Life Chances” over the past 15 Don’t listen to those who want to see boundaries could be reviewed cation is typical of the Your own eyes and ears people willing to listen to the naysay- required for dispensing justice are sound; and less cruise ships. We are expecting years. the country ruined—they already have using the mechanism set out approach of opposition par- You have to be your own eyes and ears. You ers, the prophets of doom and gloom, that the resources required are available. new airlines to become our partners Where St. Kitts/Nevis has been suc- their green cards. Those of you who in the Constitution. ties in other countries of the have to exercise vigilance and caution. True, who like Chicken Little in the chil- However, in the midst of a global recession we and bring hundreds of tourists here cessful and other countries have failed are here for the long haul, whose navel According to the Sun St Caribbean. We are also fortu- the government and its security forces must must be tolerant and lend a helping hand to during this winter. We are ensuring is that we have a government led by strings are buried in this beautiful Kitts/Nevis (Tuesday October nate that while St. Kitts/ be both pre-emptive and responsive, but it is 27), “Justice Thomas in his Nevis continues to be a para- important that all of us learn to look after assist in preventing or reducing crime by our own efforts to help ourselves and our neigh- PEOPLE METER that we maintain jobs and that farm- ers and ordinary citizens have an people with experience in managing the Federation’s affairs. To think of land of ours must ensure that Chicken Little and his boys never become the judgment never ruled or dise, it is not Fantasy Island. ourselves and our loved ones. bours. Who has the better programmes? handing the affairs of our country to implied in any way that the The people of St. Increasingly, communities have established amnesty programme in place to cush- government of our beloved country. elections be held on the old Kitts/Nevis need to ask ion them in this difficult, though tem- PAM is like the Queen of England neighbourhood watches, householders have Greater role for churches, handing over the Royal yacht boundaries. What Justice themselves whether a party porary, period. Instead of declining as civil society Thomas ruled is that the whose only campaign plat- invested in alarms, some have watchdogs and barbed wire fences. These are responsibilities Churches, as well as schools, can certainly it has done in other countries, Britannia to the Somali pirates. PEOPLE METER proclamation, which purport- form is “Time For Change” is we cannot pass totally on to our government. play a major role to ensure the message gets Who has the better plans? ed to give effect to the ready or equipped to run a through to young people that violence is not Constituency Boundaries country. Decrease crime the way to manage problems and that crime Committee (CBC) report, was Studies have shown where citizens and the will not be tolerated in the home, in the school made null and void by the Procedural issue government get together to protect communi- or in society at large. Court and of no legal effect Meanwhile, in a clear ties, neighbourhoods and streets, there is a because the judge ruled that example the Government is considerable decrease in crimes and criminal Together we can stop dengue ‘the Commission in accepting in charge and is a better activity. Perhaps the government here may Then there are the problems of mosquitoes. the recommendations of the structured and more efficient need to do some more to get the protective The most dangerous mosquito, Aedes Aegypti, Boundaries Technical organisation, they are pre- services to do their jobs more efficiently, but which causes dengue lives in our homes. They Committee (which was pared to accept the judge’s again, the members of the services come from love clean water. They don’t live or breed in deemed unconstitutional) ruling and correct the proce- families and live in communities where they dirty water or in drains and swamps. abdicated in favour of that dural issue that was cited. have links. If they fail in their duties or are When the government sends out the vehicle body.’ The learned judge When this happens, how will lax, if they’re involved in criminal activity or with the spray most people lock their doors paved the way for the gov- PAM explain it to its sup- they turn a blind eye to them, the citizens and windows because they can’t stand the ernment to correct the porters. The answer is they with whom they interact on a daily basis smell of the insecticide and with the high Constitutional flaw.” will resort to fluff and more must share some of the blame and take some walls in front their houses, the insecticide fluff. of the responsibility. can’t even get into their yards. Published by Friends of St. Kitts and Nevis Cruising into the future... Printed by Trinidad Express Newspapers, 35- 37 Independence Square, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, West Indies.
  2. 2. 2 • Insight • November 2009 Insight • November 2009 • 7 In true banana republic FOREIGNERS WANT TO LEAD ST. KITTS/NEVIS the Ku Klux Klan out of SAME OLD BACCHANAL style, the leaders of the coun- Courting disaster Louisiana to install him as A 1991 political science text- No plan PAM try’s Opposition Party, the prime minister and for the book attempts to define the People’s Action Movement Klan to run the country. Eastern Caribbean system as a (PAM), have over the years strong democratic system and sought and obtained foreign Jamaica and Trinidad where Legal delays identifys that all the institu- citizenship in western coun- Members of Parliament have tions that comprise a democra- tries in order to ensure they been forced by law to revoke The other negative impact of cy are in place in the region— have a safe haven to run to in their foreign citizenship to the move is that it further the Courts, free and fair case the fragile and small remain or to be re-elected postpones an election, which