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The Gulfstream Aerospace Production Review and Analysis presentation for Embry-Riddle MSA 641 Production and Procurement Management course in graduate studies

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Gulfstream Aerospace

  1. 1. Gulfstream AerospaceProduction & Procurement Review & Analysis<br />MSA 641 – Production & Procurement Management <br />Final Presentation<br />December 2010<br />by Can Bayrak<br />
  2. 2. Overview<br />Background & History<br />Product Line<br />Innovation <br />Product Support<br />Supplier Relations <br />Customer Relations<br />Production<br />Story of a GV<br />Conclusion<br />References<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Background<br />What does Gulfstream Aerospace do?<br />Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation is a global manufacturer of business jet aircraft.<br />“The Gulfstream product line offers an exceptional combination of price, performance, and value-added customer preferences in each segment of the mid-cabin to ultra-large-cabin business jet market.”<br />Gulfstream employs more than 9700 people at seven major locations: Savannah, GA; Appleton, WI; Dallas, TX; Long Beach, CA; Brunswick, GA; London, UK; and Mexicali, Mexico.<br />34 governments operate Gulfstream jets and 22 countries, incl. the US, use Gulfstream aircraft to transport their head-of-state.<br />Gulfstream aircraft have also been reconfigured and equipped to be involved in missions as diverse as maritime and aerial reconnaissance, medical evacuation, and pilot and astronaut training.<br />3<br />
  4. 4. History<br />1958 - First appearance as the G-I (a turboprop driven) series of Grumman Aircraft Engineering Co. <br />1966 – At the beginning of GII series production, military focused Grumman separated the business aircraft division and relocated in Savannah, GA.<br />1977 – The Gulfstream Line and the Savannah plant were sold to American Jet Industries, which was headed by an aviation entrepreneur Allen Paulson. Paulson renamed the company Gulfstream American.<br />1979 – GIII made its first flight. It also became the first business jet to fly over both poles.<br />1982 – The company renamed as Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.<br />1983 – The company went public by offering 8.8 Million shares of its stock.<br />4<br />
  5. 5. History<br />1985 – Chrysler acquired Gulfstream Aerospace. Gulfstream entered the Fortune 500 list from the 417th place.<br />1989 – Paulson and Forstmann Little & Co. teamed up and bought Gulfstream back from Chrysler for $825 Million.<br />1994 – Gulfstream signed its first 5-year contract with NetJets.<br />1997 – With the expansion of Savannah plant in ‘96, Gulfstream began manufacturing two different aircraft simultaneously, the GIV & GV.<br />1999 – General Dynamics acquired Gulfstream for $5 Billion.<br />2002 – Gulfstream renamed its products with Arabic numerals instead of Roman ones (i.e. GII to G200, GIV to G400).<br />2006 – Gulfstream started to replace its product line (i.e. G100 to G150, G400 to G450).<br />5<br />
  6. 6. Product Line<br />Mid-Size Class<br />Longest range & fastest speed in its class.<br />Powered by two Honeywell TFE731-40ARs<br />Avionics by Rockwell Collins ProLine 21<br />Being assembled by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) at Ben Gurion International <br />Maiden flight on May 3, 2005.<br />Robb Report ‘s 2010 Best of the Best Winner in mid-size cabin<br />Price: $15 Million<br />6<br />
  7. 7. Product Line<br />Available in 3 configurations (6 to 8 people):<br />The Executive<br />The Universal<br />The Hallmark<br />Acquisition includes:<br />5-years Warranty<br />Engines<br />Primary Structures<br />APU & Avionics<br />Training<br />Maintenance<br />Optional:<br />Enhanced Vision System TM <br />Wide Area Augmentation System<br />7<br />
  8. 8. Product Line<br />Super Mid-Size Class<br />Formerly known as IAI’s Galaxy line <br />Acquired by Gulfstream in 2001.<br />Went under several improvements:<br />Sound-Proofing Package<br />Redesigned Interior<br />Weight Reduction (approx. 600 pounds)<br />Powered by two Pratt & Whitney C306As<br />Avionics by Rockwell Collins ProLine 4<br />Being assembled by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) at Ben GurionInternational.<br />Maiden flight December 25, 1993.<br />Price: $ 23 Million <br />8<br />
  9. 9. Product Line<br />Available in 3 configurations (8 to 10 people):<br />The Executive<br />The Universal<br />The Hallmark<br />Acquisition includes:<br />5-years Warranty<br />Engines<br />Primary Structures<br />APU & Avionics<br />Training<br />Maintenance<br />Going to be replaced by G250 in 2011.<br />9<br />
  10. 10. Product Line<br /><ul><li>Super Mid-Size Class
  11. 11. Longest range & fastest speed in its class.
