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Self-Knowledge for Knuckleheads
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Self-Knowledge for Knuckleheads



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  • 1. Act 3 The Type 3 Solidness of the World, as told by n Knucklehead Last In First Out owledge 4 uckleheads LIFO theater presents The Sense of Solidness * The Mystic Physics of Shiva‟s Chakras Act 2 The Type 2 Solidness of the Spiritual Heart, as told by Airhead Act 1 The Type 1 Solidness of the Self, as told by Brickhead * If everything we‟ve ever experienced were made of false solidness, what would true solidness be? “All appearance and disappearance pre-supposes change against achangeless background at once recognizable as the original existence.” Nisargadatta
  • 2. Afterward, At the Movies Knucklehead told his with the friends that he‟d 3 Spiritual been fascinated by Stooges the story One day, of Truth portrayedBrickhead, Airhead and as somethingKnucklehead went to tangible andtheir very first movie. substantial, ratherIt was called „The than Airhead hadDiamond of Truth‟. Brickhead was just an abstraction. seen also fascinated by the beam of light a single uniform from substance - the screen. Whereas the projector, and the light was he marveled that energetic and a single uniform creative, the screen substance could be was merely solid. responsible for all The light stands of the colors, for consciousness and the screen for self, shapes and and no two things
  • 3. see red I‟ll be your host. Separate A Knucklehead is anyone foolish enough to Sequential & have been bitten by the Simultaneous spirituality bug. I believe that each person sees the world in A a certain way, separate from others. Classification I like to approach System for spirituality the way and my Hi, I‟m Brickhead I Spiritual Seekers color approach other things, Hello, I‟m Airhead. My is blue, so I‟ll be happy to using logic andcolor is green, so be your host wherever you rationality,anywhere you see green, see blue. which I call „language 3‟,I‟ll be your host. or also started as a I I started out as a Knucklehead, but language‟. „the horizontal unlike myKnucklehead. friend, Airhead,I‟m fascinated by I feel that the ultimateconsciousness, and I feel truth is a fullness ofthat the ultimate truth fullness, something whichmust be something very is dense, substantial and„thin‟, like pure awareness solid in a way that nothing elseor perhaps emptiness. can be. I believe that we‟re I believe that inneralways moving through languagespoints of view are nested, and that a partin a sequential way, and of meI call this approach is always speaking each of
  • 4. A Simple Test to see if you‟re a Knucklehead, an Airhead or a Brickhead 1. have you been bitten by the spirituality bug? no yes congratulations! you Knucklehead ! you don‟t need this stuff 2. do you feel that the ultimate Truth is something „thin‟, like consciousness or emptiness? yes 3. no do you feel that the ultimateTruthyou‟re an Airhead ! something solid and substantial, like is a dense background or a fullness-of- fullness? yes you‟re a Brickhead like me !
