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Evaluation of website templates
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Evaluation of website templates



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  • 1. Evaluation of Website Templates Brontё Vickery
  • 2. I have chosen to use the website to create my artist website. This isbecause I will be able to work on it at any time from home or school, and the siteprovides free, easy-to-use professional looking templates; this will save me time as Iwill not need to make the website using code. The site also organises its templatesinto themes, such as music. I have looked at relevant themes and the features of eachtemplate.
  • 3. The background has The home page of thea distressed website looks verytextured look, professional. The topwhich is interesting. section has the artist’sHowever the colour logo and buttonsscheme is currently linking to the othertoo dark (I can pages of the site.change this in edit There is a large imagemode if I choose of the artist and athis template). scroll bar of photos ofThere are boxes the artist.with informationshowing latest The music boxnews with images , allows theallowing the audience to playaudience to get up mp3’s of dateimmediately on There is a twitter feedentering the site. which would be linked to the artist’s twitter account,The video box showing their posts in realallows the audience time and thus allowing theto watch a musicvideo. (link to audience a more direct,YouTube) . personal view of the artist.
  • 4. The Music page Each page isprovides single shown in a tabartwork and an style box,mp3 for a number matching thoseof singles. This is used on theprovided through a home to Soundcloud, whichallows audienceinteraction as they On the Videoscan ‘like’ the video, page, the artistor share it via can view musicsocial network videos, which aresites This also embedded intohelps the artist as the site throughit is a form of YouTube links.advertising.Along the bottom of each page, there is a bar with links to social networking and media sites,allowing the audience to follow the artist on twitter, become a fan on Facebook or subscribe onYouTube which would allow them to connect the artist more personally and receive updates andnews, and notifications when new videos are uploaded.
  • 5. On the Photos page there is a grid display of a number of photos of the artist.The text shows a The news storiesheadline, a date are separated byand a paragraph lines, and are setfor more out in oneinformation. column.There are imagesto g with eachnews item.
  • 6. The Contact page There is nothas a form via currently detailswhich the to contact theaudience can record label orsubmit their the artistdetails to sign up although thisfor a newsletter could be addedabout the artist- in.this would be away of directlytargeting analreadyinterestedaudience tofurther promotethe artist andtheir products.
  • 7. There are a There is not currently anumber of pages space for the music video onwith buttons the home page for thelinking to them. video, although this couldThe button in use be added- I would probablyturns black. replace the gallery sectionThe gallery with the video as the pageprovides a number already includes a artistof images, photo on the banner andalthough this there is a gallery page.doesn’t allow the The information is split intoaudience to scroll sections under straightto see more. header bars. The music section allows the audienceI like the to listen to an Mp3 single.typewriter style Tour dates are clearlyfont used. shown, with links to buy tickets. I really like the calendar style dates..Latest news isprovided There is a twitter feed withimmediately, a link inviting the audiencewith good detail. to follow and “join the conversation”
  • 8. The top banner remains on each page, reinforcing the artist’s name and image. The Info page is paragraphs of text where facts and details about the artist and her life would be given.The Gallerypage When youprovides a hover over annumber of image, it ispictures of covered withthe artist in an opaquegrid format. text box with a heading and details explaining the photo.
  • 9. The Music page The Musicallows the section on theaudience to page allows thewatch music audience tovideos. listen to mp3’sThe most of singles.popular songs (from Soundare promoted cloud)in the ‘topmusic’ section.The Tour page The latest gigsgives dates and are promoteddetails of at the side withupcoming a calendar iconperformances. and a link to purchase tickets directly.
  • 10. The Contact page allows the audience to There is space for a paragraph-fill in their details and send an email this would perhaps be andirectly from the site to the artist/their invitation to contact the artistmanagement. or their management. There are numerous contact details There are also links to the artist’s given including address , telephone Facebook and Twitter profiles. and fax.
  • 11. There is currentlyThe artist only one page butname, page more could betabs and added.sectionheaders are The wholebright and background iscolourful. made up of a photograph of theThe My music artist. When yousection shows scroll down thethe single page, the boxesartwork and move up but theallows the image remains theaudience to same which has anlisten to an interesting effect.mp3 of the There is a twitter feedsingle. with a link inviting the audience to followThere are links and “join theto YouTube, conversation”Twitter andFacebook.
