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Twitterworlds 2010
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Twitterworlds 2010


Published on

This is the presentation that I gave at the Harlem Tweetup as part of Social Media Week NYC. …

This is the presentation that I gave at the Harlem Tweetup as part of Social Media Week NYC.

The presentation contains interactive twitter polling from a toolset designed by SAP.

Attendees participated by tweeting votes to poll questions. Certain slides tweeted content to my twitter stream for other people on Twitter to view.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • [twitter] Beginning my interactive presentation at the Harlem Tweetup Thanks to Harlem 2.0 and thanks to SAP for making this interactive. [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Social Media has been around since the days of AOL, Compuserve & Prodigy chat rooms [/twitter]
  • [twitter] I’m showing examples of how I used current social media tactics 15 yrs ago [/twitter]
  • [twitter] I conducted virtual book parties in chatrooms for authors in 1997 I also webcasted a national assoc. 2 day conf. in 1998[/twitter]
  • [twitter] Social Media users have been online for years waiting for Brands to have a dialogue with them. [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Companies must remember Social Media is a conversation not an announcement [/twitter]
  • [twitter] 85% of Social Media users believe companies should talk with them not at them [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Twitter poll #2 Do you have a Social Media goals & strategies document? [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Before starting in Social Media develop the business Goals & Strategies document. Your blueprint for success. [/twitter
  • [twitter] More Sales is a Goal…Being on Twitter is a tactic. Know the difference [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Social Media is not free. There are costs related to time, people and equipment to engage in Social Media. [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Time is money and time spent on Social Media equates into dollars invested in Social Media strategies [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Personnel investment in Social Media strategies equates into dollars invested and personnel time diverted from other job duties. [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Success in Social Media my require a technology upgrade. Adding additional cost to your Social Media investment. [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Success in Social Media begins when you STOP planning campaigns and START planning conversations. [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Social Media can’t fix an ailing business or lousy products/services [/twitter]
  • [twitter] If you don’t have good Networking skills, Social Media can’t make you a Networking superstar. [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Your Social Media success can be determine by how well you network face to face [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Twitter is one tool that can be apart of your Social Media strategy. Twitter should not be your complete strategy. [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Twitter Stats are off the charts. I’m delivering a few stats on the Twitterverse [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Twitter now has 75 Million user accounts, but only around 15 Million are active users on a regular basis. [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Razorfish study confirms that Twitter users follow brands for exclusive deals [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Twitter poll – Quality of users vs. Quantity of users which do you prefer? [/twitter]
  • [twitter] I’m explaining the difference between Warm Marketing & Cold Marketing. What category does Twitter fit warm or cold? [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Use Twitter to manage the people that you don’t know or haven’t met yet. [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Don’t cold call on newly met Twitter users…Listen to them before engaging. [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Be helpful and share good content to build an army of Twitter Brand Evangelists [/twitter]
  • [twitter] There are tons of positive things to Tweet about, quotes, events, industry news, contests, private reflections [/twitter]
  • [twitter] There are some annoying Tweeples on Twitter. Recognize their style and avoid at all costs. [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Take time to learn the best Twitter practices and implement them NOW! [/twitter]
  • [twitter] There are 1,000s of Twitter apps & tools. Use the ones that assist you with your goals. [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Legalese explaining that I do not endorse the Twitter tools I will be showing [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Warming up the Twitter Market without using direct market tactics [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Use key search terms related to your industry to find relevant conversations [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Listen to the search conversations and respond with relevant current information not sale pitches [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Reach out to key discussions by offering assistance and solutions. Don’t jump on the complaining bandwagon [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Just because you have Social Media pages and websites it doesn’t guarantee you will have fans and followers [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Unlike “Field of Dreams” Building a Social Media presence does not guarantee success [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Use traditional and new media tactics to lead people to your social media pages [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Think out of the box when it comes to promoting your social media pages [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Give people a reason and offer to visit your social media pages [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Review & Measure your Social Media strategy & adjust where needed [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Most importantly have some fun. There are billions of people & billions of opportunities & possibilities in the Social Media World. [/twitter]
  • [twitter] Last Twitter poll. How well did you enjoy this presentation [/twitter]
  • [twitter] This concludes my workshop. I hope you enjoyed the tweets [/tweets]
  • Transcript