  • 5. type 3 solidness This is the familiar feeling of The 3 Types i-ness, the subject of experience, of Solidness also known as the ego and the i-thought. It has a center and it “Everything should be moves around the life-cycle made of thought, as each new as simple as possible, though begins its life near but not one bit simpler.” the self and then moves Einstein away from it before expiring. self Airhead on Brickhead on type 2 solidness Type 1 Solidness This is called the centerof the Also called True Mass,spiritual heart. It‟s this is the only type ofstationary relative to the solidness which issubject of experience, which capitalized because it‟s theis attracted to it and orbits only one which actuallyit in non-dual devotion. exists. It‟s created by the True Mass is nothingsubject after subject passes more or less than densenear the self and then existence.attempts to emulate self‟s It has no center (ortrue solidness, filling the center-everywhere),empty void: and functionsat the the [self is not shown as bottom, self but as the background] universal screen or
  • 6. The 3 Ways to Knucklehead on Experience Experiencing type 3 Solidness solidness Three ways to “First one sees the self asenliven the 6 th sense objects” Ramana (really the 1 st sense), Self is first experienced as the sense the ability to or feeling of i-ness at recognize the center of the mind, astrue solidness, which well as all of the objects is the main purpose it projects and then relates to in one‟s self of self-enquiry.z inner and outer Airhead on environments. Experiencing type 2 Brickhead on solidness Experiencing Type 1 Solidness“Then one sees the self as avoid.” “Then one sees the self as Ramana the self.“ Self is next experienced Ramanaas an empty void (before i-ness passes near the self), Self is finally (asand then as a originally) experienced as„full void‟ or center of the True Mass in the form ofspiritual heart (after i-ness the dense centerlesspasses near and is informed background of one‟s inner &by the presence of the self). outer environments. [self is not shown at the bottom, self but as the background]
  • 7. Model 3 The 3 Models Introduced byof Self-Knowledge Knucklehead & Considering the journey around the „Cycle of The 3 Laws Self-Knowledge‟ makes it of Solidness easier to recognize the type 3 solidness of the subject of each model may make experience.it easier to recognize The third law of solidness a type of solidness (aka the law of no context) Model level of self says that each 1 Model 2 Introduced by reality Introduced by is of a Brickhead single piece. Airhead Considering the Considering the bottom background of experiencehalf of the cycle makes it makes it easier to recognizeeasier to recognize the type2 solidness of the center of the Type 1 Solidness,the spiritual heart. theTrue Mass of the self. The second law of The first law of solidnesssolidness says that, as no says that background musttrue distinctions may be always be more solid thanmade within the false,every thing which does not foreground, and and therefore only thatexist is everyThingof a single piece, exist which does which is the most solid may is of another single piece
  • 8. 7 Milestones on the Cycle of Self-Knowledge aka the Life-Cycle of a Thought 7Model 3 The World (no self- The Point of knowledge Self-Enquiry 6 is possible in this quadrant) 5 The Dance of ShaktiModel 2 The Point 4 of Free Will The Empty Void The Full Void aka 3 Spiritual Heart If Self 2 CouldMo d e l 1 Speak 1 The Self
  • 9. Table of Contents for A 7-Scene Play based on the 7 milestones: The Mystic Physics of Shiva‟s Chakras The tongues of self-knowledge are laid-out like xylophone keys on the spine of Shiva and like xylophone keys played to enchant and amuse What is life but this song?Act 1 – Model 1: The Type 1 Solidness of theSelf language 1 scene  The Pre-Verbal Dialects ofthe Self language 1.5 scene  Model 1 – If Self CouldSpeakAct 2 – Model 2: The Type 2 Solidness of the SpirHeart language 2 scene  The Mechanics of Rebirth language 2 scene  Model 2 & the Point ofFree Will language 2.5 scene  D ev o ti on t o S ha k t i
  • 10. Act 1 Mass-Type 1, Model 1, Language 1 The Type 1 Solidness of the Self Hi, Brickhead here. I‟ll be your host for this act. Here are a few of the specifics of Model 1to get you started.state of mind lucid sleep 1 (self) number of or 2 (self + subject in non-dual elements devotion) self is solid existence, the ultimate object. we‟ve counter- misunderstood, on the one hand, that existence is anintuitive point object or commodity rather 1 than just a property, and on the other hand, what it truly means to be solid. because it has no center and a different quality of mass, the counter-intuitive point subject does not attract (this is self the of experience. 2 why we‟ll need the spiritual heart in act 2.) although self is the most „inner‟
  • 11. Language 1.1 Language 1.0 <Silence Stepping Forward < Silence > >< this language alone is < The Dance of Shiva true > > Act 1 Scene 1 The Pre-Verbal Dialects of Language 1 Language 1.2 Language 1.3 < I Am > < Non-dual Devotion >< The First Name of God > < Face-to-Face with Self >
