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Nour Turkey

  1. 1. TURKEY By Nour
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Turkey  Turkey is a beautiful country because its capital city is Ankara it main language is Turkish it location is in South Easter Europe and Asia and its border is in Bulgaria ,Greeces ,Siyara ,Iraq ,Iran , Armainia ,Georgia, Black sea . And last but not least is Mediterranean Sea. 
  3. 3. HISTORY  The rulers of turkey are the same as the presidents of turkey so the presidents of turkey are Mustafa kemel Ataturk he was there from 1881-1938 and the second president is Ismet Inonu and there is much more presidents but Ismet Inonu was there in 1883-1986 and there is much more. Know the Turkish people are Osman Mehemed the conqueror and much more the total of Turkish people are 21 and more. The kings of turkey are Suleyman the magnificent and the last king is Mehemed VI Khan. The major events of turkey is in the 11 century in 1086 Sulaman I rum this to add Syria to his realm . But he commits suicide after being defeated by his cousin Tutush in the battle of Aynu Seylem ,Syria and there is much more important events in turkey.
  4. 4. GEOGRAPHY Turkey , a country that connects Asia minor and Europe , includes a Varity of land forms the Asian part of the country is called Anatolia ,while the European part is called Thrace . The interior of Turkey consists of the Anatolian Plateau bordered by the Koroglu. Pontic and Taurus mountinarins , and the eastern highlands . The periphery of the country consists of the northern Black sea pregean region to the south – west and the fertile crescent to the southeast . The major landmarks in Turkey .The first landmark is in the Hagia Sophia [ Ayasofaya], Sultan Ahemet mousque [ bleu mousque] , Topkapi palace , Dolmabace palace , Kariye Museum[ the chora church] and else were in Turkey Ephesus, Aphrodisias , Pergamon , Cappadocia , Mevelevi convent and Museum , pamukkale, Sanfranbulo , MT. Nemrut and much more … the major bodies of water In turkey first lake van , Manavgat Cayi and much more. There are many cities in turkey like Samsun , Kahramanmaras in turkey , van , Elazig , Balikeishih , Dengili and much more in turkey.
  5. 5. CULTURE  The clothing that people wear mostly are casual and conservative styles of clothing . This style of dress reflects a causal lifestyle and one where a large wardrobe and many changes that are not needed this is what Turkish people wear normally. The Turkish people holidays are in Jan 1 new years first day of the Gregorian new year 2 holiday is in April 23 national souvereingty and children's day and much more. The music of turkey includes diverse elements ranging from the central Asian folk music to influences from Arabic music , Byzantine music , Greek music , Ottoman music , Persian music , Balkem music as well as references to more modern European and American popular music … that is the Turkey music. Turkish cuisine is largely the heritage of Ottoman cuisine , which can described Asa fusion and refinement of a central Asian , Middle eastern and Balkan cuisine . Turkish cuisine has in turn influenced those and other heighbouring cuisine , including those of western Europe. That is Turkish food.
  6. 6. INTERESTING FACTS  The population of Turkey is about 75 million people . Most people in turkey are Muslim . Most of the people in turkey are Turks then there are Kurds and Arabs and there are small amounts of Arminas and Greeks. the flag of turkey is red and it has a crescent moon and a star in the center of it . The star and the moon are symbolize the believes of the ancient Turks who used to worship the sky . The red and white colors of turkey symbolize the south western branch of Turks . Who were the founders of Turkey. One Native animal of Turkey is the Turkish van cat the Turkish van cat is a type of cat who loves the water . Some animals that are only found in Turkey include the Asia miner spiny mouse , the wooly door mouse and the tourist ground squirrel. 1. Make sure that your money bills don’t have rips they aren't excepted . 2. if you are a boy don’t were shorts to a mosk unless you want to were a skirt . 3. were flat shoes for walking and watch were your going since most of the side walks are broken.
  7. 7. CONCLUSION  You should visit Turkey because it has A LOT of islands and it has beautiful views and it has the best food and you can have the Turkish bath to relax and you have a lot of things like the famous mosque and you can go to the beach and relax whit your family and look at this beautiful sun rise you should go there and visit the best place on earth !! .