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Mid term study Mid term study Presentation Transcript

  • Mid Term Study Slides
  • Llamassa, c. 720 BCE
  • Queen Tiye, c. 1353-1335 BCE
  • Akhenaten, c. 1350 BCE
  • Dipylon Amphora c. 750 BCE
  • Grave stele of Hegeso, 5th century BCE
  • Kritios Boy, c. 480 BCE
  • Parthenon, 432 BCE
  • Temple of Athena Nike Acropolis, c. 427 BCE
  • AraPacis 13 – 9 BCE, Rome
  • AraPacis 13 – 9 BCE, Rome
  • Pantheon, Rome, 126 CE
  • Plan of the Pantheon
  • Arch of Constantine, c. 315 CE
  • Sarcophagus of JuniusBassus, c. 359 CE
  • Christ as the Good Shepherd, the mausoleum of GallaPlacidia, C. 425-426, Mosaic
  • Justinian and Attendants, San Vitale, 546 CE
  • Madonna, St. Appolinaire, Ravenna
  • S. Vitale, c. 525 -547
  • Plan of the Pantheon Plan of San Vitale
  • Purse Cover from Sutton HooBurial, c. 625 CE
  • Cross Page from the LindisfarneGospels, c. 700
  • Chi Rho page from Book of Kells c. 800
  • Interior and floor plan of the Palatine Chapel, Aachen, c 800
  • St. Matthew from the Ebbo Gospels, c. 816-835 CE
  • Dome of the Rock, c. 689 CE
  • Aerial Viewofthe Great Mosque of Kairouan
  • Current Plan of the Great Mosque of Kairouan
  • Giotto Madonna Enthroned, 1306
  • Santa Croce, Interior toward Naveand Plan c. 1300
  • Limbourgh Brothers, May, from the Book of Hours, Les Tres Riches Hueres, 1413-16
  • Merode Altarpiece, Robert Campin, c. 1425
  • Hugo van der Goes, Portinari Altarpiece, 1475
  • Ghiberti, Sacrifice of Isaac, 1401-02
  • St. George, 1417
  • Italian Quattrocento Sculpture Donatello, Saint Mark, 1413 Commissioned by the Guild of Linen Weavers and Peddlers, suggested by pillow at base and ample drapery Although in a Gothic niche, the statue is free standing Contrapposto based on Roman art Drapery falls directly down Easy posture Face has piercing eyes Calculated how the sculpture would look from street level
  • Donatello David (L) St. Mark (R)
  • Donatello Mary Magdalene, 1454
  • Masaccio, 1426-27
  • Perugino, Christ Delivering the Keys of the Kingdom St. Peter, 1481-83
  • Paolo Ucello, Battle of San Romano (first panel) 1450’s NiccolòdaTolentino Leads the Florentine Troops
  • Fra Angelico, Annunciation, c. 1450
  • St James on the way to his executionc. 1455FrescoDestroyed, formerly church of the Eremitani, Padua
  • Botticelli, Adoration of the Magi, Uffizi
  • Primavera, 1482
  • Birth of Venus 1486
  • Alberti Palazzo Rucellai, 1455-58 Façade to unify several pre-existing houses. Based on Palazzo Medici Pilasters and architraves across levels (Doric on bottom, modified Corinthian, Corinthian) Heavy cornice Model of classical elements and mathematical proportions
  • house of Jaques Coeur, Bourges, France, 1443-51
  • Alberti, Sant’Andrea, Mantua 1472 Patron: Ludovico Gonzaga Original Church housed a vial containing blood of Christ Idea of an “Etruscan Temple” with o basilica model plan Façade derived from Roman triumphal arches