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Digipak and Album cover analysis
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Digipak and Album cover analysis


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  • 1. Analysis of Digipak/Album Artwork Brontë Vickery
  • 2. Bombay Bicycle Club DigipakThe track list is clear The album name is clearlyand takes up most of shown and is in a bold simplethe back, however the font.image from the frontcontinues onto part of The band’s rectangular logo isthe back. included.The illustration is The digipak is colourful yetinteresting but has no understated and not tooapparent relevance to bright- this draws attentionthe album; this makes but still looks stylish andit intriguing. sticks to the ‘vintage’ theme often used in the indieThe theme of the body genre.part illustration iscontinued inside the The CD itself is printed with thecase. If this was a same artistic, floral anatomicaldigipak then this may design as is used on the frontbe used on the cover.booklet.
  • 3. Bombay Bicycle Club album coverThe band’s logo is The photograph of thecentral and is in a man falling isbright blue to stand somewhat comical andout in contrast to the dramatic, and capturesblack and white the attention of thebackground, drawing audience immediately.the attention of the The black and whiteaudience and making effect looksthe album clearly sophisticated andrecognisable as the trendy as well asband’s work. adding to the dramatic effect. It also makesThe album name is the image resemblewritten in the same and old film noirfont and colour text, photograph, making itand is clear. nostalgic and keeping with the vintageIn my opinion the is simple butvery effective.
  • 4. Nina Nesbitt The artist is centralThe album title and and takes up most ofartist name are both the cover, showing herwritten at the top of importance andthe cover which makes drawing attention ofthem clear. The white her fans, as well aswould connote emphasising her imageinnocence, in contrast as an the red of the artistssweatshirt and theapples. This may She has messy hair andsuggest ideas of is dressed in a casual,innocence/sin with the typically indie representing Her positioning wouldtemptation. The white give direct address butfont is decorative and her eyes are closed,reminds me of the font making her seemsued in a fairy tale detached andbook. However, the mysterious. As there istext is fairly hard to a bite from the appleread against the the photo may be abackground so doesn’t reference to the ‘Snowreally stand out. She is literally in an ‘apple tree;, which makes the white’ story. image relevant and consistent with the album name.
  • 5. Ben HowardThe artist’s name is The Album title isvery big and bold, at considerably smallerthe top of the cover. and positioned offThis draws attention center to the left,and emphasises the which I think looksartist. effective.The cover has a boldwhite border which The image of thenicely frames the man diving into theimage and gives a water is captivating.more clean The lighting andprofessional image. framing of the image is very effective, andThe image has no captures theobvious relevance to audience’s interest,the album although it which is heightenedis consistent with the as the mans face isoutdoors/nature not shown, makingtheme found in his the audience wondermusic videos and if it is the artistlyrcis. himself.
  • 6. Lianne La Havas The artist’s name andThe photograph of thetakes up a good album title are writtenportion of the cover, in a simple opaqueshowing her white banner. Thisimportance and ensures that the textgrabbing the attention stands out and is easilyof those familiar with readable against theher by clearly background. The fontidentifying her. is bold and sophisticated, and theThe artist is dressed question mark in thein a buttoned up title draws in theshirt, a typical indie attention of thestyle. The soft pink audience.suggests a degree offemininity in contrast I like theto the more simplicity of themasculine structured cover and thinkshirt. Her makeup is that it isnatural, typical of an appealing and The audience can connect to the artist by her presenceindie artist. The although she does not give direct address, making her appear is soft and humble and relatable, a feel which is emphasised by the moreflattering. natural rather than heavily stylised and posed photograph.
