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M1 lesson 3 M1 lesson 3 Presentation Transcript

  • Sales Representation Bassem Jouini Bassem.jouini@mail.com
  • Module 1 – Lesson 3: Learning about the Sales Representation Market
  • Lesson Objective Learning about: 1. Different Types of companies 2. The working conditions 3. The rights and responsibilities of workers in Canada 4. Sales Representative Ethics 5. Sales Skills & Attitudes 6. Your Strengths & Skills 7. Your Weaknesses & Limitations
  • Group exercise 1 Identify the different Types of Companies
  • The different Types of Companies  Retail  Manufacturing  Automotive  Healthcare  Government and Public Sector  Financial Sector Industry (Banks and Insurances)  Private companies: • SOHO • SMB • Enterprise • Corporation  Communication, Media & Entertainment  Oil and gas  Energy and Utilities
  • Group exercise 2 Identify the working conditions & environment for a sales representative Video
  • The working conditions for a sales representative  Fast  Stressful  Multi-tasking  Detailed  Active  Exciting  Challenging  Competitive
  • Group exercise 3 Search and identify the rights and responsibilities of workers in Canada
  • The right and responsibilities of workers in Canada Responsibilities:  Responsibility to work in compliance with OH&S acts and regulations (http://www.ccohs.ca/oshanswers/legisl/responsi.html)  Responsibility to use personal protective equipment and clothing as directed by the employer  Responsibility to report workplace hazards and dangers  Responsibility to work in a manner as required by the employer and use the prescribed safety equipment. Rights:  Right to refuse unsafe work  Right to participate in the workplace health and safety activities through Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) or as a worker health and safety representative  Right to know, or the right to be informed about, actual and potential dangers in the workplace
  • Group exercise 4 What are the Ethics? A system of moral principles to respect a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc. Example medical ethics; Christian ethics. Identify the Sales representative Professional Ethics Video
  • The Sales representative Professional Ethics  Responsible  Confidential  Disciplined  Doesn’t gossip or talk badly about others behind their backs  Exercises self-control  Gets the job done  Highly committed  Loyal and Sincere  Respect others  Respect work timing
  • Group exercise 5 The Sales Skills & Attitudes Video Make a list of Skills & Attitudes that a sales Representative should have
  • Personal Exercise: Your Skills & Attitudes 1. Read the document and evaluate your self 2. Identify your Strengths & Skills 3. Identify your Weaknesses & limitations
  • Make a Lesson Summary
  • Have a wonderful evening Tomorrow is the last day!