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The do's & dont's of using social media
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The do's & dont's of using social media


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This presentation was given for a group of high school student interns at the offices of Ernst & Young in NYC. …

This presentation was given for a group of high school student interns at the offices of Ernst & Young in NYC.

The goal was to inform these students that their choices on how they interact with Social Media today will affect their future college and career choices.

I also outlined best practices for and additional Social Media platforms that young adults can participate in.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. The Do’s & Don’ts of Using Social Media
    Presented by:
    Stephen Jackson
    General Manager, RDZ Media Group
  • 2. What we’ll Cover Today
    What is Social Media
    How Social Media is used today
    How is your BRAND represented on Social Media
    Worst practices of Using Social Media
    Best practices of using Social Media
  • 3. A Little Interactive Fun
  • 4. What is Social Media
  • 5. Social Media is
    Social media is comprised of three major activities:
  • 6. Social Media History
    • Social Media is not a NEW phenomenon
  • On Social MediaYou Are the BRAND
    Keep in mind that you are a BRAND.
    Everything you do on Social Media affects your BRAND.
    College recruiters and hiring managers turn to Social Media to see what your BRAND reflects.
  • 7. Do you Agree?
  • 8. Do You Agree
    A recent poll on women 18-34 conducted by Oxygen Media concluded:
    32% think posting photos of themselves or others on Facebook making obscene gestures is appropriate
  • 9. Do You Agree
  • 10. Do You Agree
    The same poll concluded that:
    63% of the women surveyed use Facebook as a career networking tool yet 42% think photos of them visibly intoxicated are okay
  • 11. How Employers use Social Media recently reported that 1 in 5 employers search social media sites to screen job candidates.
    More than 31,000 employers were surveyed for the study.
  • 12. Be Aware of Your BRAND
  • 13. Be Aware of your BRAND
    Do you know your online reputation?
    What is on the Internet about you?
    Don’t Assume Know by:
    Google yourself
    Take action against incorrect information
  • 14. Worst Practices for Social Media
    Social Media is about Networking
    Connecting with people who share the same interests
    Assisting people to reach their objectives
  • 15. TMI Person
  • 16. The Plagiarizer
  • 17. Reply ToPerson
  • 18. The Anonymous Stranger
  • 19. The NeedyBeggar
  • 20. Best Practices to GROW your BRAND on Social Media
    Share links to articles that can assist your followers.
    Be real, share your thoughts and comments about industry news and events.
    Share the human side of yourself.
    Be positive and motivate your followers daily.
    Follow your heart and ignore the negative comments you receive.  Some people just don’t get it.
  • 21. Develop Social Media Goal(s)
    Focus On The Outcome
    Ask yourself questions
    What do you want?
    Get accepted at a particular school
    Work for ____ Company
    Start my own company
    Develop a referral pipeline
  • 22. Tools to add to your Social Media Strategy
    • Use Popular Social Media tools that match your objectives to reach your target audience(s).
  • Social Media Tools
    • Google Reader and Google Alerts
    • 23. Keep up to date with industry trends and news.
    • 24. Subscribe to job listings by keyword and position.
    • 25. Subscribe to job search topics by keyword.
  • Social Media Tools
    • LinkedIn
    • 26. According to a recent survey, 75% of job recruiters now use LinkedIn to research prospects.
    • 27. Paint a comprehensive, professional picture of yourself.
    • 28. Build a professional network to assist with your goals.
    • 29. Establish yourself as an authority.
    • 30. Find new opportunities.ASK
  • Social Media Tools
    • Personal Websites – Blogs – Online Resumes
    • 31. 83% of employers Google potential applicants and almost half make decisions based on what they find.
    • 32. Create favorable results that places a spotlight on your talents and experience.
  • Social Media Tools
    • Blogs. An excellent way to establish credibility in your field and show employers/prospects you are a thoughtful, continual learner or a subject matter expert.
    • 33. Blogs show up well in Google searches and you can link them to your social media activities.
  • Social Media Tools
    • Twitter:
    • 34. It’s a powerful networking and promotional tool.
    • 35. You can build your credibility.
    • 36. You can build networks with a purpose.
    • 37. And you can find a job or leads that can turn into sales.
  • Social Media Tools
    • Slideshare – A great place to share your presentations.
    • 38. Presentations can be shared on LinkedIn and Facebook.
    • 39. Ning and Meetup – Two websites where groups with specific interests meet.
    • 40. Meetup is all about connecting online relationships in offline meetings.
    • 41. Ning connects groups of people with similar interests to share online.
  • Wrapping Up
    • Develop a Strategy with objectives before you embark on Social Media sites.
    • 42. Social Media is still networking, the same code of conduct applies.
    • 43. There are tons of resources on building your Social Media skills start Googling and researching.
  • Wait – Just One More Poll
  • 44. Okay Honestly Last Question