  12. 12. 3 Test aircraft are assembled by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) at Ben Gurion International.
  13. 13. Maiden flight December 11, 2009.
  14. 14. Going to replace G200 series:
  15. 15. Increased cabin length
  16. 16. New engine
  17. 17. New T-tail
  18. 18. New glass cockpit
  19. 19. Heated leading edges
  20. 20. 3 or more windows
  21. 21. Increased range
  22. 22. Decreased runway requirements
  23. 23. Powered by two Honeywell HTF7250G
  24. 24. Avionics by Rockwell Collins PlaneView250TM
  25. 25. Price: $ 24 Million </li></ul>10<br />
  26. 26. Product Line<br /><ul><li>Available in 3 configurations (8 to 10 people):
  27. 27. The Executive
  28. 28. The Universal
  29. 29. The Hallmark
  30. 30. Optional:
  31. 31. Enhanced Vision System TM
  32. 32. HUD II (Heads up Display)
  33. 33. Synthetic Vision (SV-PFD) System
  34. 34. Expected to be certified in 2011.</li></ul>11<br />
  35. 35. Product Line<br />Large Class<br />Large Cabin, Mid-Range<br />Powered by two Rolls Royce Tay Mk 611-8Cs<br />Avionics by Honeywell PlaneViewTM<br />Being assembled at the Savannah, GA plant.<br />Replaced G300 series.<br />Visually identical to G450, but range is shorter. <br />Entered service in June 2005.<br />Optional:<br /><ul><li>Enhanced Vision System TM
  36. 36. HUD II (Heads up Display)
  37. 37. Synthetic Vision (SV-PFD) System</li></ul>Price: $33 Million<br />12<br />
  38. 38. Product Line<br />Available in 6 configurations (12 to 16 people):<br />The Executive (Forward & Aft)<br />The Universal (Forward & Aft)<br />The Hallmark (Forward & Aft)<br />13<br />
  39. 39. Product Line<br />Super Large Class<br />Large Cabin, Long-Range<br />Powered by two Rolls Royce Tay Mk 611-8Cs<br />Avionics by Honeywell PlaneViewTM<br />Being assembled at the Savannah, GA plant.<br />Replaced G400 series.<br />Visually identical to G350, but range is longer. <br />Maiden flight on April 30th, 2003.<br />Standardized Enhanced Vision System TM <br />Optional:<br /><ul><li>HUD II (Heads up Display)
  40. 40. Synthetic Vision (SV-PFD) System</li></ul>Price: $40 Million<br />14<br />
  41. 41. Product Line<br />Available in 6 configurations (12 to 16 people):<br />The Executive (Forward & Aft)<br />The Universal (Forward & Aft)<br />The Hallmark (Forward & Aft)<br />Robb Report ‘s 2010 Best of the Best Winner in large-size cabin<br />15<br />
  42. 42. Product Line<br />Super Large Class<br />Large Cabin, Ultra Long-Range<br />Powered by two Rolls Royce BR710 C4-11s<br />Avionics by Honeywell PlaneViewTM<br />Being assembled at the Savannah, GA plant.<br />Reduced range of G550.<br />Visually identical to G550, but range is shorter. <br />Maiden flight on November 28th, 1995.<br />Optional:<br /><ul><li>Enhanced Vision System II TM
  43. 43. HUD II (Heads up Display)
  44. 44. Synthetic Vision (SV-PFD) System</li></ul>Price: $42.5 Million<br />16<br />
  45. 45. Product Line<br />Available in 6 configurations (14 to 18 people):<br />The Executive (Forward & Aft)<br />The Universal (Forward & Aft)<br />The Hallmark (Forward & Aft)<br />17<br />
  46. 46. Product Line<br />Longer Range Class<br />Large Cabin, Ultra Long-Range<br />Powered by two Rolls Royce BR710 C4-11s<br />Avionics by Honeywell PlaneViewTM<br />Being assembled at the Savannah, GA plant.<br />Increased range of G500.<br />Visually identical to G550, but range is longer. <br />Maiden flight on November 28th, 1995.<br /><ul><li>Standardized HUD </li></ul>Optional:<br /><ul><li>Enhanced Vision System II TM
  47. 47. Synthetic Vision (SV-PFD) System</li></ul>Price: $58.5 Million<br />18<br />
  48. 48. Product Line<br />Available in 12 configurations (14 to 18 people):<br />The Executive (Forward & Aft)<br />The Universal (Forward & Aft)<br />The Hallmark (Forward & Aft)<br />Plus, cabin crew configurations<br />19<br />
  49. 49. Product Line<br />Longer Range Class<br />Ultra Large Cabin, Ultra Long-Range<br />Powered by two Rolls Royce BR725 A1-12s<br />Avionics by Honeywell PlaneView II TM<br />5 Test aircraft were assembled at the Savannah, GA plant.<br />The fastest civilian aircraft ever built.<br />Maiden flight on November 25th, 2009.<br />Expected to be type certificated (TC) in 2011.<br />Expected first delivery in 2012.<br />will be completely fly-by-wire.<br /><ul><li>Standardized:
  50. 50. Enhanced Vision System II TM
  51. 51. HUD II (Heads up Display)
