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Answers To Born Again Preachers

by designer at Univ of Najran on Sep 09, 2009


Islam: "Way of life in submission to God in Peace"...

Islam: "Way of life in submission to God in Peace"
Allah said in the Holy Quran: "It is not fitting for a believer that when Allah and His Messenger decide a matter to have any other opinion. They say nothing more than, 'We hear and we obey.'" [Holy Quran 33:36]
All answers are provided by direction of Yusuf Estes, national chaplain and spokesman for ISLAM TODAY PROJECT, unless otherwise stipulated.
The following is a reproduction of an actual dialog through email with a "born-again" Christian and the National Muslim chaplain, Yusuf Estes, who was a former Christian businessman and minister before entering into Islam in July of 1991.
The simple beauty of understanding where people are coming from in their thinking and having proper knowledge of Islam and the methodology of explaining Islam (menhaj ad dawah), is demonstrated here to show how close some of the statements against Islam are to actually in fact verifying the proof that Islam is the only correct religion with Allah. These questions are from a man that Allah has been testing with belief in Christianity & Islam. The answers are provided from Today Islam's Sheik Yusuf Estes.
As we will see, many times the very objections and complaints that others have about Islam, can actually be used to support the correct teachings of Islam. The problem comes from the fact that all too often we do not know enough about what the people are meaning and not enough about our own religion. Notice the art of agreeing at the correct points and then bringing about a clear understanding in the other points without alienating the other person.
Thank you for writing to us with your ideas, comments and questions.

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You can download the file from here


May I suggest to the seeker of truth do the following NINE STEPS for purification of the mind:

Clean their mind, their heart and their soul real good.
Clear away all the prejudices and biases.
Read a good translation of the meaning of the Holy Quran in a language that they can understand best.
Take some time.
Read and reflect.
Think and pray.
And keep on asking the One who created you in the first place, to guide you to the truth.
Keep this up for a few months. And be regular in it.
Above all, do not let others who are poisoned in their thinking influence you while your are in this state of "rebirth of the soul."
The rest is between you and the Almighty Lord of the Universe. If you truly love Him, then He already knows it and He will deal with each of us according to our hearts.

Peace to you and Guidance from Allah the One Almighty God, Creator and Sustainer of all that exists.


جزى الله خيراً كل من يساهم في النشر أو التعليق أو التقييم

عبدالله باصبرين

See you soon,
Abdullah Baspren



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Answers To Born Again Preachers Answers To Born Again Preachers Document Transcript