Research into Music Websites


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Research into Music Websites

  1. 1. Research: Artist Websites Brontë Vickery
  2. 2. There is an Bombay Bicycle Club The header of everyoption to page is a linkplay their and advert tomusic. buy the album.There are The band’sbuttons to name is boldvarious and clear, inpages on the a simplesite. bright font.There is aquick link to The latestFacebook music videoand a ‘Like is embeddedcount’ in the homeshowing how page.manyFacebookfans theyhave. There are links to buy the music on iTunes and Amazon.
  3. 3. On the news page promotions and upcoming shows are advertised in a calendarform.
  4. 4. On the video page, there is a scroll through menu for a embedded media player,so that the audience can watch any of their music videos.
  5. 5. The Live page lists upcoming live performances with a link to buy tickets andshare the even on Facebook or Twitter, helping to promote the shows further.
  6. 6. The’ merch’ button opens up a new page, a merchandise site that is hosted On the sate the name of the band is the same as on thewebsite, as are the colours used. There is an option to pay with differentcurrencies, appealing to an international audience and there is a range ofmerchandise including clothing and bundles of CDs, posters and clothing.
  7. 7. The contacts page provides links to the band’smerchandise sites and social network profiles. . There are also email addresses provided for press and booking enquiries.
  8. 8. The sign up page allows fans to register as members of thesite, becoming part of the band’s mailing lists so that theycan be directly sent marketing material with information onupcoming events, competitions etc.This provides the band’s marketing team with and easy toreach, specific target audience, whilst the informationrequired will help with audience profiling.
  9. 9. Lianne La Havas The colours The font is bold, There is an option to join the mailing used are clean simple and list, follow on twitter or like on and simple. sophisticated. facebook.The latestnews onthe artist is There is andisplayed advertisementon the for her latesthome page. album in the side bar which remains on every page. One of her music videos is embedded on the main page.
  10. 10. There is a link to her store, with advertisements for some of her singles..One of the singles is playing throughout, The is a twitter feed posting Lianne’swhich you can control at the bottom of latest tweets.the page.
  11. 11. There is a link to follow her on twitterOn the home page there are also The home page also has quick links tophotographs of the artist, and news of buy tickets for upcoming gigs.recent events.
  12. 12. The ‘blog ‘page Old blogcontains posts areInstagram accessiblephotographs through theof the artist’s archiverecent menu,events such allowing theas audience aappearances view of heron TV shows. journey as anThis also artist.promotesherInstagramprofile whichallows fans amorepersonalview of theartist.
  13. 13. On the music page, there is a sound cloud playlist allowing the audience to choose any of hersongs to listen too. It also shows the songs popularity on soundcloud, which is a way ofpromoting the music further.
  14. 14. In ‘videos’, there is an embedded media player allowing the audience to watch all of her musicvideos, as well as some film footage from tours. The window is wide and takes up the width ofthe page. There is a scroll along menu for easy selection.
  15. 15. Photographs are organised into albums which makes it easy for the audience to find what they are interested in, and looks neater.There are a range ofphotos on the website,ranging from moreintimate photos takenfrom her tour (see right)to pictures frommagazine photo shoots .
  16. 16. On the ‘Shows’ page, the audience can find information about past or upcomingperformances. They are presented in a easy to understand calendar form and there arelinks to details about each show as well as an option to buy tickets instantly.
  17. 17. The ‘album’ page is headed with the name of the latest album in her trademark font,and there are images and links allowing the audience to purchase her album indifferent formats, including bundle packages with vinyl, and deluxe editions of thealbum which contain additional songs.
  18. 18. The Facebook and Twitter buttons open up new tabs which link to the social network sites with a preview of the artists profile. The audience needs to sign in to be able to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ her page.The Youtube button opens up Lianne’sYouTube channel, allowing the audienceeasy access to her music videos and otherrecorded material, as well as providing anadvertisement via the background skin forher latest single. The audience have theoption to subscribe to her channel to be ableto comment on videos and be notified ofnew uploads.
  19. 19. On the Store page, the audience can buy singles and albums in varying formats, including bundlepackages. As far as I could see, the artist does not currently sell merchandise such as clothing.The audience need to create an account to purchase from the site.
  20. 20. Ed SheeranWhen the homepage is opened, a pop up appears with a link advertising Ed’s album, with a link tobuy it instantly. The audience must either follow the link or close the box to see the rest of the site.
  21. 21. There is an The name of the singer is in the same font as the rest of option to launch the site and on much of his promotional material, and is the music player interesting and somewhat ‘edgy’. The paw print is his to listen to his trade mark symbol.(This motif is used in his merchandise songs. and is printed on his guitar. One of his videos also features a cat which may be linked to this). There are links toThere are sites for variouslinks to countries andmany social languages,networking appealing to asites and global audience.distributionplatformssuch asYouTube. The colours used stick to black, white and orange. This creates a clean, simple and professional image, while the orange is a trademark colour used extensively on his album “+” and on merchandise.
  22. 22. There is an offer of a free EP for fans who ‘like’ Ed’s page on There is also a twitter feedFacebook., along with a ‘like count’ and display of the profile showing Ed’s of some of his Facebook fans, emphasising hispopularity. The side bar provides a constant clear News on the artist is shown on the link to the online shop. homepage, with the option to spread the news via Facebook and Twitter..
  23. 23. On the News page, there are previews of news on the artist with links to furtherinformation. Articles are archived and there are lots to browse through.
  24. 24. On the ‘Shows’ page, the audience can find information about upcomingperformances. They are presented in a calendar form and there are links to detailsabout each show as well as an option to buy tickets online.
  25. 25. The ‘Photos’ page provides a preview of photos from Ed’s Instagram profile, allowing amore personal rather than stylised view of the artist. The Grid style fills the page andlooks simple but effective.
  26. 26. The ‘Video’ page has an imbedded media player allowing the audience to watch latestmusic videos by Ed Sheeran.The background of this page is the same as some of the other pages, a sketch of a man,which is effective and interesting.
  27. 27. There is an option to view the lyrics in different languages.The lyrics page gives links to the full lyrics to each of the songs. The links are clearlytitles and even show the release dates, which make selection easier.
  28. 28. The contact page provides the details for customer services to provide help with the online store.The websitedoes not appearto providecontact detailsfor the press orbookingenquiries. There are links to and information about charities that the artist supports.
  29. 29. RecognisableThe store page symbols arehas a header in included tothe trademark show theorange colour, audience whichwith a paymentpromotion methods areencouraging the accepted.audience tospend a certainamount in the Worldwidestore. delivery is offered.There is a rangeof merchandiseon offer, from Users need anclothing and account.accessories tomusic, availablein a range offormats. Prices are clear.
  30. 30. There is a marketing promotion, celebrating valentines day with a pun on Ed’s latest single, ‘give me love’. The idea is to create a viral twitter ‘trending’ campaign advertising Ed Sheeran’s single by sharing the pre-written tweet with friends and followers. This is enforced by the link to change one’s twitter avatar to Ed’s trademark paw print symbol, although this has been rotated to look like a heart, linking to the valentine’s theme.The video is again presented on this page. There is heavy use of the colour orange which draws attention.