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East Haven Animal Shelter Beer & Wine Tasting Slideshow

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Shelter wine tasting v5

  1. 1. The East Haven Animal Shelter Please take a look at our pictures of:Animals we have helped with our medical fund andyour generous donations…Some of our alumni that found their forever homes…Animals currently available for adoption.
  2. 2. Sophie This sweet senior girl was dumped at the shelter. We gave her a full medical workup and she found a wonderful new home!
  3. 3. Henry Henry came to us with a badly injured leg that became infected. It took some medical care and TLC, but Henry’s leg eventually healed and he is loved in his new home.
  4. 4. Autumn Autumn had been hit in the head and suffered head trauma, and had to be hospitalized for several days. She is very happy now!
  5. 5. Harley!!!Our goofy boy Harley couldnot gain weight and wasextremely thin. After muchtesting he was diagnosedwith a disorder that causeshis body to not absorbprotein. He is onmedication and is enjoyingthe beach life in LosAngeles!
  6. 6. Lady This sweet girl came in infested with fleas and with significant hair loss due to a flea allergy. She is doing very well in her new home and is much loved.
  7. 7. Charlie (formerly Harlee)Poor Charlie! She was originally hit by a car, thenshe suffered heatstroke, THEN she had to betreated for heartworm. After all that, it took almosta year for her to find her perfect home! Totallyspoiled now, as you can see..
  8. 8. Sasha Sasha was shot in the head by her owner and rescued from a house fire set by him. The public donated thousands of dollars towards her care, and she is now in her home sweet home.
  9. 9. We truly appreciate all the generous donations we receive– whether it’s food, bedding, cat litter, money or even air conditioners! We wouldn’t bewho we are without everyone’s help!
  10. 10. Cinderella This senior girl came in with very poor skin condition, and overall poor health, so we got her on medications and she is now doing great!
  11. 11. Notso Notso was hit by a car and sustained pelvic injuries. His owners couldn’t afford the care so we got him to the vets and fixed up, and he’s now in a new home.
  12. 12. Rin Adorable little Rin came in with a huge testicular tumor, so large that he could hardly walk or sit, and he was also heartworm positive. He had surgery and treatment and he’s adored now in his new home!
  13. 13. CassidyThis adorable boy came to the shelter after being hitby a car – his leg had to be amputated but it hasn’tstopped him at all. He loves his home and all hisfeline brothers and sisters, and his mom adores him!
  14. 14. Ellie Ellie came to us with very limited vision and was in poor physical condition. She needed constant eye drops and medication. She now lives in a home with other dogs and is the queen of the house!
  15. 15. Swisher Swisher is one of our alumni – his new family is so happy with him! We thank them for giving him such a great home!
  16. 16. Keke Before AfterKeke was abandoned in a foreclosed home – flea ridden, sufferingfrom bad skin allergies, hair loss, almost blind in both eyes, andanemic. She was treated and got a lot of TLC while at the shelter.Her new family loves her so much and she is doing great!!
  17. 17. We would like to send out a HUGEthank you to our ACO, Owen Little. Without him our shelter wouldn’tbe what it is today, and so manyanimals would not have been savedand found loving homes.
  18. 18. Tux Sweet boy Tux came into the shelter completely matted, and also heartworm positive, but at the time there was a nationwide shortage of the meds needed. He was taken into a foster home and one of our rescue friends helped find the medication needed. Thanks to all who helped!
  19. 19. Kid Rock!I had to put a pic of my boy,Kid Rock, in here. It tookhim over a year to find ahome, but he finally found agreat one!
  20. 20. Apollo Another happy adoptee! Apollo’s family had adopted another dog, Champ, from us years ago. When he passed away they came to the shelter, met Apollo, and fell in love!
  21. 21. Theo! (aka Chase)Before After  Before You may know him as Chase, and chase him we did, for months! After finally getting him to the shelter, he had lost 75% of his coat, had fleas and open sores, and was diagnosed with severe cases of mange and scabies. He is now happy and healthy in his forever home with 2 other dogs and enjoying the love and life he deserves.
  22. 22. AveryBEFORE AFTERAvery was left at our shelter when his owner no longer wantedhim – he was almost hairless and suffering from a bad infection.He was treated, but got very depressed at the shelter. He wasadopted by a wonderful family and is now completely spoiled!
  23. 23. MorkieIsn’t he cute!!?? Andyes, all that hair cameoff this poor little guy.He could barely moveuntil we had him shaveddown, and he was sohappy once that filthy,matted coat was gone!
  24. 24. Also a big shout out to our former Asst ACO Kristina Ruszczyk for all her caring and dedication!! Kristina continues to help us find homes for our animals.And WELCOME to Anthony Purificato, our new Asst ACO!