  52. 52. Synthetic Vision (SV-PFD) System</li></ul>Price: $64.5 Million<br />20<br />
  53. 53. Product Line<br />Available in 12 configurations (13 to 18 people):<br />The Executive (Forward & Aft)<br />The Universal (Forward & Aft)<br />The Hallmark (Forward & Aft)<br />Plus, cabin crew configurations<br />21<br />
  54. 54. Innovation<br />Broad Band Multi Link (BBML)<br />Delivers Internet access via a broad band data channel between the aircraft and the ground.<br />Data speed is up to 3.5 Mbps<br />Offered for Large, Super Large, and Long-range Jets (G300 and up)<br />Supplied by ARINC <br />Enhanced Vision System (EVS) I & II<br />A nose-mounted FLIR (forward-looking infrared) camera to generate actual, real-time images of the aircraft’s surroundings.<br />Designed by Elbit Systems of America – Commercial Aviation Kollsman<br />EVS dramatically increases situational awareness at night and during low-visibility daylight conditions by allowing pilots to see terrain, runways, taxiways and approaches that are undetectable by unaided sight.<br />460+ Gulfstream aircraft with EVS I<br />30+ Gulfstream aircraft with EVS II<br />22<br />22<br />
  55. 55. Innovation<br />PlaneBookTM<br />Electronic document manager that Gulfstream innovated.<br />%100 paperless solution to flight documentation.<br />Can be used as a tablet PC as well.<br />Fujitsu hardware & Windows OS.<br />PlaneConnectTM<br />Transmits reports on your aircraft to experts on the ground all while you’re en route.<br />Providing an automatic update of the condition of your aircraft during flight.<br />Enables speedy resolution of any maintenance issues which may arise.<br />The information identifies new trends with system reliability so that investigations can be ordered sooner and fleet corrective actions implemented faster.<br />23<br />23<br />
  56. 56. Innovation<br />Synthetic Vision – Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD) <br />A large three-dimensional color image of terrain overlaid with the PFD instrument readings.<br />Improved two dimensional blue over brown image<br />Developed with Honeywell<br /> Includes both traditional and Head-Up Display (HUD) symbology; such as attitude, altitude, airspeed, bank and steering cues, flight path marker, Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) alerts, and Traffic alert Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) all remain the same.<br />Optional upgrade to current operators of PlaneView-equipped Gulfstream G550, G500, G450 and G350 business jet models.<br />24<br />24<br />
  57. 57. Innovation<br />PlaneViewTM<br />The most advanced integrated flight deck in existence - in display technology, avionics architecture, processing power and its exclusive Interactive Navigation (INAV) management system<br />Honeywell Primus Epic Avionics Suite implemented<br />Includes the EVS & SV-PFD<br />The open architecture provides the capability to easily integrate avionics functions that are not yet envisioned.<br />Optional JeppesenFlightDeck® charts & maps.<br />25<br />25<br />
  58. 58. Product Support<br />The largest company-owned product-support network in business aviation.<br />Along with General Dynamics Aviation Services:<br />11 company owned service centers worldwide<br />14 authorized warranty and line service facilities<br />3000+ professionals dedicated to product support program.<br />A dedicated G100 to deliver flight-essential parts and a technician to Gulfstream aircraft under warranty at airports throughout North America, Central America and the Caribbean. <br />24 hr. technical support<br />Gulfstream operators consistently rank Gulfstream Product Support Program #1 in the annual survey conducted by Professional Pilot magazine and in the AIN Product Support Survey.<br />26<br />
  59. 59. Product Support<br />$1billion worth of inventory only in the US.<br />$600 million worth of inventory worldwide.<br />Gulfstream recently established a $40 million North American parts facility in Memphis, TN to provide late-night and overnight-shipping service.<br />International network of parts warehouses, distribution centers, and authorized warranty service facilities:<br />Hong Kong, China<br />Madrid, Spain<br />Singapore<br />London, UK<br />Basel, Switzerland<br />Sao Paulo, Brazil<br />Moscow, Russia<br /><ul><li>Sendai, Japan
  60. 60. Mumbai, India
  61. 61. Tel Aviv, Israel
  62. 62. Hannover, Germany
  63. 63. Dubai, U.A.E.
