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How to get online presentation
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How to get online presentation


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If your a start-up business wondering what all these people are talking about when they say "you need to get online" this presentation takes you through what you will and won't need to get online. …

If your a start-up business wondering what all these people are talking about when they say "you need to get online" this presentation takes you through what you will and won't need to get online.
It covers two case studies to getting online. One for the slightly technophobic entreprenuer with a bit of disposable income, and one for the slightly more tech savvy, who wants a website that will grow with the business.
This presentation was give to the Locally Grown team at a Leeds event on the 25th November 2013

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Design
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  • 1. How to Get Online What you do and don’t need!
  • 2. Who am I? Sam Raife SEO Consultant @Battletoys
  • 3. Who are Blueclaw? Our award winning expert services include: - Search Engine Optimisation - Paid Search Management - Conversion Optimisation - Social Media - Web Development - Online PR - Mobile Apps Blueclaw staff have previously worked for various organisations such as: Google, BBC, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Trinity Mirror Group Over 50 years of combined SEO/Social Media/PPC experience.
  • 4. Background - Cold calling - Learnt the basics - Now play with Google all day
  • 5. What I’m covering - What you need a website for - How to get online - How to keep costs down - What a website will do - What it won’t do Statistics, Sources and Tips will be down Here
  • 6. What you need a website for • Awareness – Over 5 billion searches a day – 53.4% tablet growth this year! – 83.6% of people in the UK use the internet
  • 7. Google is the new yellow pages – Did I mention: Over 5 billion searches a day – Local listings – Even over 50s use it!
  • 8. In it to win it! It could be you! – Search results change! Based on where you search from – Local searches now dominate – 43% of searches are localised
  • 9. To shout about you! – A website is your advert – As in a job interview • • • • • • Focus on skills Image is important Likeability is vital Keep it short Develop a story Always ask for the next step – Know your customer
  • 10. Because people are connected! – Social media – Word of mouth – Business cards – Networking
  • 11. How to get online? – Choose a website name (Domain/URL) • • • – Business Name or Keyword Related • • - B&Q 2001 t/history.jsp
  • 12. Scenario 1 – Mr G chimney sweep – Not tech savvy at all – Had money to spend – Very basic services – Wanted an all-in-one solution – Drag and drop
  • 13. Drag and drop – Allows you to Make Changes whilst on the page – Needed a Cheap Website – Very Basic Services – Wanted an All in One solution. – Drag and Drop
  • 14. Drag and drop - benefits – Make changes whilst on the page – Add in simple features – Choose from a range of templates – Usually 5 or 6 pages is cheap – Drag and drop
  • 15. Drag and drop - downsides – Expensive & regular costs – Only simple features available – Site looks similar to others – Limited to number of pages – You are the designer!
  • 16. Scenario 2 – BellaPaella – A bit more tech savvy – Wanted control over it – Site to grow with business – Wanted to update it regularly – Wanted lots of pages & events
  • 17. Wordpress – Front-End
  • 18. Wordpress – Back-End
  • 19. Wordpress- Benefits – Ultimate flexibility – Free plugins – Free extra pages – Only pay for hosting – Grows with your business
  • 20. Wordpress- downsides – More complex at first – Can’t see the whole site whilst adding in content – Might have to learn some HTML – Too much choice – Has a style sheet
  • 21. Keeping costs down? – Struggle through and use Wordpress – DIY – Shop around – Only pay for hosting – Do a bit at a time wordpress-themes/ anddrop-themes wordpress/
  • 22. What a website will not do? – Create itself – Write its own content – Market itself – Automatically appear in google – Be the answer to your prayers – Generate all your business develop-your-content-strategy-with powerful-brand-storytelling/ 616/right-way-write-content
  • 23. What a website will do? – Advertise your business – Be a virtual business card – Help you stand out – Bring you business – Make you money! using-seo-to-market-your-website anddrop-themes wordpress/
  • 24. Thank You for Listening You can all wake up now… Any Questions? E-mail: Twitter:@Battletoys Personal E-mail: