Artist logos/ typeface


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Artist logos/ typeface

  1. 1. Artist Logos/ Typeface Brontë Vickery
  2. 2. Each word from the band’s name is on different level, with indents to create a ‘step’ effect, holding the audience’s attention as they follow the text.There is a simple The font is bold,clean border clear and fairlyencasing the, drawingattention to it.The way that thetext spills out ofan erased section The design isof the border angular, simpleadds interest. and interesting. The logo is usually black and white but has been used in a variety of other colours, such as pastel blue on one album cover.
  3. 3. All of the letters are capitalised, which stands out. The font is very bold and Each of the words in the clear. The rounded letters bands name are on (o’s and c’s) are substituted different levels, sustaining by the outline of a circle, the audience’s attention as with some of the circle they have to emphasise having been erased to form each word singularly. the c’s. This has a quirky and eye catching effect, and allows for a interesting variations- for example onEach of the words in the one album cover the o’s inbands name are on ‘door’ are filled by a cat’sdifferent levels, sustaining eyes. The circles alsothe audience’s attention as connote film reels linking tothey have to emphasise the name.each word singularly. The logo is usually black and white, sometimes as shown above and sometimes with the colours inverted. It has also been used in a variety of other colours; for example on some merchandise the text is metallic gold written on a black background.
  4. 4. The font is somewhat blurred and looks like thefont from a typewriter, here with smudged ink, This logo is very simple butwhich has a quirky look and links to the idea of him interesting and appealing.writing his own songs. The logo is often in a variation of colours although usually in black or white.
  5. 5. As both the first and last name of the artist begin with the letter ‘N’, only one letter has been used to start the other two words which structured one on top of the other. The first ‘N’ however is in a slightly different font and looks like it has been formed out of two smaller ‘n’s’ at different angles.All of the Theletters are colourcapitalised white, which standsstands out andout. connotes purity. The font used is very interesting and reminds me of ‘western’ film inspired fonts. I like the way that the letters appear distressed, with some of the fill colour having been erased.
  6. 6. There is a nice spacing between the letters All of the letters arewhich makes the words clearer and perhaps capitalised, which grabsmakes the audience read slower, with more attention.consideration.The font used is very traditional. It is The font goes against thebold and simple which makes it very conventional swirly delicateclear to read as well as making the fonts often used for femaletext stand out. artists.
  7. 7. The navy blue font colour here used All of the letters areis an interesting alternative to plain capitalised, whichblack, giving a softer look which stands out.would match the tone of theirmusic.The font used is very traditional. It is The ‘&’ sign is decorative andbold and simple which makes it very elegant, adding interest to the logoclear to read as well as making the and connoting sophistication and atext stand out. nod to the past.
  8. 8. Each syllable is separated by a dot/circle, which All of the letters areholds the attention of the audience as they would capitalised, whichhave to emphasise each part separately and thus stands with more consideration, as well as being aninteresting way to make the logo aestheticallypleasing.The font is somewhat blurred and The monochrome colour scheme issketchy, looking hand drawn and bold and dramatic.interesting .
  9. 9. The font is the same as that used on a computer key board,which is rounded and simple. Only the J is capitalised, inaccordance with the qwerty keyboard. (the function that theband is named after). This font would be instantly familiar tothe target audience would be computer literate and woulddraw the attention of those would recognise it even if they did Part of the band’s logonot know of the band. is often a triangle, the shape which appears when the function ‘alt-j’ is used on a Mac. The triangle is also a popular shape often associated with the ‘indie/hipster’ style. The black and white effect is bold but simple.
  10. 10. The font is very bold and clear, making it stand All of the letters areout and easy to read. Its is fairly angular and capitalised, whichattention grabbing. stands out. The black and white colour here used is bold, but the logo is versatile and has been used with a variation of colours.