  64. 64. Johannesburg, South Africa
  65. 65. Sydney, Australia</li></ul>27<br />
  66. 66. Supplier Relations<br />Gulfstream Aerospace Supply Chain Management portal<br />Contains all the guidelines and detailed information a supplier will need to work with Gulfstream<br />The portal creates a customer-focused, world-class strategic environment that produces expertise in the areas of strategic sourcing, materials management and supplier relationships.<br />Contains Quality Assurance requirements that each supplier should meet.<br />Enhances the suppliers to get in touch among each other, which improves communication quality.<br />Annual Gulfstream ‘Supplier of the Year’ Awards<br />Enhances the supplier dedication, which improves the overall quality and, thereby, increases the customer value of the aircraft.<br />Categories of total value chain cost, quality, reliability, delivery, and product and aftermarket support.<br />28<br />
  67. 67. Supplier Relations<br />PPG Aerospace<br />Supplies Gulfstream with high-solids topcoat, sealants, windshields, cockpit and passenger-cabin windows, and various light lenses<br />Winner of 2008 & 2009 Supplier of the Year award<br />VOLT Workforce Solutions<br />Volt supplies aerospace engineers, IT professionals and manufacturing personnel to Gulfstream’s service centers.<br />Winner of a 2009 Supplier of the Year award<br />Aircell<br />World’s leading provider of in-flight connectivity<br />Makes two new high-speed network services beneficial to Gulfstream customers at the factory: SwiftBroadband Solution (only for G150 andG200) & Gogo Biz™ Inflight Internet<br />Goodyear<br />Supplies Gulfstream with its Flight Eagle® tires<br />Winner of a 2009 Supplier of the Year award<br />29<br />
  68. 68. Supplier Relations<br />Deutsch<br />Electrical connector supplier to Gulfstream Aerospace, operates a VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) program within Gulfstream Aerospace which is responsible for the kitting and on JIT delivery of connectors to the manufacturing floor.<br />Winner of a 2008 Supplier of the Year award<br />L-3 Crestview (subsidiary of L-3 Communications)<br />One of the most biggest providers of aircraft modification, fabrication and assembly in the world<br />Uses lean manufacturing techniques and continuous improvement process to ensure its products and services result in enduring customer satisfaction.<br />Winner of a 2008 Supplier of the Year award<br />Coastal Logistics Group (CLG)<br />Offers Manufacturing & Distribution Support Services<br />Winner of a 2008 Supplier of the Year award<br />30<br />
  69. 69. Customer Relations<br />The Gulfstream Outstanding Flight Award Program<br />The program was launched in 2008.<br />Designed specifically to reward Gulfstream operators, both commercial and governmental, who use their aircraft in the most outstanding and noteworthy manner each year.<br />Amway Corp. and the U.S. Air Force’s 310th Airlift Squadron namedas the 2009 winners<br />Phoenix Air Group Inc. and the U.S. Navy’s Executive Transport Detachment Pacific named as the 2010 winners<br />An excellent opportunity for Gulfstream to highlight not only the superior performance and safety of the operators, but also the outstanding performance and significant safety features of Gulfstream aircraft (Lombardo, 2008).<br />31<br />
  70. 70. Customer Relations<br />NetJets<br />Gulfstream’s biggest affair<br />First 5-year contract in 1994.<br />Gulfstream dedicated a special group just to satisfy NetJets operators.<br />The NetJets Support Team dedicated to initiating and monitoring unscheduled maintenance activities for the composite Gulfstream fleet of large- and mid-cabin aircraft.<br />The specialists liaison directly with the operator and multiple maintenance providers to ensure adequate support wherever the aircraft may be located.<br />U.S. Government<br />A dedicated group within Gulfstream headed by a Vice President<br />2nd biggest customer after NetJets.<br />The Government Leased Five Gulfstream C-37A Aircraft In $477 Million Lease And Maintenance Agreement for 10 years, started in 2001.<br />An additional C-37A was ordered by the Air Force in 2010.<br />The House Appropriations Committee added another $132 million dollars to the bill in July 2009 for a total of 3 C-37A aircraft.<br />The FAA’s Gulfstream has the tail number # N1.<br />32<br />
