The Jordan Edge


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The Jordan Edge Project Launching

First Teleconference Meeting, Agenda and Results

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The Jordan Edge

  1. 1. Jordan’s Brain Gain Group The Jordan Edge Making The Edge First Teleconference Agenda and Results
  2. 2. Welcoming Brain Gain The Group was conceptualized and launched by Kareem Kawar to whom we dedicate any initiative taken under this umbrella
  3. 3. Special Thanks To the Makers In Sequence of their Comments • Bayan Shadaideh • Joe Ayyoub • Karim Kawar • Eyad Mansour • Rohaifa Hallak • Akram Ayoub • Nader Jadallah • Ra’id Arabiyat • Ziad Duwairi • Charles Shaban • Ghaith Rabadi • Faisal khatib
  4. 4. Participant’s Brief Introductions Participants in the teleconference introduce them-briefly Name Specialization Country How long they have been away
  5. 5. The Jordan Edge Summary of discussed Points • The Human Element is the Edge • Jordanian Human Assets in the Silicon Valley to be a marketed to investors to invest in Jordan • The presence of a strong local/ regional economy with clear, open and somewhat guaranteed market access, to see their product. And ,The presence of a strong local value chain to quot;Simplifyquot; their approach to business in the region are needed • Developing and Marketing off-shore business to investors, based on the Human Capital • Showcasing the Jordanian Human Assets is adamant... • Jordan can capitalize and succeed only if we can find our own competitive edge but not “The Me Too” one • We have to capitalize on the Changes taking place in the world economy to our benefit • The Jordan Edge is Jordanian Human Power in Management, IT and Telecom • Other points for discussion Sustaining this resource in a flat world ,Education , Professional Training ,Marketing our resources , Exporting our resources • Small to medium acquisition potential or JV. How you can find and reach those potential Jordanian companies? And how you can make your plans and ideas know to Jordanian companies so they can approach you?
  6. 6. Points for Discussion • Is The Human Element our Edge? • What Else ? • If The Human Element is it, what makes it unique regionally and globally? • How can we develop these competencies Further? • How can we Showcase and Market that element? • What can The Jordanian Human Capital outside Jordan do to develop that edge? • How would that be the key element to attract investors?
  7. 7. What did we Agree on?
  8. 8. What is the next Step? How?
  9. 9. Meeting Results After only 20 days of posting The Jordan Edge, we have succeeded to have an excellent fruitful meeting, in which we had wonderful turnout of participants. The participants had intense passion which made the discussion steered to reach solid and tangible action points, and stir very insightful important points. We have succeeded in covering the agenda and went beyond the aspired expectations considering it is our first meeting
  10. 10. The Jordanian Edge After a general introduction to re-assert the main objective, we agreed and confirmed the fact that was discussed, that the Jordanian Edge is undoubtedly the Human Capital
  11. 11. What are the competencies that make the Jordanian Human Element Unique? • Technical • Reliable • Ethical • Well Educated • Excel in the Information Technology and Finance Fields. Wonderful Examples about Jordanian Stars in the Silicon Valley were shared, as well as in the MENA and Gulf Region of Jordanians that have achieved very unique and influential positions.
  12. 12. Genuine Concerns in this area were raised including; • Since we have such High Quality Impactful Brains, we need to showcase this strength. • We need to develop and nurture the general business skills, Managerial and Leadership and Definitely Innovation. • Jordanian Assets living outside Jordan live with the passionate dream of leveraging and developing their Mother Land • We need to know HOW we built this edge, so we know how to maintain and sustain it.
  13. 13. Developing the Edge; How do we showcase and invest in the Jordanian Brain Power? • We need to build our data base of the Jordanian Pinnacles that are outside Jordan • Jordanian Seniors in the Information Technology world can definitely influence their companies to seriously consider investing in Jordan • Since almost everyone comes to Jordan in the summer we can plan a gathering that can be our first meeting in person • Use the examples of Jordanian Successful Assets as Role Models, to motivate and inspire Jordanian Youth. • Start working on our general concerns in this aspect, and develop action plans • Begin Development of Jordanian Caliber at a young age • Mr. Kareem suggested that we begin looking at the already existing organizations and entities that can be of help, and for the needs that we find missing we can definitely build the entities for that purpose.
  14. 14. Building the Bridge We need to not forget the Wealth of Brain Power inside Jordan as well, and the true and most significant edge will only come from the synergy we can reach by building the bridge of Jordanian Human Powers between those who are in Jordan and those who are outside representing Jordan in the world.
  15. 15. Building the Bridge; How can we do that? • The Indian “Tie” Experience was discussed Which we can definitely study as an example, and begin developing the Jordanian Version. • Begin by enlarging and developing the group by expanding the number of members • Considering developing a Face Book Group to publicize the linkedin group
  16. 16. The needs and concerns of Jordanians outside Jordan especially in the Gulf Area We discussed a case that shed the light on Jordanian working in the Gulf Region, Saudi Arabia specifically, which helped us look at some of the important aspects that affect the wellbeing and image of Jordanian Human Power.
  17. 17. The Jordan Edge Foundation • Participants were extremely thrilled by how strong and useful our meetings can be, which made us develop a plan for further development and consolidation. • We need to agree on the strategic goals; Purpose, Vision, Mission, Then agree on our objectives • Develop the FOUNDERS COMMITTEE • Meet Every Thursday same timing, for it is feasible for all • Think about another option for our meetings that could make it even easier, like Skype • Share Contact Information • Continue with the same positive spirit
  18. 18. Participants In The Teleconference Kareem Kawar, Bayan Shadaideh, Joe Ayyoub, Ra'id Arabiyat, Rula Habash, Nader Jadallah, Zaid Duwairi, and Eyad Mansour.
  19. 19. Join us to Make The Edge For Joining our Thursday conferences Please find updates on future discussion points in the Brain Gain Group Your comments are of extreme value to us, please participate in our discussions and share your points.