  • 12. In the MyVideo section,the audiencecan view musicvideos(embeddedfrom YouTube).
  • 13. There are a The wholenumber of pages background iswith buttons made up of a nlinking to them. opaqueThe button in use photograph of theturns yellow. artist. When you scroll down the page, the boxesThere are move up but thenumerous music image remains thevideos same which has anembedded on interesting effect.the home page.The videos arelarge, taking up There us a linkmost of the to Facebook,page. Tumblr and Twitter.The page linksare at thebottom of thepage too.
  • 14. There is aThe about page paragraph forhas a large image. information about the artist.
  • 15. The Gallerypageprovides anumber ofpictures ofthe artist in When yougrid format. hover over an image, it turns There are white. headings and a description for each image.
  • 16. The albums page promotes the artist’s albums, with a heading, description andartwork. Each one has a bright yellow button link allowing the audience to buythem online.
  • 17. There are contact detailsThere is an including email,image of the telephone andartist. fax. The Contact page allows the audience to fill in their details and send an email directly from the site to the artist/their management.
  • 18. The banner showing There are athe artist’s name number ofand logo draws pages linked toattention and has the home pagean interesting with buttons.effect. The one in use turns orange, aThere is a large bright accentimage of the artists, colour whichwhich is effective. adds interest toThis is framed with a the plain colourripped effect border scheme.which adds interest. The page is splitI like the use of grey into areas withtones as this looks categorisedsofter than black information. Inand white. the Music section theThe Latest News audience cansection gives details listen to an mp3on upcoming single,events, with links to embedded fromshare via Google+ SoundCloud.or Twitter.
  • 19. Tour datesNews items are are clearlyseparated shown, withclearly by bold links to buylines. tickets. The calendarThere is an style datesoption to view boxes addmore news interest.than what isdisplayed on There is athe home twitter feedpage. with a link inviting theThere is a scroll audience toalong album of follow andphotos of the “join theartist. conversation”The page links are There are linksat the bottom of to Facebook,the page too. Twitter and Google+.
  • 20. There is anotherframed image ofthe artist, in thesame style as thehome page.The Info page hasparagraphs ofinformation aboutthe artist.
  • 21. The Galleryshows a numberof photos of theartist in a gridview.When you hoverover the image, it There is anis covered by a option toopaque black text view morebox showing a title photos.and description togo with the image.
  • 22. The Musicpage allowsthe audienceto watchmusic videos.These areembeddedfrom YouTubead each havea description. The Music section on the page allows theThe most audience topopular songs listen to mp3’sare promoted of singles.separately in (from Soundthe ‘top music’ cloud)section. Thesehave the singleartwork shown.
  • 23. Tour dates are clearly shown, with links to buy tickets. The calendar style dates boxes add interest. This is a repeat of what is on the home page, but more dates are shownDetails of tours and upcoming events are provided, with links to share here.via Google+ or Twitter. (much like the latest news section of the homepage), but here there is space for more detail and a higher number oflistings.
  • 24. The Contact page allows the audience to fill in their details and send an email directly from the site to the artist/their management.There are contact details including The boxy layout of the page is boldaddress, telephone, fax and email. and effective.
  • 25. The artist’s There are a numberlogo is included of pages linked tobut small. the home page with buttons, on an opaque black This banner. template is for an artist, The whole so rather background is than a singer made up of an or bands image. When you name the scroll down the heading is page, the text the title of moves up but the the artist’s image remains the exhibition. same which keeps The heading consistency and is bold and is looks appealing. further drawn There are links to attention to Facebook and by the way it Twitter in the top is framed by and bottom two banners. horizontal lines.
  • 26. The Aboutpage has a When you clickparagraph to on one of theprovide page buttons, ainformation white pageabout the section slidesartist. into view, pushing out theThere are last page. Thefew back ground andimages of banners remainthe the same as theyartist’s were on thework- home page.thesewould bepicturesof thesinger onmy site.
  • 27. The Creatures These pagesand Emotional would have tolandscapes be completelypage explain changed toand displays the have theartist’s work. appropriate content for a music artist website.
  • 28. The caption ‘say hello’ and smiley faceThe background image is consistent. gives a more personal and friendly impression.Contact information is given, The Contact page allows theincluding address , website, audience to fill in their detailstelephone and fax. and send an email directly from the site to the artist/their management.