Ethos Enterprise Portal Prodoct Features Rev1
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Ethos Enterprise Portal Prodoct Features Rev1






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Ethos Enterprise Portal Prodoct Features Rev1 Ethos Enterprise Portal Prodoct Features Rev1 Presentation Transcript

  • Features and Benefits for Stakeholders
  • Outline Quick Preview on Ethos
  • Success Stories in Saudi Arabia Diversified Diversified Holdings Holdings Financial Diversified Holdings Food and Diversified Holdings Beverage Medical Diversified Holdings Automotive Diversified Holdings Retail Diversified Holdings Associations Diversified Holdings & Media
  • Latest Worldwide Projects
  • Ethos Partners – Gartner Quadrants
  • Enterprise Portal Components Office Portal Collaboration Web Content Management
  • Portal empowerment of business users to drive their strategic goals
  • Portal Features Out-of-the-box Tools Single-Click Configuration Liferay Portal provides more out of the box portlets than A fast, responsive interface makes Liferay Portal any other portal on the market—Choose from over 60 extremely easy and enjoyable to use for everyone in to customize your work environment your organization. SOA Framework Dynamic Drag & Drop Integrate your existing HR, Accounting or Sales systems Allow users to move different elements around in the and any other sources of important data. portal by simply dragging and dropping them into place. Secure Single Sign On (SSO) Work From Your Desktop Aggregate and access your content and applications in Link to Liferay Portal from your desktop. Just drag your one place files into desktop folders and they are automatically uploaded to your portal. Granular, Role-Based Authorizations Search & Tagging Grant varying levels of access and editing rights to Tag web content, documents, message board threads specific communities, files, applications and tools. and more to dynamically share interests. Communities & Organizations Personal User Pages Hierarchy of "organizations" or cross-organizational All users get a personal space that they can customize "communities," providing flexibility and ease of looks, tools and applications and who can see and administration access it all.
  • Portal Benefits Employee Company IT Department Runs on your existing hardware Keep it for low TCO. software. Personalize your own work experience. Complies with and helps define new Keep ROI high and business agile. industry standards. Implement it for the global enterprise. Uses the latest technologies. It comes with everything you need. Gain the most business flexibility. A granular system of authorizations. Enterprise application integration is Stay secure. made easy. It's easy to use. Run your other applications in your Ensure long term viability. portal
  • Office Collaboration refreshing new ways to work For Employees For The Company For The Team Synch up when and how you want. Keep everyone happy. Working together has never been so easy. Be a part of the team without sacrificing Raise productivity, improve team dynamics. Different cubicles or different your own preferences. hemispheres, it doesn't really matter.
  • Collaboration Features Work from the Desktop Instant Message Full Integration with Microsoft Office, which means that Built-in Instant Messaging gives you access to all logged-in when you update files and documents from your local team mates. Chat boxes stay at the bottom of your screen drive. as you navigate through . Sites (Workspaces) Email Sites are separate, secured workspaces. Each Site has its Instead of toggling between Liferay and your preferred own set of collaboration tools (wiki, message boards, email client, simply send and check email directly through blogs), shared calendar and shared document library. Social Office. Team Calendar Wikis Create, manage, and search for group events using the Full-featured Wikis to facilitate communal information community-based calendar with task lists. capture and gathering. Announcements & Alerts Activity Tracking Broadcast messages to different group of users whether Activity tracking keeps tabs on personal and team activity they are simple announcements or "newsletter"-like in and displays this information in various “Recent Activity” purpose. viewers for each specific too. Document Library Blogs Use our secure Document Library to centralize and Convey information and facilitate conversations around organize all your files. blogs directly. Message Boards Polls Facilitate conversations within a department or project Multiple choice polls can be created with this tool that team. Collaborating around shared ideas. also keeps track of votes.
  • Office Collaboration Benefits You The Team Company Get enhancement not reform. Guarantee user adoption. Get on the same Work from your page and stay desktop. connected ! Simplify your own Be a part of the team job. with out the work.
  • Web Content Management Information Overload? Pull it together. Publish Deliver Engage Optimize Easily Create, Manage Target the right message Participate in the Web2.0 Analyze and optimize and Update content. for different visitor experience. Learn and from visitors In-context, drag-and-drop segments . Give your customers the successes and challenges so page Design, content Define segments of visitors ability to interact with others you can optimize their web authoring and digital based on demographics, with similar interests and to presence. Cross report and asset editing. psychographics, Language and seek opinions, advice and learn navigation funnels. other customer data and information campaign objectives.
  • Web Content Management Features Web Publishing Easy Rich Text Editors Beyond managing existing content, Liferay CMS lets users easily create Content creation and publishing in Liferay CMS is simple and straight and manage everything from simple articles of text and images to full forward. A rich text editor with spell check and text styling enables functional websites. anyone to create content Document Library & Image Gallery Multiple File Uploads Central place to aggregate and manage all your content. A web-based In the Document Library, you can convert a file's format upon upload shared drive for all your team members (ie, a word document into a pdf). Easy Integration Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Liferay Portal can speak to your HR system, Accounting software or any Liferay CMS automatically updates sitemap information and makes new other system to pull relevant information as you need it. pages instantaneously searchable by major search engines. Dynamic Tagging Workspace Publishing Users can Tag web content, documents, message board threads and Organizations worldwide use Liferay Portal to publish full intranets, more to dynamically extranets, collaboration platforms and other workspaces to meet their functional needs. Multi-Tier Search Dynamic Virtual Hosting Users can search for relevant information throughout an entire portal, Allows you to use this same installation of Liferay Portal to spin-off an within a community, within specific portlets such as Wikis, Message infinite number of other portals, each with its own unique URL, look Boards, among others, and even in external integrated applications. and feel and functionality. Live Page Editing and Scheduling Multi-language Support Liferay CMS lets you edit and preview updates on a live site in real-time International or multi-lingual organizations get out of the box support without affecting what the public sees for 22 languages. Asset Publisher Drag-and-Drop Site Maps Allows you to publish any piece of content in your portal, either through Dynamic enough to let users rearrange site pages with a simple drag a set of publishing rules or by manually selecting it. and drop.
  • Web Content Management Benefits Visitor Navigation Website Experience and Usability Manager Site search Site Wide Consistent Look and Feel Add Pages, Categories, Sections and Menus Save As PDF Speed & Accessibility (Server Caching, Auto paging) Add Multiple Designs (Templates & Zones) Printer Friendly Maintain Contact with Your User on Multiple Share Page through (Email or Web2.0 Sites) Language Translation Manager Platforms Bread Crumb Navigation Human-Readable URLs Application Builder (Forms) Animated Publishing (Tabs & Slides & Lightboxes) Related Pages RSS (Stay updated) Scheduling, Archiving and Rotation Onsite Audio & Video Player (No Download) Visitor Profile Password Secured Pages (User/Group Manager) Auto Site Map Content Dates Built-in Additional Tools Preferred Language Identifier
  • Ethos Saudi Arabia - Riyadh Office Riyadh Olaya Main Road, Khalidia Business Center 2nd Floor, North Tower P.O. Box 220218 Riyadh City 11311, KSA Phone: +966 (1) 461 7244 Fax: +966 (1) 465 3426