Shereen Iran


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Teacher followup will be given to insure proper formats are taught regarding citing sources and standard English conventions.

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Shereen Iran

  2. 2. CULTURE  Iranians are 98% Muslim. Most Muslims are Shia. Some Muslims are even Sunni. .Sunni and Shia are unusual. In other countries Sunni is more then Shia. So Sunni and Shia were fighting because they said prophet Muhammad said this or this so they disagreed. There are not a lot of Christians in Iran. Muslims use the Quran to pray in Arabic. Christians pray in English. Muslims have an important holiday. It is Ramadan, when everybody fasts.
  3. 3. IRAN MAP
  4. 4. BIBLIOGRAPHY Welcome to Iran by Elma scheme nuaer,2008 Iran by Elma scheme nuaer,2001 Iran by William spencer 1997
  5. 5. MAP OF IRAN
  7. 7. FLAG OF IRAN
  8. 8. MUSLIM PRAYER PLACE The Muslims go to masque to Pray.
  9. 9. HISTORY About 150 years ago Iran and Europe got in a fight so Europe won and took over Iran. Iran became so poor. Everything got destroyed. In 1925,a new leader Reza was crowned shah of Iran. The king shah took everything away to other countries. Shah and his family were very rich. The other people were still poor. The other people were not allowed to change his rules. If they did they would be arrested or die. People did not like the Shah’s life style. The Shah left. King Khomeini succeeded and took whatever he wanted in 1979. All the people should pray or die. The women should were chador when there were in public. The Iranians can’t learn another religion they should be Muslim. So the police shot a lot of people.
  10. 10. INTERESTING FACTS 2,300 years ahead of his time dairies the great build Nile river to the red sea.
  11. 11. INTRODUCTION I chose this country because I want to find interesting facts. And I want to know who is the king. The capital city is Tehran. Language is Arabic. The population of Iran is 68,700,000.
  12. 12. GEOGRAPHY The mountains protect Iran from outsiders. The Zagros Mountains are on the west side. The Elburz are on the north side. The capital city is Tehran. The highest mountain is Damavand ,were it is located in Elburz. Iran share borders with 7 other countries. Hat al- Arab runs between Iran and Iraq its an important river for trading. Iran is surrounded by lots of things. Iran is surrounded by trees and sand. Longest river is Karun.
  13. 13. CLIMATE Much of Iran is desert. In Iran it rains little. In the east central area called Dasht-E-Lut. It is very hard to live in Iran. In summer the wind blows 120 days. its very hard.
  14. 14. ECONOMY In Iran farming was very hard because they did not have enough rain. Oil was discovered in 1908.They started doing oil companies in 1950.They export oil and import oil.
  15. 15. CONCLUSION I learned about Iran a lot all countries had a fight with Iran because it was so nice. I like Iran because its interesting a lot its almost half of it. But almost all the people are there. But I learned that there is mountains because if some people come to fight.
  16. 16. M