  25. 25. MoonerPoor Mooner came in with a badly injured leg – we triedto save the leg, but it wouldn’t heal so we unfortunatelyhad to have it amputated. This did not stop Mooner fromfinding a great home though!
  26. 26. Tank This is our buddy Tank – he originally came to us as an injured pup and with the public’s help we were able to have surgery on his leg. Unfortunately Tank is back at the shelter and now needs surgery for his other leg. Donations are what we count on to help all of our animals…
  27. 27. Samantha & puppiesWe even help out expectant moms too! Samantha gavebirth to a litter of adorable puppies, all healthy andeveryone, including mom, were adopted!
  28. 28. Coco ChanelMiss Coco Chanel is oneof our all-time favoritegirls at the shelter! Shewas adopted and had tobe returned because thefamily lost their home,but she found anothergreat new home! Loveyou girl!!
  29. 29. PebblesWe don’t know whathappened to Pebbles,but she has a hard timewalking due to tremors,but it doesn’t stop herfrom getting around andalso from being adopted– she is such a prettygirl and we all love her!
  30. 30. MaggieOur beloved Sally wasabandoned when her ownermoved out of his home. Shehad a horrible skin condition,and we found out later shealso had Cushing’s Disease.She passed away recently, butknew love and happiness inher new home. We thank herowners for caring for her andmaking her last days so full oflove…
  31. 31. IsaacLittle Isaac was so sick when he came in we didn’tthink he was going to make it. With vet care and alot of TLC, he is a beautiful boy today, and loves hisbest buddy Gumbo!
  32. 32. Queenie Queenie came to us as a stray and was with us for 7+ months. She finally got her day, and look at her now!!!
  33. 33. Duke Duke was a handful, to say the least. A little bit of work from our dedicated volunteers and he is now in his forever home.
  34. 34. We would also like to thank our dedicated volunteers… Lesley Simoni Kathi Otto Georgia Bagdi Behz Akhund and others… Their time and dedication has helped so manyanimals not only become healthy and happy, but find their forever homes.
  35. 35. Quentin - Adoptable Quentin was picked up roaming the Q-bridge. He was frozen with fear his first few days here but now he is just as happy go lucky as they come! He is one of the sweetest dogs ever, and loves giving big kisses!
  36. 36. Murphy - Adoptable Murphy is a stray, who from day one was very friendly. He is happy, goofy & just a loveable boy and is looking for a place to call home.
  37. 37. “Throw Away Momma” - AdoptableThis beautiful, gentle young girl was brought into us along with her2 sons without any real reason. This momma and her babies wereperfectly sweet from go. She is a little over 1 year old and doesn’tmind being picked up and is very easygoing & affectionate
  38. 38. Black Kittens & Mom - Adoptable  They were dumped outside our shelter in the back along with the mom, who is only a kitten herself. She is VERY sweet! She kept her 2 babies safe from harm until we were able to catch them all. The babies, 1 male are about 6 weeks old. So need to stay with mom for at least 2 more weeks. Mom is about 10 months old and will need a forever home soon as well.
  39. 39. Lana - AdoptableLana is a 5 yearold beautiful female kitty- she was very shy andscared when she came inbut she has reallyblossomed, and now sheloves attention. Therewere too many cats in thehouse that she was in, sowe are hoping to find hera nice quiet home.
  40. 40. Pretty Samantha - Adoptable This sweet girl was brought in when the other cats in the house didnt like her. Samantha is very affectionate and loves attention! She is approximately 5 years old and would love to get into a new home very soon!
  41. 41. #70 - Adoptable He came to us in a litter of 7 kittens that were found in an abandoned home. He is almost 8 weeks old, and would love a home with some kitty friends to play with. He is a typical kitten and loves to jump, play and get into trouble
  42. 42. Noodles - Adoptable Noodles has this incredible wiggle when you meet him, like a Noodle, hence the name. Noodles is a very energetic and friendly dog who loves to run around and play with adults and children. He absolutely loves to play with toys as well.
  43. 43. Lucky!!! - AdoptableLucky came to us as a strayand surprisingly was neverclaimed. He gets along withother dogs, big and small, aswell as children of all ages.He loves to learn and willgive you big wet kisses inreturn, and he walks verywell on leash. He is thePERFECT FAMILY DOG!!A dog like this does notcome around too often!
  44. 44. Bonnie - Adoptable Bonnie is a beautiful middle-aged girl with a lovely chocolate colored coat. Bonnie would be great for someone to cuddle and watch a movie with in the winter with a few short walks during the day. Bonnie is happy & affectionate and loves to be around people.
  45. 45. Thank you to all of you, who are heretonight, to help animals in need! Youare VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!