elections, freedom of speech bankruptcy in 2000 to one with end of its third term or fif- economy of the country fails at Members of Parliament. has already been subject to are all alive and well. a projected growth rate of two teenth year in office. One strated a paradigm shift in any time. The Government of St. Kitts/ legal delays brought by the percent (2%). The opposition would think that in 15 years both policies and programmes When the going gets tough, Nevis, in an effort to minimise Opposition PAM. People in St. Lack of accountability In the meantime, he has the Opposition would have had from the Bush government. the “tough” get going. The conflict and arguments, has Kitts seem to be completely What the publication also instituted progressive pro- grammes, including universal parties have ample time and opportunity to develop a comprehensive, This is the essence of a cam- poor people of this country taken steps to strengthen the fed up of all the legal wran- identified was the lack of paign for genuine change—that don’t have such luxuries or existing legislation. The law gling and manoeuvring. accountability and standards education, built the country’s first and only tertiary institu- presented strategic national plan for replacing the incumbent gov- underpinning of fact, research opportunities and must now requires that all candi- Instead of waving flags they from candidates seeking to and solutions to the self-inter- remain as citizens of the coun- dates seeking election for are wavering, unsure of why lead governments, or from gov- tion (Dominica State College), introduced programmes to take nothing in ernment. The opposition People’s est issues that preoccupy the try through good and bad Parliament and who hold or the Opposition would put the ernments when elected. The public opinion agenda. times. have held foreign citizenship ment? Can Colonel Gadaffi with this, it would mean that country through all the trau- election process I defined as a care of the elderly, day care for terms of what Action Movement (PAM) has must provide proof that they leave Libya to his many sons any country could be taken ma, expense and suspense. In “carnival”, but some will children, a state-of-the-art pri- taken the easy and lazy way Strategy not constructive Give up renounced their foreign status and with the promise of oil over by foreigners and then fact, as one man said yester- describe it as “bacchanal” com- mary healthcare system and a programme of a university they can do out and has relied entirely on the rhetoric that it is “Time To From what we have seen, the and are no longer citizens of wealth run for office in St. sold to the highest bidder. One day in the streets of ing from the Greek God PAM strategy lacks construc- Those leaders appear to see those foreign countries. Kitts? is reminded of the sad lesson Basseterre, “If the Opposition responsible for that country’s graduate in every family. Against this background, the that is better Change”. That approach has developed in the past 30 years tive or developmental initia- no problem with managing a PAM leaders seem to be Without pre-judging the of Patrick John in Dominica in was a business, their name equivalent of “wine and jam”. tives. It has instead gone to country while they are citizens unhappy with that require- decision of the courts, it would 1985, when he contracted with would be Courts.” Fast forward to 2009. In an two opposition parties have pre- sented nothing in terms of what than what by what is now characterised as a de facto term limit in the court with injunctions against of another or representing the ment and have filed an injunc- seem that such an injunction effort to revisit the socio-politi- the present Government, which citizens of St. Kitts/ Nevis while tion against the Government is frivolous and manifestly cal system in the region for they can do that is better than what Skerritt was now deliver- Skerritt Eastern Caribbean. In the past three decades the have effectively caused the they represent and have sworn of St. Kitts/Nevis to block intended as a red herring, dis- another publication, I have postponement of the General allegiance to a foreign country. implementation of this meas- tracting the population from been reviewing the election ing. Instead their campaigns are centred around the govern- is now population of the region in the different countries have Elections due this year. Fortunately, the people of ure. Where is this heading? If the serious issues on which process in the Caribbean to see This reliance by PAM on the St. Kitts/Nevis and all the citizens of other countries are the election of a government if we have made any progress. ment’s overpayment for garbage cans and the Prime Minister’s delivering. allowed their governments no more than 15 years in office. It politics of what Karl Marx other Caribbean countries allowed to hold electoral office ought to be based. The Antigua elections came called “the politics of non- have in their constitutions a up to, and including, the post Students of political science and went. In that one the prerogative to build his home. does not seem to matter if the issues” is typical of weak politi- clause that ensures that their of prime minister; what next? need to be concerned about the Opposition actually had a plat- governments were doing well cal parties. Minister Skerritt and his leaders are citizens and patri- Can Mr. Mugabe, if ejected direction in which PAM has form, but it was the same old Rudimentary methodology Labour Party will win the or were failing; the people sim- Unable to win elections in 15 ots, loyal and dedicated to the from Zimbabwe, make his way headed and the implications of platform with which they had In this case the methodology ply went to the polls and voted years, the PAM has now forthcoming election due in countries of their birth. to St. Kitts/Nevis and run for its actions on the politics of governed the country five is rudimentary, accuse the in a new government. resorted to rhetoric, stalling early 2010. He will win There have