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  • 1. Vasco Nunez de Balboa Chloe 2/12/2009 Las Flores Elementary School Research Report
  • 2. Early Life
            • Vasco Nunez de Balboa was born in the year of 1475. He was born at Estre Maduro, Jerez de los Caballeros, Castile, Spain.
            • His first family was rich, but they gave him away to a poor family. So, he was mostly poor his entire life.
            • He was the third of four children.
            • His father, Don Nuno Arias de Balboa, was the ruler of Darien for three years, (Starting on April 4, 1511)
            • His mother was the lady of Badajoz.
  • 3. Previous Experience
    • He was a gentleman by birth, an adventurer by inclination. He actually never had a “job” other than being an explorer.
    • Balboa was sent to a school where he was the very best student out of all the young students who were also sent there.
  • 4. Exploration
    • Vasco Nunez de Balboa tried four voyages.
    • His fourth voyage lead him to set eyes on the Pacific Ocean.
    • He discovered the Pacific Ocean on September 25, 1513.
    • Though, the Governor said he must be executed because of “rebellion”.
    • The Governor also thought he tried to steal the crown. Of course,he didn’t.
  • 5. Results
    • No one thought Balboa was guilty for anything.
    • Many explorers after used that route and found new land.
    • Captain Samuel S. Dunnells founded an island and named it after Balboa. [Balboa Island AKA Balboa]
  • 6. Conclusion
    • Balboa died on January 12, 1519; Almost 6 years after his discovery.
    • He died in Acla, Panama.
    • He was sadly and painfully executed.
    • He is remembered as an amazing and [useful] explorer. [Especially in Balboa Island.]
  • 7. Bibliography
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