Media evaluation question 2


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Media evaluation question 2

  1. 1. Question 2) How effective is thecombination of your main productand ancillary texts?Brontë Vickery
  2. 2. My aim was to combine different promotion devices to work togetherin order to have the strongest possible impact in terms of promotingthe artist and her music. I think that my music video, digipak andwebsite would be effective in doing this as they cover the market inboth new online media (including the website and the video whichmay be viewed through YouTube and would be available if it were areal commercial product on music channels such as MTV) and in termsof old media as the digipak can have a physical presence in shops.
  3. 3. My main product and ancillary texts have a coherent links in the formof a house style which is achieved through the use of a consistentcolour scheme (blue, white and grey), and the use of an instantlyrecognisable logo (on both the digipak and website). The colours usedalso have connotations that match the theme of nature and relaxedfeel found in the artist’s music and reflected in all three texts. The useof photographs taken on set in the digipak and website clearly link thethree products together and reinforce the brand. Likewise the effectapplied to the images for the site and digipak is similar to thatproduced by the natural lighting in the video, and emphasises the retroimage conventional of the genre and my particular artist.Image used on the websiteand in the Digipak bookletStill from the video(cropped)
  4. 4. The ancillary texts, as well as promoting the artist as a brand, promote bothone another and the main text (see illustration on the next slides). Mywebsite is also effective as a promotion device as it has links to social mediasites (including Twitter Facebook and Google+), and the music embedded inmy site is also from Sound Cloud, a social website particularly for sharingmusic, and fans are able to like and comment on the song, again helpingwith promotion. The music available matches and thus promotes the songsin the track list on the digipak, including the single “Bikes” that I used formy music video.I would however have liked to add to the links between my texts to producea fully effective combination of products by including QR codes on mydigipak to link to the YouTube version of my music video and my artistwebsite.
  5. 5. The digipak’s artwork promotes the video…
  6. 6. The digipak also provides a link to the website which ismade more enticing by advertising a competition in thedigipak booklet…
  7. 7. which can be entered via the site. The site also contains apromotional advert for the digipak…
  8. 8. Likewise ,the audience can watch the music video on thewebsite, and can purchase the digipak on the ‘store’ page of thesite.