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Apresentação efectuada pela Netapp no evento Virtual Business Breakfast, realizado no dia 16 de Junho de 2011, no Porto.
O evento realizado em conjunto com a VMware e a NextiraOne Portugal.

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Netapp Evento Virtual Business Breakfast 20110616

  1. 1. NetApp SolutionsNetApp Portugal
  2. 2. Agenda New IT Challenges – Flexibility & Efficiency The NetApp Technological Differentiators Actual deployments – Provisioning & Backups Virtualization/Cloud Reference Architecture
  3. 3. New IT Challenges 3
  4. 4. There’s a Huge Market Shift In PlayDynamics of today’s data center Explosive Aging Dedicated Inefficient Slow Data Growth Architectures Apps  Utilization Capacity Data Servers  Power, space Apps Network  Time, people $ Storage 10X Waste =  CostsCIO’s being forced to look at more efficient alternatives Both paths require a Flexible, Service Offerings Efficient shared infrastructure Apps Servers Internal IT Network Storage CIO 4
  5. 5. What If You Could . . .  Backup and restore your VMs instantaneously  Easily protect all your virtualized data with DR  Save 50% on your storage, power, cooling, and space  Deduplicate virtual server and virtual desktop data, enabling 50% space savings, or more  Automate your most labor-intensive data management tasks  Clone and provision storage as quickly as your VMs  Do all of this with one architecture in any environment
  6. 6. The NetAppTechnologicalDifferentiators 6
  7. 7. NetApp – Dados da companhia$5B FY11: $5.2 Billion*  Fundada em 1992  +11.000 empregados em +135 países  Headquarters Sunnyvale, California$3B  Facturação de $5.2B em FY11  Fortune 1000. NASDAQ 100 (NTAP)  Partners líderes neste sector$2B  Suporte global  Desde o ano 2000 em Ibéria. Escritórios em Madrid, Barcelona e Lisboa$1B 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 * Non-GAAP Revenue
  8. 8. Gartner Midrange Enterprise Magic QuadrantNOV10 Source: Gartner, Inc. Nov 2010 Roger W. Cox, Jimmie Chang, Pushan Rinnen, Stanley Zaffos
  9. 9. Gartner Midrange and High-End NASSolutions Magic Quadrant MAR11 challengers leaders NetApp EMC ability to execute IBM Oracle Hitachi/Hitachi Data Systems Panasas BlueArc HP Symantec/Huawei Symantec LSI Pillar Data Systems Scale Computing Source: Gartner, Inc. March 2011 niche players visionaries Pushan Rinnen, Robert E. Passmore, Roger W. Cox completeness of vision As of March 2011
  10. 10. Unified Storage LUN Services File Services CIFS FCP FCoE iSCSI NFS FCP SAN Active Directory One platform for all storage needs
  11. 11. Deduplication  Integrated in Data ONTAP (free feature)  Over 37K+ systems today  Primary, Secondary, & Archive  All protocols:Before After FCP, iSCSI and NAS  Transparent to servers and/or clients
  12. 12. Savings Across All Workloads 100 90% Over 37,000 systems % running NetApp dedupe today80% 70% 55% 55%60% Average = 45% 35% 35%40% 30% 30% 25% 25%20% 0%Dramatic operational & capital cost savings 12
  13. 13. Winning with Market-Leading Solutions NetApp Storage Efficiency Data GrowthWe’re paving the way…. SATA / Flash Cache Customers are choosing RAID-DP® NetApp Thin Provisioning $ Snapshot™ Tech  Winning in new model Deduplication  Gaining market share Thin Replication  Beating competition Virtual Copies TB  Growth company of scale Unified Architecture Defining key new criteria to  Single architecture for all maximize customer value workloads  Storage efficiency  Scale up and scale out  Unified architecture  Intelligent approach to data  Scale up and scale out caching  Single management suite and integrated data protection
  14. 14. Usable Snapshots for Rapid RecoveryMarket-leading performance SPC-1 Performance (IOPs)  NetApp Baseline With Snapshots – 3% difference 30,986 24% higher 29,958 233% higher – Snapshots 4/hr 24,997 – First RAID 6 8,997 NetApp® Other NetApp Other FAS3040 FAS3040
  15. 15. VirtualizationDeploymentwith NetApp 15
  16. 16. The Requirement for Networked Storage Advanced VMware features are only enabled through the use of networked storage.Load Balancing Application Site-to-Site Recoverywith VMware Protection via with VMware SiteDRS VMware HA and FT Recovery ManagerVM1VM2 VM2 VM1VM2 VM1VM2 VM1VM2 VM1VM2 APP APP APP APP APP OS OS OS OS OS
  17. 17. SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure Automates Snapshot Replication Primary Site DR Site APP APP APP OS OS OSVirtualServerAdmin API POLICIES Storage Pool Storage Pool Backup Restore DR 17
  18. 18. Instantaneous, Storage-Efficient Backup The Problem NetApp Snapshot™ Solution  Tape is slow, complex  Backups built-in to the storage  Streaming backups take too long  Instantaneous backup and recovery  Recoveries are slow  Low storage overhead  Recovery points are limited  Frequent, application consistentCPU CPUUtilization Utilization Storage Pool Fast, Affordable, and Simple Traditional Backup Is NOT Practical Backup and Restores 18
  19. 19. Application Consistent Backup App Admin DBA Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Oracle, SAP, Vmware, HyperV, Citrix Physical or Virtual environments 19