  • 12. Act 1 Scene 2 Shankara‟s First Model 1, Language Law of Self- 1.5 Knowledge If Self Could Speak “Self Exists”Shankara‟s Second Shankara‟s Third Law of Self- Law of Self- Knowledge Knowledge “The World “Self isDoes Not Exist” the World”
  • 13. First Intermission Hi, it‟s Brickhead. I hope you enjoyed Act 1. While you‟re stretching your legs, please check out this exercise to help recognize Type 1 solidness, the true solidness or true mass of the self. Imagine that you‟re anastronaut floating out inspace,and that you‟re the onlyobject anywhere in theuniverse so you‟re not beingpulled in any direction. Now imagine that you‟resurrounded by billions of starsand planets. Since their centersof mass are equally distributed,you‟re still not being pulled inany direction. Recognizing the presence of the self issimilar to recognizing this center-everywheremass. But the true mass of the self does notexert an attractive pull on the false mass ofthe subject because they‟re of differentqualities (true mass vrs false mass). This
  • 14. Act 2 Mass-Type 2, Model 2, Language 2The Type 2 Solidness of the Spiritual Heart Hi, it‟s me Airhead. I‟ll be your host for this act. Here are a few of the particulars of Model 2. state of mind lucid dream exactly 2 in the spiritual number of heart elements exactly 3 in the mystic mind (2=3 where they meet) although it functions as the emulation or „forecho‟ of the counter-intuitive point 1 self, the spiritualself but by heart is not created by the the subject. although it occupies the 2nd position on the cycle of self- counter- knowledge,intuitive point 2 the spiritual heart is the 3rd element to be experienced. all of the property of existence is consumed by the commodity of existence leaving none for anything else. so, just as the generic water
  • 15. The Two Faces of the Act 2 Scene 1 Void Model 2, Language 2 The mind-mediated search for truth (dotted arrow) ends with an empty void, The Mechanics but each new cycle begins of Rebirth with a fullness (star) informed by passing near the self. “A wise man‟s heart is at his right hand, but a fool‟s heart is at his left” Ecclesiastes 10:2 self A Glimpse of Self Orbiting The Spiritual As it passes near the Heartself, awareness tries to Because the spiritualemulate self‟s true solidness heart has a center, theat a localized point (star). subject is able to locate andThe empty void thus resonate with it, thus givingbecomes the „full void‟ or the subject something tospiritual heart (right circle) orbit near the self &whose center is the dense preparing it to transfer itsmemory of the self. devotion from the spiritual heart to the self. self self
  • 16. The Point of Free Act 2 Scene 2 WillModel 2, Language 2 When awareness flees the experience of the void, it‟s reborn at the point of The Point of Free free will (pfw), where the Will spiritual heart (sh) meets the mystic mind (mm) and & mm all inner languages are Examples of pfw spoken. shThe 9 Mystic Arts & Sciences self Mystic Physics Mystic Math Three masses are The inherent two-ness ofpictured. The localized the spiritual heart meetstype 3 mass of the the inherent three-ness ofsubject is attracted tothe localized type 2 mass the mystic mind at theof the spiritual heart until pfw. At this inner „place‟,it„s able to recognize the digital meets analog, eastnon-localized meets west and ShivaType one mass of the self. “What 1 3 meets Shakti. 3 wishes to consider is simply spiritual heart = analog reality, 2=3 which doesreality andexistence.” not exist 2 2 Einstein self = digital existence, which is not merely real 1 self
  • 17. Wonderful Mischief Act 2 Scene 3 Language 2.5 how does the canvas feel about the paint the screen the movie Devotion to sleep the dream? Shakti are they not akin to Intesar an adoring husband and his lovely dancing wife Mere Non- Existence Rebirth although you don‟t exist it‟s hard to believe you‟re my constant with you beside me companion that the business of life is the study of death though but a dream you save me from my it‟s hard to remember nightmare with you in the sun that lessons are learned but for a technicality in the dark you‟re all that is youfirst my fountain of are there‟s a you wear your non- mountain life existence then are my no mountain you there‟s miracle of then love there is like a tinkling bell you are my secondyou‟re the best thing that mountain
  • 18. Second Intermission Hi, it‟s Airhead. I hope you enjoyed Act 2. While you‟re swinging your arms, please join me in this exercise to help recognize type 2 solidness, the center of the spiritual heart. SignificantWhatever is most precious toeach person occupies thecenter of their spiritual heart.It may be a loved one, ateacher or something elseentirely. SubstantialAs one‟s love for this centergrows, it become moresubstantial in their awareness. SolidAs it attracts the subjectmore and more, ititeratively acquiresa solidness all its own.
