Music videos audience survey


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Media Studies A2

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Music videos audience survey

  1. 1. Music Videos:Audience Research Survey Brontë Vickery
  2. 2. This shows that Music Videos are currently popular.Whilst not everyone enjoys watching them, Themajority of the people asked do, which means thatmusic videos would be an effective and worthwhilepromotion product for a song.
  3. 3. The most popular genre of music among those who we asked wasPop- this is quite unsurprising as pop music usually dominates theUK charts. RnB was also very popular, and Indie, Dance and Rockwere equally popular in third place. I think that choosing a songthat combines Pop with another popular genre (such asIndie)would capture both a mainstream and the nicheaudience, making it likely for the song to be very profitable andpopular. However this result may not be totally useful as thequestion may be interpreted to mean just the music itself- whilstthe person might enjoy the song, it is possible that they mightnot like videos with the conventions of that genre.
  4. 4. The majority of those asked said that they like to see the artiston screen as part of the video. I would suggest that this isbecause they can better relate the video to the song if the artistis present, and as fans the audience would want to be able to seeand connect with the artist as much as possible. Some artists dohowever use other actors in their videos for effect, such as EdSheeran’s use of Rupert Grint in his “Lego House” video. I thinkthat whilst this helps to tell a story and make the video moreinteresting or even humorous, this is a risk and would not be agood idea for a new up and coming artist to use, as they need tobecome better known and established as an artist.
  5. 5. Most of the audience said that they enjoy videos with a storyline.Many artists use this technique to visually present the storybehind the lyrics of their song, helping with the audience’sunderstanding of it. The use of a narrative also makes the videomore interesting in many cases.
  6. 6. The majority of those asked said that they enjoy the use ofhumour in a video. I think that this can be effective and addinterest, captivating the audience, however I think that this ishard to do well and can easily backfire and so would not want toattempt this as an amateur.
  7. 7. The majority of people asked said they do not enjoy actionsequences in music videos, which I think may be as this woulddetract from the song, and would not be fitting for music ofmany genres. However there is still a fairly high percentage whodo like action sequences so I do not think this should becompletely ruled out.
  8. 8. A high percentage of people surveyed said that they like to seedancing in music videos. This Is a common aspect of musicvideos, especially in more upbeat songs. I think that this would bebecause in seeing the artist or a crowd of people dancing, theaudience would also want to get up and dance along to thesong, which would likely increase their enjoyment in listening toit.
  9. 9. The responses to this question was quite varied, so I think itwould be hard to appeal to everyone in the audience when itcomes to colour. The majority of people said they would not beput off by any colour effects in a music video, although quite ahigh percentage do not like the use of sepia.
  10. 10. The majority of people asked said that they prefer music videosto include shots of more than one location. I think that thisimproves the pacing of a video and would make it much moreinteresting.
  11. 11. Over 60% of the audience felt that a music video can detractfrom the song itself. With this in mind I think that it isimportant not to over-complicate a music video or make it hard tofollow, as this would mean the audience would need to focus onthe video rather than the music.
  12. 12. The aspect of a music video that the audience found mostdistracting is the over use of diegetic sound, which I think oftenjars with the song, and would mean a delay in the introduction ofthe music, or an interruption. Many also disliked the use ofactors(which can be confusing), preferring to see the artistthemselves. Overly complicated videos were also unpopular, whichshows the importance of keeping the video fairly simple andallowing the music to take centre stage.
  13. 13. The majority of those asked said that they have been influencedto buy a song after watching it’s music video, which shows thatvideos do promote the music. However, 46.2% did notagree, which I think shows that the music video is often seen as aside product, something that one would watch to consume themusic in addition to simply listening to the audio version.