  71. 71. Customer Relations<br />Apple Board Of Directors Rewarded CEO Steve Jobs With Gulfstream V in 2000.<br />Gulfstream devoted special resources to assist customers at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.<br />National Air Services (NAS), the largest and fastest-growing independent provider of private aviation and fractional share services in the Middle East , signed a multi-aircraft contract for three G450s with options for 17 more G450s which if exercised will make the total potential value of the contract in excess of US$650 million.<br />Israeli Air Forceagreement valued at some $174 million for three GVs, with an option for a second 10-year customer logistic support program valued at $32 million.<br />$100 million contract by Japan Coast Guard for two GVs.<br />Asia Jet, a Hong Kong-based private charter company, ordered a G150, a G200, and a G250.<br />33<br />
  72. 72. a Visual Supply Chain<br />34<br />
  73. 73. Production<br />Challenges:<br />Producing two or more different models at the same time.<br />Lowering the costs while increasing the quality and safety of the product. <br />Due to rapid changing market, adaptation should be as fast as possible.<br />Performing more “final phase manufacturing” while utilizing less capacity.<br />Constraints:<br />The “final phase manufacturing” capacity is limited.<br />Each aircraft is different.<br />Different engineering configurations<br />Personnel skills<br />Inventory outfitting and manufacturing devices cost.<br />The cycle time was over 30 weeks, not a competitive advantage at all.<br />Aircraft is a difficult product to test, maintain, and service.<br />So, how did Gulfstream Aerospace handle these challenges and overcome aircraft production issues?<br />35<br />
  74. 74. Production<br />The Answer: “Reducing variability while keeping diversity high.”<br />Concurrent manufacturing and the Rollback program triggered Lean Production and Continuous Improvement among assembly level activities.<br />“Within the value-stream of manufacturing, you have the necessity, if not the obligation, of maximizing the distribution of resources and tasks (Lombardo, 2004).”<br />80% of the customers are looking for the same, standard configurations. <br />Reduction of cycle-times<br />Standardized engineering methods (drawings, software, personnel skill, etc.)<br />Standardized wiring, furniture, and cockpit solutions<br />Standard requirements are, thereby, rolled back to initial phase manufacturing.<br />12-week outfitting cycle went down to four weeks.<br />Gulfstream also value-stream maps its supplier activities and tries to find solutions to reduce costs.<br />What else does Gulfstream do for quality improvement?<br />36<br />
  75. 75. Production<br />The Answer: “Total Quality Management (TQM) is a must.”<br />Since the number of industrial engineers are limited to identify every single waste, employees are empowered by suggesting ideas to the “parking lot” idea pool.<br />The parking lot is the pool of ideas that every employee from every level might suggest anything to improve lean manufacturing process by eliminating waste.<br />To avoid excessive debris, the ideas are filtered according to following criteria:<br />The idea should support 5-year lean vision.<br />There must be a positive business case for it.<br />There must be sufficient resources and budget for the idea.<br />Clear definition of objectives with responsibility and schedule.<br />Every ‘suitable’ idea are analyzed regarding its cost vs. benefit ratio<br />In essence, Gulfstream focuses on Lean and 6-Sigma concepts to eliminate waste while improving overall quality and decreasing costs. <br />Continuous Improvement is one of the key components of the process.<br />37<br />
  76. 76. Production<br />G450 & G550 Examples:<br />Both aircraft has its final phase manufacturing at the Savannah plant.<br />G45 & G550 are visually identical.<br />Required pilot ratings are the same.<br />They share most of the electrical infrastructure (cockpit displays, pressurization system, nose landing gear, oxygen & fire extinguishing systems, etc.)<br />Since common systems require identical parts, the inventory variety is minimal.<br />Reduction in various aspects:<br />Skilled personnel<br />Testing<br />Maintenance costs<br />Support difficulty<br />Training costs<br />Overall Inventory<br />38<br />