  • 7. The font is very Haim The album title is smaller but made tointeresting and stand out by the brightunusual which looks red colour, in contrasteffective although this to the background. Themay not be very easy handwritten style fontto read from afar in a suggests a morestore. personal connectionThe use of black, with the artist and haswhite, and red an artistic effect.suggests drama,sophistication and a I like the layout of thewild nature. album, which the titleThe black and white being above a heavilyphotograph looks framed photographlike an old photo, on a clean whiteholding to the background, as thisvintage convention. has a bold and eye-Two of the band catching effect.members give direct The image takes upaddress, connecting most of the cover,with the audience. The artists are dressed in a fairly indie style and have messy emphasising theirThe photograph is hair and minimal make up, holding to the female indie importance andvery atmospheric. convention. promoting them.
  • 8. The band are not Two Door Cinema Clubfeatured on the cover, The filter on thewhich is unusual for a image is andebut album. However atmospheric,the image is very grainy mixunusual and eye- between sepiacatching. and black and white (perhaps aThe font used in both the sepia filter withband’s name and album low saturation.)title is their trademark This gives thefont, as the name is their interestinglogo. The positioning of appearance of anthe name draws old photographattention and promotes adhering to thethe band itself. The conventionalpositioning also adds vintage theme asinterest as the cat’s eyes well as mimickingstare through the two the style ofletter o’s, giving direct instagram photosaddress to challenge and popular withcaptivate the audience. much of the I really like this album cover, although I think that the target audience. album title does not really stand out.
  • 9. Laura MarlingThe artist’s name is bold The artist featuresand the brightly coloured on the cover,filled in areas in the font establishing it as heradd interest and draw work, and gratifyingattention to her name, her fans. The imagepromoting the artist.. has been edited to appear like aThe album title is also painting, which has aclear and bold, and soft artistic effectframed by the two lines which I think iswhich looks clean and interesting. The faceeffective. in particular isUnusually, the track list is blurred out and shedisplayed on the front, does not give directimmediately promoting address, making herthe content. appear intriguing.The two tone colour The paint strokes inscheme used on most the backgroundof the cover is soften the image byeffective and simple, stopping theand is softer than background frommonochrome. appearing too sterile.
  • 10. Laura MarlingThe artist’s name and The sketched illustrationalbum name are written is somewhat abstractin the same font, a hand and very interesting. Itwritten style than is draws the attention ofartistic and attention the audience and looksgrabbing. The syllables very creative. The handare separated by dots, drawn effect gives awhich makes the more personal, relatableaudience concentrate on impression.them, making a lastingimpression. The artist does not feature on the cover,The black and white which may be becausecolour scheme is simple this is a more recentand professional but album and she is a morebold and dramatic. established and well known artist.
  • 11. The orange filter Ed Sheeranreinforces his brand as The name of thethe colour is used album, ‘Plus’ sthroughout many of his written in the formproducts and of the ‘+’ symbol,promotional devices which is much moresuch as the website. The understated andcolour is very bold and attention grabbingattention grabbing, and as the meaning ismay be a reference to not immediatelyhis trademark ginger clear and so it ishair that he is so well intriguing andknown for and makes the audiencereferences in some of his think.lyrics. He gives directThe image is blurred out, address, allowingwhich ahs an artistic and the audience to feelmysterious effect. The that they have agrainy image looks like an connection withold photograph, a style him.often used in the indiegenre. The photo is a close up which takes up the whole cover, emphasising his importance, and making it instantly recognisable which is important as the artist’s name is not included.
  • 12. The album title andartist name are written Feist The black and whitein the same interesting image hasstylised font, and are connotations ofpositioned in each sophistication andcorner which gives the looks both dramaticcover and interesting and professional.structure. Using a mostlyThe artist is central, monochrome coveremphasising her also makes the multi-importance. The image coloured lines standhas a low contrast effect out, which grabs thewhich makes the artist attention of theappear to be audience and addsmysteriously hidden in interest.the shadows, having a The plain whitedramatic effect and border makes thecapturing the attention image stand out andof the audience. ensures that the textThe artist appears to is legible. The waybe nude which The gradient of lighting in the background is that the lines spill outsuggests nature or atmospheric and softens the image. of the image into themay have sexual border also addsconnotations . interest.