  • 19. Act 3 Mass-Type 3, Model 3, Language 3 The Type 3 Solidness of the Knucklehead atSubject your service. I‟ll be your host for this act. Here are a few of the particulars to get you started with Model 3. waking & regular (non-lucid) state of mind dream number of many (extrapolations of 3) elements the subject and his world explode onto awareness fully formed at counter- the beginning of each newintuitive point 1 thought. as they do not truly exist, there are no laws to govern them. although it‟s called „subject‟, it‟s actually just the subtlest counter- object which the mind isintuitive point 2 capable of
  • 20. Act 3 Scene 1Model 3, Language 3 As Multiple Subjects & The Three Objects Ways < this is our everyday experience and need not be To See the illustrated > World As a Single As a Single Subject Object Random Distribution Irony i start off alone in logic the liar all subjectivity is mine in science the black holethen my cat enters the room in philosophy the koan and i happily share it with in seeking the void herbut am i any less alone That before which is theor any more alone after she fullness of fullness leaves. having no room within it i wonder when i first decided to for false knowledge appears to the mind
  • 21. The Point of Self- Enquiry Act 3 Scene 2 When awareness has had enough of moving Language 3 horizontally on the flat plane of the world, The Point of it inflects inwards/downwards Self-Enquiry at the pse and begins its vertical quest for self- (pse) knowledge. Mohammed & the Mountainas both subject & object are On the Cycle needed of Self-Knowledge for experience to occur for some reasonas, to interact they must or for no reason at all both this time when i notice be present in the same the center of my mind place sparkling as, if one of them can‟t like diamond in a gold-miner‟s move traythe other must come to it it stays with me all the way as the subject of my down experience and this time as i passcan‟t leave the center of the nadir of my self-orbit my mind I know exactly who
  • 22. Third Intermission Hi, it‟s Knucklehead. I hope you enjoyed Act 3and the entire mini-play. Before you leave, please tryout these exercisesto help recognize the type 1 solidness of the subject ofexperience. This is an easy one! Family PhotoIf you‟re like me, no matter howbeloved the other people in thephoto are, you can‟t wait for theelectric thrill of finding your ownface. I‟m Back!After abandoningawareness when it cametoo close to the emptyvoid, i find myself again selfat the very beginning ofthe next new thought. i am this The Center of Thoughts … i amAs far as the subject is i am that …concerned, i am etcall experiences are thoughts and …all thoughts are extrapolations ofthe self
  • 23. Glossaryexistence the only true object or commodity, also a property of this commodityself solid existence, non-local infinitely dense mass-type 1mass the most intrinsic attribute of an object, creates attraction among false objectstrue mass, true solidness mass-type 1, self, existence, the ultimate objecttruth self, existence, also a digital property of objectsreality an analog property of objectsspiritual the emulation of self mystical having 3 elementsempty void the experience of self uninformed by its memoryfull void the experience of self informed by its memoryspiritual heart (sh) the full void, a space which houses the memory of selfcenter of the sh the memory of self, mass-type 2 to which subject is attractedconsciousness spiritual heart, the space around mass-type 2subject (of experience) i-ness, the center of the mind and each thought, mass-type 3point of free will the point where the mystical mind touches the spiritual heartpoint of self-enquiry the point at which the center of the mind inflects upon itselflucid dream, lucid sleep informed by the memory of self, lucid = informed
  • 24. Language 1.0 < Silence >this language alone is true