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presentation on entrepreneur ship

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  1. 1. Entrepreneurship By sk imame azam Co founder klu e market
  2. 2. Contents: • Introduction • Imagination • True dream • Visionary • Corns
  3. 3. Why we live : counting the people your life impacts.
  4. 4. But how many people will you really impact in life. Lets find out , Party is on guys.
  5. 5. Slowly the entrepreneur is waking up • How to fill these gap? • How about a start up? • If so, why? • Is there any risk?
  6. 6. To be frank startup are a 75% failure.
  7. 7. m
  8. 8. Who is an Entrepreneur ? • “Forget everything you learned,” they told me on the first day of law school. Three years and $150,000 later they erased from my mind all the half-truths I learned from school and my family. They were not teaching law, they acknowledged, they were teaching thinking. As an entrepreneur, you, too, have to relearn everything from scratch. By yourself.
  9. 9. HOW I FEEl • Mr. Fear. • Mr. Procrastinator 95% of us procrastinate • Mr. Over-optimism • Mr. Nothing’ New • Mr. Parent • Mr. More Info • Mr. Not Me • Mr. Popular
  10. 10. HOW TO FOCUS • Remind yourself why you’re in business. • List your top priorities. • Synchronize your breath and body
  11. 11. Being a visionary : • Predict roadblocks. • Flexibility to adapt to what customers want. • vision for their personal and their business
  12. 12. PATH TO SUccEsS? • Sergey Brin, his father mathematician. • Mark zuckerberg, his father dentist. • Roman Abramovich, Russian billionaire and owner of football club Chelsea.
  13. 13. The mind of an entrepreneur
  14. 14. How start up:
  15. 15. What is possible? • Before anyone told you what is possible, you already knew the answer: anything.
  16. 16. FEAR: “Screw it, Let’s do it! When you think about work, your brain can’t focus on the fear.
  17. 17. Success is not over night. • “They just hacked this in a couple nights on the weekend, and a week later got a million users” or “it was just a hobby they were doing on the side, but then one day the site crashed because of traffic.”
  18. 18. Check list: • MANTRA and SOUL MATES • Don’t write mission statements. • wendy's :healthy fast food... • fed ex : peace of mind.,,,, • nike :" authentic athletic performance..... • target :'democratize design
  19. 19. Check list • Its your money get it from them. • Be specific and simple. • Ask women about your business model. • MAT(Milestones,assumptions,tasks)
  20. 20. Check list
  21. 21. Check list
  22. 22. Check list
  23. 23. Why entrepreneur ? India: Nurturing Entrepreneurs
  24. 24. Statistics on the growth of India’s technology driven entrepreneurship are telling : In a recent survey by the Deloitte group, India ranks 2nd globally as home to the fastest growing technology firms. 82 Indian companies entered the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list of Asia-Pacific Companies in 2007 and the companies that have made it tothe Technology Fast 50 of India have an average three-year revenue growth of 489%
  25. 25. How entrepreneurs can make India a superpower
  26. 26. India has the potential to be among the world’s leading economies by 2050. Further, India’s economy can potentially gain significantly from the country’s characteristic features — a democratic open society, a strong technology base (with capacity for leapfrogging), unparalleled diversity, vibrant capital markets . An increasingly youthful population (50% of India is 25 years and younger), a sizeable market of a large number of customers with vast unmet needs as well as an environment of full and free competition in the private Sector.
  27. 27. Statistics of entrepreneurship
  28. 28. Statistics of entrepreneurship • Average age of a founder is 37. • Standard deviation in the age of founders is 8. • Youngest entrepreneur is 26 and the oldest one is 58. Wow, what a difference! • Average amount of funding: Rs. 25 crore. (USD 6.25 million) • Range of funding: Rs 0 – Rs 72 crore. (USD 18 million)
  29. 29. • India’s Ranking in Doing Business 2008 • Starting a Business -111 • Dealing with Licenses 134 • Employing Workers -85 • Registering Property -112 • Paying Taxes -165 • Trading Across Borders- 79 • Enforcing Contracts -177 • Closing a Business -137
  30. 30. Should We Need More Entrepreneurs than Managers ?
  31. 31. • Managers employed by large corporations use their creativity and intellect to make the Gates, Buffets and the Murdochs richer, whereas entrepreneurs make themselves and their nations richer. • Over 30% of Microsoft employees are Indians. The NASA relies on Indian brains for its various missions & IIT graduates are considered the worlds brightest. Why do these people flock to the US, simply because the US has more opportunities.
  32. 32. • What is the Role of an Entrepreneur in Economic Development ?
  33. 33. • Promotes Capital Formation • Creates Large-Scale Employment Opportunities • Promotes Balanced Regional Development • Reduces Concentration of Economic Power • Wealth Creation and Distribution • Increasing Gross National Product and Per Capita Income • They are wealth creators.
  34. 34. • If India needs to exterminate poverty, we have to grow. To grow, we have to employ the unemployed. NASSCOM and CII have estimated that if India wants to be a developed country by 2020, it needs to create 10 million jobs. The million-dollar
  35. 35. • Thank you