    • 1. Twitterworlds
      Developing a Successful Twitter Style
      in the Social Media World
    • 2. How long have you been involved in Social Media?
      1 – 0 to 1yrs
      2 – 1 to 3yrs
      3 – 4 to 6yrs
      4 – 7 to 10yrs
      5 – 10+ years
      Tweet your choice to #HTUvote1
      Example: 2 #HTUvote1
    • 3. Social Media is not a NEW phenomenon
      Social Media History
    • 4. We used Social media tactics in chatroomsduring the early days of the Internet
      Heyward Davenport; Regional Director Minority Business Development Agency speaking chatting in a African American Business Chatroom - 1996
    • 5. Smart Marketers held online
      conversations to attract new business
      Terrie Williams;
      Public Relations
      Expert chatting with
      a group of business
      Owners during an online
      Book release party for
      her 1st Book
      “The Personal Touch”
    • 6. Social Media users have been online for years waiting for Brands to have a dialogue with them.
    • 7. Social Media is a Conversation between HUMANS!
    • 8. 85% of social media users believe that a company should go further than just having a presence on social sites and should also interact with its customers.
      Cone, Business in Social Media Study, September 2008
    • 9. 1 – Yes I do.
      2 – Yes I’m working on it.
      3 – No but I plan creating one.
      4 – I need one but don’t know where to start.
      5 – I don’t need no stinkin Social Media Strategy.
      Do You Have a Social Media Goals & Strategy Document?
      Tweet your choice to #HTUvote2
      Example: 2 #HTUvote2
    • 11. Goals vs. Tactics
      Increasing Sales is a GOAL.
      “I need to be on Twitter.” is a TACTIC
    • 12. Social Media is NOT FREE!
    • 13. Time is a major cost to using social media
      effectively for a marketing campaign.
    • 14. People is another cost of social media which has to be considered.
    • 15. Social media works beyond the computer. Which adds another cost to using Social Media
    • 18. Social Media can’t fix POOR networking skills
    • 19. Test Your Network Style
      How many people did you meet for the 1st time this evening?
      Did you connect someone with another person they did not know before?
      What else do you know about the people you met besides their job title and place of business?
      Did you share information with someone that may be valuable to them.?
    • 20. Why Add Twitter to your Social Media toolbox
    • 21. The State of Twitter
      1382% - The monthly growth rate of Twitter users from January to February 2009.
      3,000,000 Tweets per day on
    • 22. Twitter now has 75 Million user accounts, but only around 15 Million are active users on a regular basis.
      At the current rate, Twitter will process almost 10 Billion tweets a year.
    • 23. An earlier study, by Razorfish, found that exclusive deals and offers were the primary motivation of US Internet users following brands on Twitter.
    • 24. Quantity vs. Quality of Twitter Followers
      1 – I prefer Quantity of Tweeter Followers
      2 – I prefer Quality of Tweeter Followers
      3 – IDK (I Don’t Know or care)
      4 – I like a blend of Quantity and Quality Followers
      Tweet your choice to #HTUvote3
      Example: 2 #HTUvote3
    • 25. Facebook & LinkedIn are Warm Market tools.
      Twitter is a COLD Market tool.
      Warm vs. Cold Marketing
    • 26. Use Twitter to manage the people that you don’t know or haven’t met yet
    • 27. Converting Cold Markets
      Would you walk up to someone at a cocktail party and shove your business card in their face? Don’t be that person.
    • 28. Build an army of brand evangelists
    • 29. What to Tweet about?
      Private reflections and thoughts about your products/services.
      Event announcements, which might give you a chance to meet your followers in person.
      Contests, such as trivia questions, with a prize attached, which arouse plenty of interest in your tweets.
      Responses to other tweets, which express your interest in what others have to say.
    • 30. Don’t be these annoying people on Twitter
    • 31. TMI Person
    • 32. The Plagarizer
    • 33. Reply Person
    • 34. Multi Level Morons
    • 35. The Novelist
    • 36. The Anonymous Stranger
    • 37. The Needy Beggar
    • 38. Do Use These Best Practices
      Tweet links to articles that can help your followers better understand the industry.
      Be real, share your thoughts and comments about industry news and events.
      Share your company’s culture and the human side of your business.
      Be positive and motivate your followers daily.
      Follow your heart and ignore the negative tweets you receive.  Some people just don’t get it.
    • 39. Twitter Tools
    • 40. The tools & apps that I am about to show are not endorsed by me. These are the tools that I use to assist me in reaching my Twitter goals.
      There are thousands of apps and tools for using Twitter in a variety of ways and you should choose tools and apps based on your needs and goals.
    • 41. TWEETDECK
    • 42. TWELLOW
    • 43. MR. TWEET
    • 44. HOOTSUITE
    • 45. Warming the Twitter Market
    • 46. Search Key Terms Related to Your Industry
    • 47. Listen to the conversations
    • 48. Reach Out & Support
    • 49. How to Be Found on Social Media
    • 50. Building It Doesn’t Mean They Will Come
    • 51. Point Them To Your Pages
    • 52. Promote Social Media Through Traditional Media
    • 53. Give People A Reason to Visit
    • 54. Review, Measure the Strategy & Adjust Where Needed
    • 55. Most of All HAVE FUN!
    • 56. Did You Enjoy This Presentation?
      1 – Excellent Presentation
      2 – Very Good Presentation
      3 – Good Presentation
      4 – Could have been better
      5 – Wasn’t Impressed
      6 – Wish I was somewhere else
      Tweet your choice to #HTUvote4
      Example: 2 #HTUvote4
    • 57. Thank you for your time
      I conduct workshops on:
      Social Networking Strategies, Social Media Skills
      Small Business Skills, Leadership Skills
      Contact me at:
      Facebook – roaddoggz
      Twitter – roaddoggz
      Friendfeed – roaddoggz
      LinkedIn - roaddoggz
      646-530-8632 ext. 2