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SharePoint 2010 central administration map


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I used this to revise for the SharePoint 2010 70-667 (Configuration) exam. Feel free to use it as a reference.

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SharePoint 2010 central administration map

  1. 1. Web Applications Servers Health Analyser Manage and configure AAM Manage servers in farm and Farm Backup & Restore services on servers Review problems, solutions and Site Collections definitions Perform and restore backups, configure backup settings, Create, delete, specify quotas and locks, view history and jobs change administrators and configure self- Email & Text (SMS) Timer Jobs service Manage incoming / outgoing Review job definitions and Service Applications email and mobile account status Granular Backup Manage, configure associations and configure services on server Farm Management Reporting Perform site collection View administrative and Web analytics backup; export a site or list, Configure AAM, farm features reports, configure diagnostic logging, view health reports, configure usage and health recover from an unattached and solutions, user solutions, content DB and check granular Databases data collection; reviewing information privacy options and cross- management policy usage reports backup job status Manage, configure default server and data firewall access zone retrieval service System Settings Monitoring Backup and RestoreApplication Management SharePoint 2010 Central Administration General Application Security Settings Configuration Wizards Upgrade and Migration External Service Connections SharePoint Designer Users Configure send to Configure SharePoint connections and Designer Settings Manage farm administrators group, document conversions approve distribution groups and specify Upgrade & Patch Web application user policy Search Management Farm Search Farm Configuration InfoPath Forms Administration and Convert farm license type, Services crawler impact rules General Security Launch farm enable Enterprise features, Manage forms configuration wizard Manage farm administrators group, enable features on existing templates, configure Reporting Services Reporting Services (the “White Wizard”) approve distribution groups and specify sites, check product and IPFS, manage data integration and default Web application user policy patch installation status, connection files and settings IPFS Web service proxy check database status and check upgrade status. Content Deployment Information Policy Site Directory Configure paths and Configure directory and jobs, check Configure IRM and Information scan send to links deployments management policy SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Mind Map - Compiled in November 2010 for exam 70-667 revision Benjamin Athawes - @benjaminathawes THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED “AS-IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. INFORMATION CONTAINED HERE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME.
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