  77. 77. Production<br />Innovative G650<br />Parts count has been slashed by 50%, compared to previous large cabin aircraft.<br />The large aluminum components assemblies have precisely positioned with pre-drilled mounting holes for fasteners.<br />Assembly time slashed because no custom fitting, machining or filing is needed to build the primary airframe structure.<br />However, G650 is a clean sheet product line for Gulfstream. <br />There are various aspects that might increase cycle time:<br />All fly-by-Wire aircraft<br />New certification<br />New pilot rating requirements<br />Additional test aircraft<br />200+ orders today, valuing approximately $13 Billion.<br />39<br />
  78. 78. Production Rates<br /> Source: GAMA<br />40<br />
  79. 79. Story of a GV<br />High-performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental Research (HIAPER)<br />An advanced airborne research platform built and modified to serve the National Science Foundation's environmental research needs for the next several decades.<br />One of the Special Missions of Gulfstream Aerospace<br />In December 2001, Gulfstream was awarded the contract of manufacturing a special modified GV which will be used for testing scientific payloads at such high altitudes that will enable scientists to conduct important atmospheric studies in and near the Tropopause.<br />Modifications were made by Gulfstream and Lockheed Martin at Savannah, GA plant & Greenville, SC center, respectively. <br />While a regular GV costs approximately $56 million, the HIAPER GV cost around $80 million.<br />Production of the basic green aircraft was completed in 2002.<br />Lockheed Martin kept the aircraft for testing and modification until June 2004.<br />The final product delivered to the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research in 2005.<br />41<br />
  80. 80. Story of a GV<br />42<br />
  81. 81. Conclusion<br />Assemble-to-Order approach<br />80% of the orders are standard configurations.<br />The interior and additional Cockpit solutions are implemented on demand.<br />Initial manufacturing phases are not interrupted by any customization demand.<br />The customization occurs is during final manufacturing phases.<br />Various Lean Manufacturing and 6-Sigma approaches<br />Multiple Test aircraft, testing different systems concurrently.<br />Multiple aircraft production simultaneously.<br />Robust supplier & customer relations benefit both quality and inventory flow.<br />Initial Manufacturing phases are done in several sites around the globe.<br />Final Manufacturing phases are done in several sites around the globe as well (Savannah & Israel plants).<br />Even though Gulfstream strives for reducing variability in product line, the company competes at several markets.<br />Mid, Large, and Ultra-Large cabin portfolio<br />43<br />
  82. 82. References<br />Anonymous. (2010, August 28). PPG Aerospace Earns Gulfstream 2009 Supplier of the Year Awards. Investment Weekly News.<br />Anonymous. (2010, September 13). Volt Workforce Solutions Receives Gulfstream Supplier of the Year Award. Professional Services Close - Up. Jacksonville.<br />Anselmo, J. C., Garvey, W. (2010, October 18). The Haves and Have Nots. Aviation Week & Space Technology, 52-62. <br />Business Editors. (2003, October 30). API assists Gulfstream achieve number one product support rating. Business Wire.<br />General Aviation Manufacturers Association. (2010). Shipment database statistics. Retrieved December/1, 2010, from <br />George, F. (n.d.). G650 Assembly. Aviation Week. McGraw Hill.<br />Gulfstream Aerospace. (2010). News home. Retrieved November/29, 2010, from<br />Gulfstream Aerospace. (2010). Products enhancements home. Retrieved November/29, 2010, from<br />Gulfstream Aerospace. (2010). Products overview. Retrieved November/29, 2010, from<br />Gulfstream Aerospace. (2010). Product support home. Retrieved November/29, 2010, from<br />Gulfstream Aerospace. (2010). Sites home. Retrieved November/29, 2010, from<br />High-performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental Research (HIAPER). (2010). HIAPER project office. Retrieved November/29, 2010, from<br />Lombardo, J. T. (2004, November). Concurrent manufacturing, re-engineering and variability control. Presented at the Fifty-Sixth Advanced Manufacturing Forum. The Pennsylvania State University, PA.<br />National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). (2010). Member directory. Retrieved November/29, 2010, from<br />Peaford, A., Nichols, S., Thomas, G. (2011). 2011 Pocket Guide to Business Aircraft. Flightglobal<br />Trimble, S., Hall, T. (2010, October 12). Diversity Rules. Flight International, 64-65.<br />44<br />