been cases in office or take over the govern- the Caribbean. If it gets away years before and since the Government of “bobol” or cor- tactics and fairy tales as a plat- because, fortunately, in world has changed significant- ruption and hope that people Dominica the people seem to No realistic programme form for change while hoping ly in the last five years, those believe you and hand the gov- Familiar with this senti- the people will decide that have become a lot more politi- programmes were no longer ernment over to you regardless ment, the PAM is running a maybe “we should give them Find us on the Web: feasible or applicable to this new world economy system. So of your lack of plans, strate- gies, platform and vision. cally conscious and ask politi- cal parties to show what they campaign with no realistic pro- gramme or plan to manage the fellers a chance”. The future of a country can- can do or have done for the the Opposition lost. This approach characterises country, but is instead running not be left to chance. country. AWARD OF DUBIOUS DISTINCTION Empty Opposition opposition politics in the Caribbean and has not Easy, lazy way out a campaign that says “It is time to change.” In fact a We can all only hope that the population of St. Kitts and We are now looking at two changed since the Crown major PAM billboard in Nevis will think for themselves The case in St. Kitts is Booby prize for Chicken Little gang upcoming elections in Colony era of the 1950s. They Basseterre reads, “Crime and and not give their country almost hilarious and typifies Dominica and St. Kitts/Nevis. seem to rely primarily on fabri- Violence: Time for Change”. away to chance. what some American political In Dominica, the Roosevelt cations, gossip and stories to What does that mean? More scientists once referred to as Skerritt Government is ending win elections. They attempt to crime and more violence or Friends, this has to be seen to be driven campaign. exchange, which they will want to give the “banana republic syn- its second term in office, a peri- vilify the government and its what permutation of crime and believed. Do you know that there is The second criterion is whether the you for your vote. drome.” The current govern- od in which Prime Minister leaders, while offering no alter- violence is desired for the actually a “Chicken Little” Award? falsehoods are deliberate. Of course Then there is the FEAR factor and ment of St. Kitts/Nevis is the Skerritt has delivered the native to counteract govern- future? Labour Party led by Prime Check on Google and you will find it. It is really an award of dubious distinc- they are. Chicken Little is a schemer from a long time ago. His second-in- the SCARE syndrome. They want to scare you into thinking that the coun- kinds of programmes and out- comes that have seen ment’s successful programmes. My prediction in the case of Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas. What is the relationship between “Time For Change” We can only That party is coming to the tion for people or organisations who are engaged in “deliberately false, command, part of his clique-o, is even worse, profiting from the failure of a try is falling apart. They are saying that to every Tom, Dick and Harriet Dominica move from a state of Dominica is that Prime and “Crime and Violence”. Is this political shorthand, hope that the mass media-driven scare campaigns.” Does that sound familiar? Well company that was stripped of its assets, while the poor people who here and everywhere, bad-mouthing the country to whoever will listen. sleight-of-hand or merely a hand-me-down from the past? elections will Chicken Little and his fellow finger- lickers have been deliberately running believed in him are suffering. In true Chicken Little style, they feathered They are trying to place FEAR in your hearts. Not like Obama go on without a false, media-driven, scare campaign to try to get the people of St. Kitts to their own nests. They are so false they might be made Don’t bother with them. When the original Chicken Little went around It is not Obama’s “Time for Change”. That campaign was further put them in power. Do they qualify for the Chicken of silicone for all you know. Next time they come around make sure that Miss telling the other animals that the sky was falling, fortunately they did not structured and manifested the fundamental changes with pro- hindrance Little award? Let us see. Can we con- sider what they are saying and doing PAM’s assets are real and not there just to fool you into thinking they have take him on. Don’t take on what this fresh Chicken Little is saying. They grammes the new government intended to implement, some and the party to be “deliberate”? Yes! Resoundingly so! You don’t choose a theme without have not changed and are incapable of resources that Mother Nature didn’t give them, otherwise they would end might be extra spicy but it is the same old recipe—fear, scare and nothing of which have already been delivered. that offers the thought, especially one intended to mislead. You don’t try to piggy-back or changing anything, unless that is deliberate. So Chicken Little qualifies up taking your assets and we the peo- ple of St. Kitts will be catching ours. new or nothing more. Drop the boom on Chicken Little. The Obama campaign pre- sented an alternative form of best solutions chicken-back on the Obama campaign by using the slogan without the sub- on the first criterion that his campaign inaccuracies, lies and distortions are If it is time for change, then PAM must change first. If it is time for Give him his booby prize and the lick- ing he deserves, not just on his finger government, which was essen- tially a platform for progress. for will win stance unless it is deliberate. You don’t deliberate and that his purpose is to EXCHANGE then the US citizens in but on his entire barnyard—cock, roos- It added substance to style, talk about change knowing that you win an election by an untruthful fear- the PAM will have lots of foreign ter, pullet and hen. deeds to words and demon-