  20. 20. Automated Virtual Machine Cloning NetApp Rapid Cloning Utility  Integrated cloning and provisioning utility for VMware® virtual machines  vCenter plugin  Import cloned desktops into VMware View Manager  Provided free of charge to NetApp customers Provision thousand of VMs in just minutes 20
  21. 21. Cloning: Zero-Space Virtual Copies Production Test & Dev Storage Storage 6TB 8TB Storage Database 1 copy, 4 clonesWith ®FlexClone 6TB 30TB Storage Database 5 full copiesWithoutFlexClone
  22. 22. Reduce storage costsNetApp Efficiency:  Deduplicación: 50-85% less in server virtualization 70-95% less in VDI  Thin-provisioning:  Clones: Vcenter integration  Backup & Desaster Recovery: Snapshots & SnapManagers 22
  23. 23. ReferenceArchitectureFlexPod 23
  24. 24. Unified Storage at Work VM1VM2 VM3VM4 Applications & Servers Enterprise Network SAN/iSCSI/ NFS/CIFSRemote Data Abstraction Layer NetApp Logical Pool of Storage Data ONTAP ® Storage DR NetApp® V-Series Systems Controller NetApp FAS Systems Storage Arrays D2D Backup Multi-Tier
  25. 25. Secure Shared Infrastructure Three Companies, One Architecture Overview:  Validated design for end-to-endvSphere,vShield Zones, secure multi-tenancyvCenter  Isolate applications across network, servers, storage  Separate confidential information between business units,Nexus 1000V, customers, departments, orNexus 2000/5000/7000, security zonesUCS, 10GbE  Meet service level agreements for mission critical applications  Quickly respond to changing business needs  Streamline operations and improve efficiencies across dataMultiStore,Data Motion centerNFS/iSCSI HR BU APP  Reduce costs and resources to achieve isolation and compliance
  26. 26. Technical details Converged server connectivity with 10GbE DataStores using NFS FC for SAN boot VLANs to isolate traffic NetApp Multistore to isolate storage services
  27. 27. FlexPod detailVMware vCentervSphere Enterprise Plus 1 Rack DC SolutionvCenter Standard 30 Westmere CPUs (180 Cores) 2 TB Server MemoryInfrastructure 72 Gbps Compute + Storage Access2 Nexus 5548 (per 3 FlexPods) 512 GB SSD Storage Cache with Fabric Services 42 TB Storage2 Nexus 1010 (per 3 FlexPods)2 Fabric Interconnect 6120 1 Enterprise IT Infrastructure Catering for a 1,500 seatCisco UCS organization using all four2 Fabric Interconnect 6120 • VMware VDI (Windows 7)3 B-Series 5108 Chassis • MS Exchange 20109 B-Series B250M2 + VIC6 B-Series B200M2 + VIC • MS Sharepoint 2007 • MS SQL 2008R2NetApp FAS3210A2 DS2246 450GB SAS Shelves2 256 GB FlashCache Two classes of compute supporting2 10Gbps IP Interfaces high-density & general virtualized4 4Gbps FC Interfaces workloadsNetApp Complete Bundle
  28. 28. Flexible Configurations VDI Dev/Test More compute Higher performance Less storage blades, more IOPS DP / Starting Backup Out Capacity Memory IOPS CPU Entry System Then scale up Production Production Less compute Balanced Infrastructure More storage Infrastructure
  29. 29. Building Virtualization and ITaaS Solutions on FlexPod for VMware  Standardized, simplified, and highly efficient infrastructure  Add applications and load; scale up with FlexPod configurations  FlexPod: Your standard infrastructure building block  Solutions guide to help build multiple environments from FlexPod configurations Production or SMT Environment Service ProviderDevelopment VDI  Database  Collaboration and Testing Environment  Messaging …Environment  Engineering… … DR and DP Environment … … Managed Shared Infrastructure Pool
  30. 30. NetApp Leadership in the CloudIT as a Service (ITaaS)IaaS PaaS SaaS StaaS T-Systems  Navitaire  Yahoo! email  Photobucket BT  SAP by design  “Social  “Music” backup” France Telecom  Oracle on Networking site”  Iron Mtn Digital Joyent Demand  “Music service”  CSC AT&T  Intuit Quickbase  Oracle apps  Perot Systems CSC  Rackspace  SAP apps Backup IBM Hosting  Intuit apps  EDS Connected Unisys  Azaleos Telstra* Sprint* BMW* Siemens* Over 1 Billion consumers receive cloud services from customers of NetApp 30
  31. 31. Leaders Rely on NetAppMission Critical Enterprise Scale 12+ PB 18+ PB 6.5+ PB 6.5+ PBDemanding Workloads 350M email inboxes on 80+ PB 1.3 million email accounts 290M transaction per month 31
  32. 32. Shrink Backup Windows 96 hours to 15-31 minutes 16 hours to 10-15 minutes 12 hours to 10 minutes 36 hours to 20 minutes 8-10 hours to near-zero
  33. 33. Summary: Key DifferentiatorsThere are 5 key areas where NetApp is different fromevery other storage vendor in the industry: Data Protection – RAID-DP, SMVI, SnapMirror, Snapshots Single, multi-protocol OS (Reduce Complexity) – Single skillset and set of processes – Architectural Flexibility Innovations which reduce storage (Store Less) – Flexclone, SnapShot and Deduplication Allow application admins to manage storage (Faster IT) – Push protection decisions to the application layer Unmatched heterogeneity (Leverage What You Own) – We’re equal opportunity: All the value above for other vendors’ storage  33
  34. 34. Thank You 34