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Mid termstudyslides13

Mid termstudyslides13






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    Mid termstudyslides13 Mid termstudyslides13 Presentation Transcript

    • 2013 AP Art History Mid Term Study Slides
    • Lamasu. Human-headedwinged bull facing. Bas-relieffrom King Sargon IIs palace atDur Sharrukin in Assyria (nowKhorsabad in Iraq), c. 713–716BCE.
    • Ashurbanipal Hunting Lions, Dying Lioness, Nimrud (c. 850 BCE)• Relief sculpture• Animals show emotion, humans none• Ruthless rendering of lions• Chaotic arrangement of lions• Organized arrangement of humans• Humans as stoic and severe
    • Palette of NarmerStela of King Naram Sin c. 3200 – 2800 BCE(Iran c.2300-2200 BC)
    • Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Deir al-Bahrri c1490-1460 bce“The Place of the Northern Monastery”
    • Monotheism with the sole godAten – a radical change in religiousworship and practiceRadical change in sculpturalrepresentationAlso causes major economicchangesCapital city moved from Thebes toArmana
    • dipylon amphora
    • Grave Stele of Hegeso
    • Kritios Boy
    • Late Classical Art 4th Century BCPraxiteles, Aphrodite of Knidos• First nude woman in Greek art• Very popular in its own time, people came from far and wide to see it• Placed in a round temple surrounded by columns: effect of sneaking a peek at her• Not openly erotic• Female sexual power suggested• Genitals lacking• Steps into a bath• One side of her has an open form, the other closed• S curve• Gentle dreamy quality
    • Hellenistic SculptureNike of Samothrace• Nike alighting on a boat• Water cascading on boulders• Commemorated a naval victory in 191 BC• Twist of torso• Drama• Monumental• Fountain creates the illusion of rushing waves• Missing right arm might have once raised crown to naval victor• Wet drapery flowing around legs and sticking to the body• To be seen from several angles
    • Augustus of prima Porta c. 15 AD
    • Constantine the GreatReigned 306-312 CE
    • Nimes, France15 –14 BCE
    • Temple of Fortuna Virilis (Portunas) Late 2nd BCE
    • San Vitale
    • S. Vitale, c. 525 -547
    • Statue of an old marketwoman, EarlyImperial, Julio-Claudian, 1stcentury A.D.Roman
    • St. Peter’s BasilicaReputed Burial Place of St. PeterBuilt on the orders of Constantine c. 326
    • The Good ShepherdGalla Placidia, Ravenac. 425-26 •Contains shading to indicate depth & light source •Hint of landscape and rocks •Young, beardless adult with a halo – based on Apollo model •Imperial gold and purple- assimilation of Imperial Status •Long golden staff that ends with a cross – adaptation of Imperial Staff
    • Emperor Justinian and Attendants, Saint Vitale, Ravenna, c.547
    • Built during the city’srebuilding after riots of532“Purple makes a fineshroud” – attributed toTheodora
    • The Alhambra, 1338 - 1390
    • The Night Journey of Muhammad on HisSteed, Buraq; leaf from a copy of theBustan of Sacdi, dated 1514. FromBukhara, Uzbekistan. In TheMetropolitan Museum of Art.
    • St. Matthew, the Coronation St. Matthewthe Ebbo Gospels, c. 816 Gospels, c. 800
    • Lindau Gospelsc. 870-880
    • Book of Kells c. 800 Lindisfarne Gospels c. 700
    • Early Medieval ArtSutton Hoo Purse Lid• Geometric interlace designs• Symmetry of forms• Animals and humans interact• Repetition of patterns• Used as a purse cover for a disintegrated purse found in a ship burial in England Purse Cover, Sutton Hoo ship burial, c. 655
    • West Tympanum, Cathedral of Autun, France Gislebertus, C 1130 AD
    • Pisa Cathedral
    • ambulatory choir ofSt. Denis, c. 1140-1144,France (Gothic).
    • exterior buttresses of St. Denisright: plan of choir of St. Denis.
    • Rottgen Pieta Gero Crucifix
    • Virgin and Child1324-39
    • Sienna Cathedral
    • Florence Cathedral
    • Cimabue c. 1280 Duccio. 1318 Giotto c.131012’7” 14’9” 10’6”
    • Digitalreproductionoforiginal, front
    • panel detailThe Temptationof Christ
    • In the Room of Nine (Room of Peace)“Where this holy virtue (Justice) rules, she induces the many souls of the citizens to unity, andthey…make common good their lord.”
    • The Marriage of Giovanni Arnolfini and GiovannaCenami; 1434 (130 Kb); Oil on wood, 81.8 x 59.7cm (32 1/4 x 23 1/2 in); National Gallery, London
    • Robert Campin (1425-28)
    • Fra Angelico, Annunciation, c. 1440
    • Ghiberti Brunelleschi
    • Perugino
    • Masaccio, 1426-27
    • Alberti, Sant’Andrea, Mantua1472•Patron: Ludovico Gonzaga•Original Church housed avial containing blood ofChrist•Idea of an “EtruscanTemple” with a basilicamodel plan•Façade derived fromRoman triumphal arches
    • Donatello, David1425 - 30
    • Italian Quattrocento SculptureDonatello, Saint Mark• Commissioned by the Guild of Linen Weavers and Peddlers, suggested by pillow at base and ample drapery• Although in a Gothic niche, the statue is free standing• Contrapposto based on Roman art• Drapery falls directly down• Easy posture• Face has piercing eyes• Calculated how the sculpture would look from street level
    • Spiral Jetty, Robert Smithson, 1970
    • Nancy Holt, Sun Tunnels, 1976